Actress says "women no longer need a man in order to have a child"

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Do you think Aniston was wrong in saying what she said??

I agree with her, times have changed and family's look different, and come together differently, but some say that she is sending a bad message to young girls....i dont think she is.

Jennifer Aniston says women no longer need a man in order to have a child.

In her latest film, The Switch, the 41-year-old actress plays a single woman who uses a sperm donor to get pregnant.

"Women are realising it more and more - knowing that they don't have to settle with a man just to have that child," Aniston said.

"Times have changed and what is amazing is that we do have so many options these days, as opposed to our parents' days when you can't have children because you have waited too long.

"The point of the movie is: what is it that defines a family? It isn't necessarily the traditional mother, father, two children and a dog named Spot.

"Love is love and family is what is around you and who is in your immediate sphere. That is what I love about this movie. It is saying it is not the traditional sort of stereotype of what we have been taught as a society of what family is."

Since divorcing Brad Pitt in 2005, the public has been fixated by Aniston's single status.

Asked if she still hoped to become a mother, the Friends actress replied: "Yeah, I have said it years before and I still say it today." But she laughed off a question about whether she would resort to the "turkey baster" method like Kassie, her character in the film.

"I don't have plans on that, no," she said.


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Of course it's possible. I just wouldn't want to do it in that way. I love that my daughter has a daddy to love and love her back.

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Possible yes, easy no! She is living in the dream-world inhabited by celebrities and the very rich. Most of us cannot survive on one income, and paying for childcare AND everything else on one income is nearly impossible. Suggestions like this are irresponsible, since many people dream of living like the very rich in this country, but are not capable of doing so...

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... and she's right. Technically, one doesn't even need sperm anymore, as labs have combined the genetic material from 2 eggs to produce a zygote. Alas, I cannot recall how the pregnancy(ies) turned out, but there it is.

FWIW, I have two friends who are single mothers by choice via sperm banks. They knew they wanted to be moms, were getting older, but hadn't met the right man yet. They have their child and will just enter a marriage (when/if they find the right man) already with a child. The children get plenty of support from friends/family.

I think it is better to have good caregivers/parent figures (whatever that may be) than one mom and one dad that are unfit parents.

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