Adult Sesame Street!

Jenni - posted on 08/11/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




So spin off the other debate and for fun. But if they made a movie about Sesame Street for adults with RL actors, who would play each character?

Some of my cast list include:

Big Bird- (Jesse Eisenberg)

Snuffalopagus-(Jonah Hill from Superbad)

***They would be comic book/Lord of the Rings/Trekki geeks

Maria- (Eva Longoria)

****a stunningly beautiful but wayward prostitute

Gordan-(Samual L. Jackson)

****Maria's F word abusing pimp

Oscar (Lewis Black)

***a pissed off homeless man who rants and raves about conspiracy theories and is full of self-loathing and misplaced rage.

Elmo- (Danny Bonaduce)

***a grown childhood star who is bitter, crude and struggles with an addiction to sniffing markers.

Ok, you have a go.... ;)


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Stifler's - posted on 08/11/2011




ROFL! I think a lot of the episodes they come up with these days are purely for the benefit of people my age and older. Especially Gabi and Mile's graduation and stuff. Hooper's store would have to be selling crack or something.

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