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I had a child in 2003, no problems at all. In 2009 we started trying again, for 2 years we tried over and over and nothing. My doctor finally put me on Clomid pills and we would every month get the blood test and I wasnt ovulating, he would up the dose and we would try again this went on for a year. In february we stopped and he referred us to a specialist, I was skepitcal and hadn't made an appt. due to cost. Last month I started to feel wierd and took a pregnancy test, it was positive, along with the 6 others I took. We went for an ultrasound and there the fetus was, they saw a subchorionic hemorage and wanted to watch it, well we went again in 2 weeks and it was gone, they said my body reabsorbed it, we heard the heartbeat and the baby measured at 7 weeks 1 day, I caught it really early and we had no clue how far we were since my period is not regular. Last week we traded doctors since my doctor was stopping his OB practice, they wanted to give me an ultrasound to look themselves, we brought our first daughter with us to see, the tech was quiet during the entire time, i saw her measuring things and the size measured at 8 weeks 4 days which was right on compared to the other ultrasound. She said ok the nurse will come in and talk to you, we were in a room waiting a doctor came and said did someone talk to you guys we said no he informed us that there was no heartbeat and the fetus was no longer alive, nevermind my daughter was sitting there and he never bothered to say do you want her to stay or maybe she should wait outside which I feel was unprofessional, we were dumfounded and just sat there with blank faces, he continued to say we should schedule a d & c to help things and make sure nothing was left he went on and on for about 10 minutes, I heard maybe 4 words of what he said. He said any questions I stood up and walked out. We went outside and my husband stood there and looked at me and said well what do we do I told him I have no clue. We went home talked about things and that is when I started to get mad about how he came in and just blurted that out. I started to read on the internet about it and saw how many people were told the same thing went back a week later and there was a heartbeat! I feel shouldnt a doctor have been called in to look for the heartbeat, or another tech? The one ultrasound we went to they could not find the hb he went and called another tech in who came in and said i had a tilted uterus and it was hard to find, well it took him about a half hour but they found it! This lady looked for about 10 seconds and then was done, I have felt fine since, yesterday i had sum red blood with tissue come out, not alot by any means and had no cramping or anything, it stopped and is now just some brownish blood not alot though, I have read this can be normal at times due to numerous things. I have no clue what to think now and am not going back until next thurs to have an ultrasound done and see what happens. Has anyone else had any expierience the same or close? I am afriad if we do lose it I will not be able again to get pregnant but obviously I must be able to if I did this time.


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Before my hubby and I were married we became pregnant. I went for an ultrasound to determine how far along I was since I wasnt sure and learned there was a 9-10 week fetus with no heartbeat. I was so upset but I wanted to try and do the D&C right then. We were only 18. But the doctor did look for a long time and did do an internal ultrasound to be sure. I was unable to get the D&C that night and when I went to the hospital a few days later they did an ultrasound before putting me under.
My SIL had a friend and they told her there was no heartbeat at 6 weeks but a week later before the D&C they found it. When my SIL had a miscarriage while trying for her 2nd child, she was worried that they just missed the heartbeat like her friend. She waited over 3 weeks for the D&C and almost became septic.

I am so sorry you are dealing with this. It took us 3 years to conceive my daughter and I would have been an even bigger wreck if we lost the long awaited pregnancy. I would request another ultrasound to be sure. Unfortunately, if they still cant find a heartbeat than the D&C is really important for your own health.

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