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What are the most annoying parenting techniques and parent behaviours that you have come across lately?


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Tammy - posted on 05/20/2013




I hate parents who think their kids are little angels and wouldn't accept any complaints or comments from other parents that their kids behaved badly. This happened to me when my daughter complained that a classmate was mean to her at school. I confronted the parent, who told me it wasn't possible and that my daughter was obviously lying. Then she had the nerve to go complain about me to the school principle that how dare I talk to her about her daughter, since I'm not her teacher, etc, etc! Argh!!!

Diana - posted on 05/20/2013




When parents expect it to be everyone else's responsiblity to entertain their children. We had a picnic that we invited all of our friends and family to. There had to be at least 20 kids (of all ages). One family has 2 children around 5 & 7 yrs old. The parents are extremely attentive to their children. My kids are 10 & 12 yrs old. These parents (specifically the mom) was upset that my kids weren't entertaining her kids.

My oldest is very shy and gets really uncomfortable around large groups of people. I was thrilled that she was playing with all of the rest of the kids because sometimes she just follows me around. I don't mind if they follow me, but I do encourage them to go play, and if they start getting needy point out that only they are responsible for their own fun...I am not their 24-7 activity director.

My husband heard about the incident and thought that our kids were ignoring the younger kids only to find out that our kids tried to get them to play with them, but the younger kids kept going back over and sitting with their mom. Our kids thought they didn't want to play. As a matter of fact, our kids feelings were a little hurt when they found out because if they knew that the other kids felt like they were being ignored, they would have tried harder to include them...that's how my kids are raised.

Keeshia - posted on 05/19/2013




when another parent throws a fit because you babysat and you didn't let her kid play on your video game system. Another parent did this to me even after I explained that her 7 year old was begging to play a game that is rated for teens and I wont let my 6year old play it. she said she lets him play it at home so I should have allowed him to play.

Celeste - posted on 05/19/2013




. Parents who refuse to believe their their child could do any wrong and puts the entire blame on another child, even when other parents have witnessed said child do these things.

Parents who won't be quiet at the Kindergarten play even with the "Quiet Please" sign being held up.

Aleks - posted on 05/19/2013




Parents who when talking about their child start off with "my child is really bright..." And then proceed to list all of the things their genius progeny can do or could do at 3 mths, 6mths, 12 mths, 3 yrs etc.

My other pet peeve is parents who fail to obey by simple rules especially when their kids are also there. Perfect example is parking/road crossing behaviour around our school (am sure similar happens near and around other schools). How on earth are these kids to learn (and follow) road rules when their parents actively flout them without batting an eyelid, and the poor teachers having to constantly tell these kids what the appropriate behaviours should be, and yet the parents think they are above these rules and LAWS.

I also find it annoying that parents fail to stand up for the national anthem at the weekly assembly at school. The whole student cohort stands up, hats off. But for some reason, some of the parents fail to show respect their kids do... o_0

Ok, I think I'm done with my rant lol

[deleted account]

Tracy I'm with you...

A lot of people wont say "no" to their kids, and this has led to kids thinking they can have anything and do anything they like.

As for parents who give their kids any food they want... don't get me started!

Tracy - posted on 05/17/2013




Parents who think their kids are somehow exempt from the real world/consequences/manners/whatever else you can think of... This sense that their kids can do no wrong or that they don't have to take responsibility for things that they should. Don't just think of it as "kids being kids" or "they don't understand". HONEY, they don't understand because you never taught or enforced with them the need to understand! Your kid is 9 and should know that shoving my 3 year old and KICKING her after she's down is unacceptable at best. If my 3 year old did that to your 1 year old, you would be all over my ass. Why is your 9 year old somehow exempt from understanding this when you expect my 3 year old to know it (which she does because I took the time to teach her)? Nobody expects things from their kids anymore. They aren't EXPECTED to behave, be polite, do chores, earn their money/toys/entertainment, be kind/help others, or even get through the store without some kind of freakin' prize for doing it. LOL, I probably sound like I'm way old and from a previous generation but I'm 34 with a teenager and a toddler. I can't hang out with most people because their kids are pampered and not expected to do anything yet they are rewarded for simply existing. (Don't get me wrong, my kids are spoiled but they are expected to be respectable human beings first and foremost).

Charity_knox - posted on 05/16/2013




Parents who freak out about a minor case of runny nose/sniffles and rush to the Dr. demanding antibiotics. Unfortunately many Dr's don't educate parents properly that many/most simple runny nose cold symptoms are viral. Oh and overly germaphobe parents who think any dirt= deadly disease and death.(sarcasm)

Desiree - posted on 05/16/2013




What about parents who don't RSVP or better yet pitch up with all the siblings in tow and then ask you in an innocent way if its ok that thier little darlings stay as they have to step out. Even those lovely parents that do RSVP and then don't pitch up and don't call you to tell you there is a problem and they wont make it. Money doesn't grow on trees and Parties cost money.

[deleted account]

Lazy parents, I guess. I've not met many parents who annoy me, but this year I've noticed several moms who complain endlessly about our school's volunteer efforts, yet they never volunteer themselves. They complained yesterday at field day that our games were "skimpy and boring" and that we didn't have them numbered well enough....yet NONE of the complaining moms had volunteered for the organizing committee. They did the same thing at the Fall Festival and the black tie gala. They also complained that we didn't have enough mentors for our mentor program....yet none of them are mentors, nor do they work on the recruitment or fundraising teams....

I get passing on volunteer work if you don't have time, but if you don't volunteer, don't complain about what those of us who do volunteer have done. We are giving up our time, often our money, for no pay or benefit in return--at least say thanks and keep your criticism to yourself. What irks me the most is that I know these women, and they have time to volunteer, so if they are so unhappy with what we've done, why are they not volunteering themselves so they can change it???? If their ideas are so much better, I want them helping.

Jodi - posted on 05/16/2013




Parents who don't show up to their children's ILP meetings at school. If you want your kid on an individual learning plan at school, at least give enough of a crap to turn up to the meeting to discuss their needs.

Parents whose only response to their completely undsiciplined teen is to tell them " you can't tell your teachers to fuck off anymore" and that's it.

I have a whole list of things.......the mind boggles.

[deleted account]

parents that don't want anyone touching their children. My son used to take soccer and all the kids were running around and my son and hers bumped into each other. She ran up and scooped him up and just glared at me as if my son had done it on purpose.

Alura - posted on 05/14/2013




moms who look at you with disgust when you tell them you breastfed for a year.. or just breastfeeding in general.. or parents who act like your a snob for choosing more organic foods.. i never even stated "oh yeah i get organic foods" its more on the lines of "can you believe some parents buy this crap?" "well yes i can cause i buy this crap!"

Desiree - posted on 05/14/2013




Mothers who give you pregnancy and baby advice, because they are so expert at it as they have small kids. Somehow they forgotten that you are already a mother twice over with teens and this is number 3. Surely you are more of an expert than they are after all you have already been there, done that, gotten the tee-shirt and they are still 10 years behind you.

Amy - posted on 05/13/2013




Those who choose to not discipline their children at all, I find that really annoying. I also really find the parents who are constantly screaming, yelling, and threatening but offer no real consequences annoying too.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/13/2013




When a mom lies about your child knocking her kid down and sitting on her. Lets try the kids bumped into one another, and the said child falls, and your child looses her balance but yes does fall on top of her. My son saw the whole thing, and he is not a fibber. Nice try lady.

[deleted account]

My work mate talks a lot about her kids (that's OK), but when she tells me word for word what her 4 year old says and actually mimics her down to the 4 year old voice and does all the facial gestures , it really starts to get irritating!

My other pet peeve is when you are talking with a mum, and her child marches up and starts talking to her too, the mum completely abandons the conversation you were having and focuses entirely on her child, and is you weren't there at all. What kind of a message is that telling the kid?

But I'm sure you can all think of much worse ones than that!

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