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Sarah - posted on 09/30/2011 ( 25 moms have responded )




Hey ladies. :) I'm just curious about everyone's experiences. When you found out you were pregnant, did you announce it "to the world" immediately? Did you wait until it was confirmed with a doctor or ultrasound? Or did you wait until the 2nd trimester or longer?

When I found out I was pregnant with my first (around 5 weeks), I told my husband (obviously) and our parents right away. A few weeks later (around 8-9 weeks), I told a few of my very close friends/co-workers. But, I waited until about 11-12 weeks to make an official announcement on facebook & to everyone else.

What about y'all?


Elfrieda - posted on 09/30/2011




We tried to keep it to ourselves for the first trimester, but told my parents and sister because we lived with them and they wondered why I was refusing breakfast and always had the flu, and I also told an acquaintance after having to run away to throw up in the middle of chatting with her! We told everybody at 13 weeks.

I accidentally got pregnant in June, but then miscarried really early, so I had just started to feel sick and therefore suspected before it was over. But I told my sister, a friend, and two of my sisters-in-law after the fact.

Next time I think I'll just blurt it out as soon as I pee on the stick!

[deleted account]

First pregnancy? Yep. Told everyone and even passed around the ultrasound pic at Bible study when we found out there were 2 of them.

Second pregnancy I didn't even know about til it was over, so only a few select people found out.

Third pregnancy? Told some people, but had to tell those same people when it was over. That was hard, but when I ended up in the hospital... it made it easier for my girls to know WHY I was there.

4th pregnancy? Only told a few people until the first trimester was almost over.


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Francine - posted on 02/21/2013




Personally for me I had to tell right away because my baby bump was out by week 7 for both of my boys. With my second pregnancy at 12 weeks I was at work one day and someone thought I was about to have my baby and I had to tell him I still had 6 months to go.

Faye - posted on 02/19/2013




With my daughter (age 21) we told those who mattered as soon as we knew positive.

With my son (age 18), we found out a few weeks before we went to a family event in CO, (we lived in MO while the majority of our immediate family lived in KS). I wore a blouse which I had worn during the first pregnancy. As soon as my mom saw me wearing that blouse, she knew. As we traveled home we stopped at his parents and told them.

Jen - posted on 02/13/2013




Before I was ever pregnant, I had heard numerous people say "you should wait until 12 weeks to tell anyone, just in case" and on the surface it made sense. However, hubby & I went through 7 years of infertility, which eventually resulted in family regularly asking how the fertility treatments were going and if we were in an active cycle or whatever. So I think if I had tried to keep the news a secret for 12 weeks, I would have had to lie to some people and I wouldn't have wanted to do that. Plus I tend to be a very open person - I wasn't shy about my infertility even though I know some people consider that a very personal and private matter. I felt that the more I shared, the better other people were able to understand- and I was surprised how many people I knew had experienced infertility but hadn't talked about it.
Anyway, once I finally did have a positive test, I told hubby within 10 minutes (he had just left the house to go to the train station, and I called him and told him "WAIT FOR THE NEXT TRAIN JUST TRUST ME" and rushed there in sweats and slippers to tell him in person. Wanted to tell my mom in peson so that waited about 2 days until we drove 4 hours to surprise her. Pretty much told anyone else who would listen in short order after that.
15 weeks later, I miscarried. While on some level I *do* understand the theory of 'wait until you're past the highest risk period' for me I was glad I had told so many people. First of all, I was past 12 weeks so we would have started telling people anyway. But most of all, all those people who knew were support for me when I needed it most. If I had kept it a secret, I would have had to explain that I had been pregnant, but then lost him. Instead I just had to explain that I lost him, and I had a world of friends and family who cried with me. That ended up being one of the most therapeutic ways of coping with my miscarriage so I was very glad I had shared early about my pregnancy.
I think a lot of it depends on your personality anyway - like I said, I'm very open so it was helpful to me to share. However, a few of my friends are much more private people and I understand why they chose to wait and tell people much later.

Cecilia - posted on 02/09/2013




Elvira, when i Was in that situation i waited until my 20 week ultra sound. My husband knew but that was it. I didn't even tell my children till then. They were 13,11,10 years old. (bless their heart they thought i was just getting fat and didn't want to say anything) Then we told my husband's side of the family, mind you i had no family to tell.

Tracy - posted on 02/08/2013




My first pregnancy: I was barely 17. I can't say what I would have done, but I can tell you how it happened. Two friends were with me when I took the test, so they knew. Told a couple friends that night because they were offering me beers and I turned them down. I was of the mind that I would NOT tell my parents because I didn't know if I would keep the baby or abort. Looking back, I can say that in my heart I always knew I would keep him but it took my head a few days to catch up to that. He is 16 now. Anyway, my parents were gone for the weekend when I found out. My mom came home, dropped her bag, and told me to come speak with her. So we went to another room and asked if there was something I wanted to tell her. I said no. She pushed just a little and I said no again. She said, "I thought you were going to tell me you were pregnant". For the record, I know that none of my friends even knew how to get a hold of my mom to tell her even if they wanted to. She still says that she just knew. After telling her and my dad two days after I found out for myself, I just told everyone. I was happy. Scared as hell, but happy.

Second: After eight long years of infertility with my husband, we were supposed to be separated for several months while I came back to live with my parents and get us settled back in our home state while he kept working and the kids finished out the school year. That was the PLAN. I was here FOUR DAYS when I randomly found out I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test, not because I thought I was pregnant, but it was part of my private way to comfort myself when I was in emotional stress. After all those years of negative tests, when one came up negative it just told me that the world was working properly and that *I* needed to adjust myself to the situation at hand. So, upset about being separated from my family, I privately bought a double pack of tests. I took one in the afternoon and it was really unclear. I thought nothing of it. At 5AM I couldn't sleep. I wandered into the bathroom and had to pee so I thought "I'll just take this other one, then I don't have to hide it". It came up positive! I about screamed out loud there in my parents' basement. I got my mom involved, who was entirely uninterested at 5am. I immediately bought two more and took them. All positive. By around 7 or 8 am, I took a picture of them all lined up and texted my husband and said "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???" I was so numb that I really was convinced it wasn't true. I made the doc give me an ultrasound that day because I was sure it had to be cancer instead of a baby. Once the ultrasound was done, we saw her (I knew it was a her at that moment despite being 7 weeks along), we told anyone that would listen including strangers at the grocery store. ***SHE*** (I was right about being a girl) is now 3 years old.

After all our years of infertility (and I admit exactly how lucky we were to simply be unable to conceive versus those who suffer through miscarriages) I cannot imagine NOT screaming a pregnancy from the rooftops even before the pee dries on the stick.

User - posted on 02/04/2013




Hi I am currently 5 weeks and had two miscarriages in the past and scared to announce this one when would be a good time to break the news?

Becky - posted on 10/02/2011




I've had early ultrasounds with all 3 of mine and we always tell our immediate families right after that. With the first 2, that was around 6 weeks, with the middle one, I didn't even suspect I was pregnant until I started getting nauseous, so it was about 9 weeks. (the day of our oldest's first birthday, actually!) We wait until 12 weeks to tell everyone else. But, I'm horrible at keeping secrets, so, I don't think people guessed with the first, but with the last 2, I don't think many people were surprised. :) I really wanted to tell earlier with this one, since I've had 2 healthy pregnancies and no miscarriages (I know that's not a guarantee, but it made me feel safer) but dh wanted to wait. We had a family reunion right after I hit 12 weeks, so I told the family then, and then posted it on facebook. Not that I could've hidden it any longer than that anyway! Oh, I told a few close friends a week or so before that when we were out for a girl's night out. And my mommy board knew before Jeff did! :) I had to tell someone!

Bridgette - posted on 10/01/2011




Held off just in case - mainly because, if something bad did happen, I didnt want to have to go back and tell everyone about it. Keeping it a secret until things are further along takes out that problem.

Have to admit it was hard to hold back because we were so excited!!! Also didnt tell many people at work because I worked with lots of guys that would then start treating me different and I didnt want to deal.

Minnie - posted on 10/01/2011




Announced it immediately every time. It was somewhat difficult when I miscarried my third pregnancy.

Rosie - posted on 10/01/2011




each one i told right away. i had 2 miscarriages for my first pregnancies, but it still didn't deter me from saying something right away. i would need my friends/family to talk to anyway.

Tinker1987 - posted on 10/01/2011




When i found out i was pregnant it was 4 weeks after my best friend found out too and she annoucned early and ended up miscarrying,so that terrified me,anyway i told my close friends,family,parents earlyon then announced on facebook around 13 weeks!!

[deleted account]

Congrats Sarah...Just do what you both feel is right.If its to wait then wait.To have it out there but your bump will do that for you.

Its sad when many like myself tell so early and then lose there baby, i have not lost a child but told very early.Its a part of life unfortunately, it makes it tough but you do get on with things and others are compassionate and understanding.I remember saying congrats one week and im so sorry the next for a friend of mine.:-(

Then you have a friend whole carrys to term and still loses there unborn, thats heartbreaking.Do what you feel is right.Eachto there own.

Best of luck to you both.

[deleted account]

Pregnancy #1 told everyone right away, only to miscarry a few weeks later.

Pregnancy #2- did not tell anyone until after I miscarried, although my mom suspected I was

Pregnancy #3- same as above- did not tell anyone until after I miscarried

Pregnancy #4- Was shocked as hell, thinking it was leftover fetal tissue from pregnancy #3, but the blood work was able to determine it was a new pregnancy. Only told my sister at 8 weeks. Told only parents/in-laws/very close friends at 14 weeks. Told co-workers at 5 months.

Pregnancy #5? This is a question mark because I never took a home pregnancy test- but hubby & I suspected I was pregnant. Was planning on taking an HPT that weekend, but then massive clots. I knew what my body was telling me- so no need to confirm it. Plus, I never dwelled and in hindsight, I am glad it happened.

Chelsey - posted on 10/01/2011




With my first and second pregnancies my husband and I waited until I was 15 weeks. The third pregnancy I miscarried at 10 weeks and had we hadn't told anyone...the only reason they found out was because I went to the hospital and then was ambulanced to a bigger hospital because I wouldn't stop bleeding. Most people still don't know about the miscarrage. And this pregnancy I am 21 weeks and we just told people 2 weeks ago. We waited so long this time because I was terrified of another miscarrage.

Some people tell right away, but not us I guess lol

Sarah - posted on 10/01/2011




Thanks for the stories. :) I was just curious about everyone's experiences, because I've heard so many different things from my friends/acquaintances.

I just found out 4 days ago that my husband & I are expecting baby #2! I'm not far along at all...about 4w2d. The only people who know are my husband, my parents, my best friend, and one of my husband's best friends. I told him I wanted to keep it on the down low for awhile, but I'm not sure how long I can keep the secret!

Some of my friends have told everyone right off the bat. Unfortunately, one of my friends told everyone on facebook when she found out at around 5 weeks. A few days later she lost the baby. :( And some of my friends have waited until 8-9 weeks & even into the 2nd trimester.

I think I've decided to wait until I get that first ultrasound done on Oct 28th before I share with everyone. I'll be about 8 weeks along then.

[deleted account]

Told close family the same day i found out on both.I wish maybe on the second preg i had waited to tell my 4 year old.Each day she asked if the baby was ready growing yet.

I also got a listen device for the heart beat/movements, meant to be used from 5-6 mths.I got it at 6weeks from my sister.My daughter had it stuck to my belly all the time.Thinking she could hear her sister playing in my tummy.At 6weeks lol

It was lovely but it was such a long wait for her.When she finally arrived daughter came into the room and i said "heres your new sister hunny", she said"FINALLY".:-) lol

Jaime - posted on 09/30/2011




Aside from my family, I was 5 months pregnant before I told anyone else, but I didn't announce it on facebook.

Becky - posted on 09/30/2011




The first time, well I was young & knew my parents would not approve. I waited several weeks, after the holiday's to say much to anyone except her dad.

This time, we told my parents on Mothers day, with a brag book with pic's of all her grandkids . . . then the last photo of the positive pregnancy test with "# 5" written next to it. My brothers were there . . . it was fun. I waited until 12 weeks to tell everyone else except a few close friends.

Lady Heather - posted on 09/30/2011




The first time: I called my husband at work and he was going to be home in an hour anyways. That's how badly I needed to share. Pretty sad. Then I called my sister right away. Then I called my mum. Then my brother. Then my dad (and he was coming over for dinner that night). The in-laws were actually coming for a visit and were not available by phone so we waited until they showed up a couple hours later. I think it was all over facebook the same night.

This time: I did much better. I think it helped having Freja there because I could at least tell her. We made a "big sister" shirt and then when the husband came home from work I filmed his reaction. It was awesome. I still called my sister right after, but I managed to wait and tell the rest of my family in person. That meant keeping it a secret for a whole week so I could tell my brother. I can't believe I managed it.

I know some people like to wait until the second trimester, but I never could. I am just not good at keeping secrets. I want to, but I always say things without thinking.

Oh this time after I told my brother I made a facebook announcement. Remember that stupid thing that was going around towards the end of winter where people were like "Yes, it's true. I'm expecting and blah blah blah...expecting 2 more weeks of snow!" I copied that but took out snow and put in baby just to see who would notice. It was amusing.

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