Alabama Bills Aim To Grant Personhood to Embroyos

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Republican lawmakers in Alabama have introduced three bills that would change the definition of personhood and potentially make abortion in all circumstances illegal in the Yellowhammer state. The story from the American Independent:

Senate Bill 301, introduced by Sen. Phil Williams (R-Cherokee, Etowah), is a proposal to amend the Alabama Code of 1975 to change the definition of the term “person” to mean: “any human being from the moment of fertilization or the functional equivalent thereof.”

Williams’ bill — read for the first time last Tuesday — has 18 co-sponsors and has been referred to the Senate committee on Health.

Rep. John Merrill (R-Tuscaloosa) filed an identical personhood bill in the House on Thursday, House Bill 405. But taking a step further from just amending the state’s legal code, Merrill also filed House Bill 409, which is a ballot proposal to amend the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, so that every time the word “person” is used in that document it would include “‘all humans from the moment of fertilization.”
Personhood laws are the latest tactic by the far right to overturn the right to an abortion. Personhood laws aim to grant constitutional rights to zygotes and fetuses, and ban abortion without exception, certain forms of birth control, in vitro fertilization, and the treatment of pregnancy complications such as ectopic pregnancies. The Colorado-based Personhood USA, a radical anti-choice organization, along with the Foundation for Moral Law, led by former Alabama state Supreme Court Roy Moore, are the main forces behind the Alabama’s personhood legislation. Personhood USA is led by far-right Christian Evangelical ministers Keith Mason and Cal Zastrow. They claim to be a ministry for the "pre-born."

As if the above isn't enough, Alabama Alliance Against Abortion Director James Henderson is encouraging the Republican-controlled legislature to dust off a pre-Civil War statute that would make aiding and abetting abortion a misdemeanor punishable by a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail. That is, if you drive someone to get an abortion in Alabama, you could go to jail.

Women in Alabama already face a hostile environment when it comes to their reproductive freedom. Alabama law subjects women seeking abortion services to biased-counseling requirements and mandatory 24 hour waiting period. The state restricts low-income women's access to abortion and restricts young women's access to abortion services by mandating parental consent. At present, there are only six abortion clinics in Alabama and over 90 percent of the state's counties lack any reproductive health facilities. NARAL already rates Alabama an F when it comes to reproductive health freedom issues. What's left, an F Minus?


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I am from Alabama. It would be nice if the state actually worried about the persons who are out of the womb. They should focus on fixing the craptastic educational system. This is a state where the poverty line is larger than the middle class, their idea of cutting the budget is cutting funding to an already failing educational system, their idea of job expansion is building yet another prison and their idea of a politician is an old corrupt white guy with oil and farm lobbyist connections. Another proud moment for a state that has high numbers when it comes to high school drop out and underage pregnancy. Just watch the show 16 and Pregnant and see how many of those girls are from the state of Alabama. This disgusts me!! Bible belt politics at it's worse.

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This is beyond ridiculous. I'm no fan of abortion, but for it to be illegal in ALL circumstances, and to ban treatment of ectopic pregnancies? Why don't they just say flat-out that they hate women, and be done with it?

My best friend had an ectopic pregnancy. If it was up to these MEN, she would have died and left her little girl motherless.

Nice. And you know DAMN well that if either of their wives had an ectopic pregnancy, they'd be driving out-of-state to get it treated faster than you can spit.

I guess that's what irks me the most about so many of these anti-choice people -- a lot of them are utter hypocrites. They'll pay for abortions for their daughters or their mistresses, but will pass legislation and scream about those awful women who get abortions because they're basically murdering sluts who can't keep their legs closed.


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Hang on - they want to ban the treatment of ectopic pregnancies???????

WTF?? the baby is going to die in that circumstance even if the mother doesn't receive treatment, so what's the point?

Sneaky - posted on 06/01/2011




On one hand I think that is a great idea because it means if a guy bashes his girlfriend and she has a miscarriage then in theory he can be charged with murder (and other circumstances where unborn children are killed like car accidents, etc)


one does wonder what century Alabama is headed for . . has there been any discussion in political circles about how these bills would effect abortion laws in Alabama?

JuLeah - posted on 06/01/2011




Well, hummm ..... so many things wrong with this. I wonder how many of the writers of this bill have actually carried a child to term ..... nah, didn't think so. It's different when it is your body.

On the flip side .... if you know you are expecting and will carry the child to term, I feel you owe something to that life. So, no drinking, no druging, no smoking ... eat right and all of that. So, on some level I do feel a fetus has rights

Katherine - posted on 06/01/2011




Without exception? So if a mother's LIFE is in danger it doesn't matter?

Lacye - posted on 06/01/2011




I'm going to say straight out that I am pro life, but this is insane. There are circumstances where abortion is needed and should be done. I may not like it, but it's a fact. I hope they reject this crap.

ME - posted on 06/01/2011




YIKES...the US attack on womens' reproductive rights has been unrelenting this year...

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