Are our groceries really safe? Relabeling old food is completely legal.

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Amie - posted on 01/06/2011




Oh we have those discount counters and coolers too. I've never gone near them. My MIL does. She bought a bunch of fish the one time, took it home and threw it in her freezer.

I have no idea if it was ever eaten. I can understand buying a few things from discount for that night's supper if it's reached the best before date or something, even if I don't do it. My MIL stocked up though. I found it weird and slightly disturbing.

LaCi - posted on 01/06/2011




Hm. I just look at the food and determine if it will or won't kill me. I only check dates on sprouts and spinach because they HAVE the make it through the following work week, so they need a decent date. The date is actually sooner than they actually start going bad.

I don't know that grocers in the US do that though. Usually when something reaches its date they just sell it off for pennies on the dollar to someone like me. :)

and I will totally eat/drink things past the expiration dates and best by dates. But most of my perishables tell you when they shouldn't be eaten.

Katherine - posted on 01/06/2011




I never thought about the best before dates. I have never eaten anything past that date. But a lot of the foods don't have packaged on dates here. At least none that I've seen.

That's really gross.

Amie - posted on 01/05/2011




And that would be why I look at the packaged on date, not best before.

Best before dates have always been a bit sketchy in my eyes. Especially when the Canadian Food Inspection Agency says this:

"Remember that "best before" dates are not indicators of food safety, neither before nor after the date."


That bit I quoted is way down the page underneath "Eating foods that has passed the best before date". Ew.

Actually there's a bunch of useful information on there, that is also slightly ick. Like the Mayo stuff. Ew.

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