Adults who move home are guests and should abide by the rules.

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Our son is a slob. He knew when he came home what the rules were, but doesn't comply. I put everything on the floor in his room on his bed after asking 3x in a week for him to clean it. There was food, garbage, cloths, junk. We made our expectations clear from the start. My husband likes to let it ride but I expect him to comply.


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It's really difficult to gauge the situation. I'm not clear on how much of this is your son's room being an actual public health hazard and how much is you having especially high standards in terms of cleanliness and organization. It definitely strikes me that your husband isn't too concerned about it so I'm wondering how bad it really is.

What does your son do? How busy is he? How tired is he when he gets home? Is he messing up the whole house or just one room? Is he being rude? Are you nagging? Is the mess in the room causing any particular problem, or is it just a lot of clutter you don't like?

Interestingly, I don't think I would hound guests about clothes left on the floor in the guest room, and some unfinished McDonald's that hadn't been put in the garbage yet. Our guests are certainly neater than our kids, and help out around the house, but I don't expect them to keep the guest room immaculate. I don't follow the "he's a guest and should do what I say" line of thinking.

What does your son do if you specifically ask for all dirty dishes in his room because you're filling the dishwasher now, or if you ask for all garbage from his room because tomorrow is garbage day?

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