are women more sexist than men ?

Charlie - posted on 11/27/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Women can ogle man and it be deemed fine " hey George Clooney NICE man rug " , whereas a man looking at a woman will immediately be in trouble for ever and accused relentlessly of perving .

a Woman can make fat jokes about a man without as much as a flinch from the ice cold beer and bag of chips on his lap , heaven help the poor soul whos mumma never taught him the golden rule THOU MUST NEVER MENTION HER WEIGHT , for surely his balls will be on a chopping block , not to mention jokes on stupidity and sexual performance .

A woman can go ballistic about anything , anytime and blame it on hormones or " IVE GOT MY FREAKIN PERIOD SO GET LOST " BUT if a mans fave football team loses and he feels like moping around and having a cry hes a moron .

A woman can grab a man's ass in a club and not get beaten up by bouncers.

This is a little tongue in cheek but while making a joke there does remain some honesty in these issues , so what do you think girls do we get away with sexism are we more sexist ?


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Savannah - posted on 12/05/2009




hahaha! Thats funny. I don't know if women are more sexist or not although from those jokes, which are very true for the most part, it would seem so.
However, I am married to a man that is INFINITELY more sensitive than me! I mean holy cow. If you mention his weight you will hear about if for days and he will pout and lose his mind! He is ridiculously moody and when he is grouchy STAY THE HECK AWAY! If you don't say something in the right tone of voice there is a long talk ahead of you as to why you said it that way and how you should have said it and how it made him feel about the way you said it initially...
I don't know if all men are that way or not but mine is! If I was to look at another guy I would never hear the end of it. I was polite to a worker at walmart 4 years ago who just happened to be goodlooking. He said hi to me and I returned the hello. i hear about it to this day!!!!
So i Don't know...
But it is a good point and probably true in a lot of cases. Not mine though! hahahaha

?? - posted on 12/01/2009




Bill Engvall - Bad Weiner Day

LMAO it just happens that way

I think in the grand scheme of things - everyone is fair game - but face to face on a personal individual basis I don't think either or is worse or better than the other at being considerate. I think there are different things for different people - for some women weight is a big deal and others its not but then hair might be the trigger for them. Men same deal, sometimes going bald is an issue and for others its not.

I think it just takes a lil bit of decency to know when to be considerate of the people that matter to us.

Isobel - posted on 12/01/2009



286's just a given to me...we are allowed to be sexist for the same reason black people are allowed to use the n word and gay people can call each other queer.

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