Are Women Equals?


Charlie - posted on 03/09/2011




Women lose out in equality in many areas and so do men , we have a way of making it loud and clear we are being treated unfairly ( although it is slow to change ) but men and young boys face lots of sexism from society and women that go almost unheard of , I mean does anyone even care that in 100 domestic violence situations approximately 40 cases involve violence by women against men. An estimated 400,000 women per year are abused or treated violently in the United States by their spouse or intimate partner. This means that roughly 300,000 to 400,000 men are treated violently by their wife or girl friend.
Does anyone care that our sons have no rights to bodily integrity through the eyes of the law but our daughters do ?

Does anyone care that boys are made to be emotionally stunted because " they are men " and shouldn't feel any emotion that would make them vulnerable ?

Or that women frequently have ladies nights and womens only areas in public places but men having such a thing would be deemed unfair .

In divorce women for the majority of it win out if a man takes the step of marrying again and has children:

He has a 50/50 chance of: divorcing, losing custody of his children and paying a large sum of money
He will have a 1 in 3 chance of losing his home
He will have a 1 in 10 chance of loosing contact with his children for ever

If a women takes the step of marrying and has children:

It is almost certain she will keep her children
She will also have a 1 in 3 chance of losing her home
Have a 50/50 chance she will benefit by recieving a large sum of money .

Im not trying to to say they are worse off but that both sexes face inequality and I don't think it will ever change until both sexes realise this.


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Jenn - posted on 03/10/2011




I don't think we are equal. We're not the same physically or mentally. I personally don't think there will ever be a time where there is true "equality".

Jenni - posted on 03/10/2011




Just a question... concerning equality... why is it completely unacceptable for one race to use derogatory terms to describe another race, say in music for example. But it is acceptable (at least to the point of mainstream) for a man to use derogatory terms to describe a woman.

We are not equals, although we are taking strides towards equality. But I wonder to myself... if we've come so far in equal rights when it comes to education, employment, gender roles. How come we are still protrayed in the media as sex objects or mindless mall-zombie nazis in pink sparkly stilletos who's sole purpose in life is to impress our male counterparts with our large endowments, pouty lips and bedroom eyes. I have Barbie and Bratz dolls in mind... excellent teaching tools for young impressionable girls.

How are we ever going to be taken seriously and treated as equals when the media insists on making us out to be some horribly damanging, stereotypical equivalent to female "Mammy Jars".

Sara - posted on 03/09/2011




I think there's more awareness today of how women aren't truly equal, but honestly, I still think in a lot of ways we are not treated equally to men.

[deleted account]

Interesting points, good video and I've got to say I agree I mean it's hard to argue with the numbers and hearing them they sound about right, you'd expect them to be different but there they stand.

JuLeah - posted on 03/09/2011




We are equal ... but it really depends on who is asking. God says we are equal. Society feels we are not. Men and women are at fault for this. We can't balme just the men any more, but as a groupd, they could do so much more then they do.

Bonnie - posted on 03/09/2011




Based on this video, it almost seems like nothing has changed over the years.

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