Airline kicks family off of plane for complaining about inappropriate movie

Michele - posted on 04/04/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )



16 Scroll down to the bottom for this story:

A pair of Denver parents were flying to Baltimore and were upset when "Alex Cross" was being shown as United's in-flight movie. Worried that the film, which is rated PG-13, would be too violent for their small children, they asked a flight attendant if their monitors could be turned off. The attendant said that it wouldn't be possible, so the parents asked if the pilot had any authority to address the situation. And address it he did: He announced that the flight was being diverted to Chicago because of a "security concerns." Minutes after landing at O'Hare, the family was escorted off the plane by a police officer, who was reportedly "incredulous" over the pilot's overreaction.

Note: they did distract the kids while this was going on.


Kristi - posted on 04/15/2013




He should be fired. Those people should be flying free for the next 50 years.

The airlines have us by the shorthairs and they know it. Families grow and spread out across the country and sometimes around the world. The business world requires more people to be in more places all the time. My dad, for example, will hit 4 or 5 cities in a 3 week span for work and one city could be on the east coast and the next day on the west coast. They know people don't get to take enough time off from work to drive to most vacation destinations and still have a reasonable amount of time to stay before having to turn right back around and drive.

They've cut their staff, they've cut the number of flights, they over book, the charge an arm and a leg, many seats are smaller. Then you've got TSA sticking their fingers in your vajay-jay to make sure you don't have a gun or spray cheese up there. These people walk around like they are gods. Quite honestly, I can't believe someone hasn't gone postal at an airport. It's disgusting that they can treat people with such disrespect and get away with it.


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Mommy - posted on 04/22/2013




Ok, I think it was a little unreasonable to ask them not to show the movie. I mean if the sound isn't on, and there is no nudity, you are in a public place so you are going to have to deal with some inconveniences. And then the pilot's response was just stupid. I mean the family wasn't causing a problem, they were just making a silly request...tell them the answer is no and move on with your life.

Aleks - posted on 04/09/2013




The whole situation is too ridiculous that it leaves me lost for words.

1. A violent movie shown in a plane, where all age groups fly (I cannot think it would still be done anymore)

2. That a pilot would actually turn a plane around over such a matter.

Mind boggles... really.

Lakota - posted on 04/05/2013




I read that this morning. I can't believe that they did that. I saw the movie and it shouldn't be just PG-13.

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