At what age can you or have you taken your child or children to the cinema for the first time?

Debbie - posted on 08/02/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )




I have a 9 month year old and really wanna take my six year old out to the cinema with him..


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Our cinema has a summer Family Movie Festival. The movies are free, so it's not a big deal if you have to leave in the middle of it, and they are targeted to families so people are pretty sympathetic if your little one gets fussy--unless, of course, you don't leave pretty quickly. They are usually movies from last year, but most kids don't care, they just like the big screen. Does your town have something like that? I would try one of those first and if the little one does well, then venture to the regular showings.

I didn't take J to a "real movie" (meaning a regular showing, not specifically targeted to families and young kids) until he was about 4.

Lady Heather - posted on 08/02/2011




I don't know what the "right" age is, but if Winnie the Pooh ever comes here Freja is going and she is 2. With all the 3D nonsense there is these days, I'm thinking I should take the opportunity to see something with her while I can (my epilepsy prevents me from seeing 3D stuff).

I don't think there's anything particularly wrong about taking a 9 month old to the theater, but I would try and make sure it was a kid focused day and yeah - if the little one starts causing a fuss it could ruin things for your older kid. I guess it really depends on your baby's personality. I think my daughter could have done that pretty easily. She would have just slept. Ha. But I know other little ones who would probably be pretty freaked out.

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That is a great idea Kelly. My town also has that, they do 1 free day per week during morning to afternoon on Wednesdays. Thanks for reminding me about that, I may be taking my own kids!

Cassie - posted on 08/02/2011




I just took my two girls (2 1/2 and 13 months) to the movie theater for the first time ever to see Winnie The Pooh. I won't be taking them again for a very long time but this movie was specifically for young children and we saw the movie on a weekday during the day.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/02/2011




Personally, I think it is a bit young to take a 9 month old. But you can sure try. I would not want to pay all that money to see a movie, and have to leave early cause the baby can't handle being in there.


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Rosie - posted on 08/02/2011




i never took an infant to a movie, and i have never gone to a movie that wasn't directed towards children, with my children. the youngest i've taken them is 3. however if the movie you want to go see is aimed at your 6 year old i don't see a problem with an infant there.

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my oldest went for the first time around may and she turned 3.5 yrs then... and we took both girls beginning of july so they were 3.5 and 2 they oldest never made a sound or moved the youngest started to get bored wit about 40 minutes left of the movie so it all depends on the kid i think

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My kids are 3 1/2 and almost 2 and we haven't taken them yet, although we are planning to take them to Cars 2 if we get there before it's out of the theater! And I'd like to take them to Winnie the Pooh. They're both pretty good about watching movies at home, so I think they'd do okay. As for an infant, it really depends. A newborn/not yet mobile infant, I'd say, no problem. They'll likely sleep through it. But at 9 months, he's likely to not want to sit still through the movie. If he's one of those who will sleep anywhere and through anything, then I'd say go at naptime and nurse or give him a bottle till he falls asleep. But otherwise, I'd probably make it a date for just you and your 6 year old.

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I took my daughter when she was a couple weeks old. She was awesome as an infant at any loud, big movie..just slept right through. We'd go for the afternoon shows, during her nap time. When she turned like 1 year, 6 months though, she was having none of it at regular movies.

From that time on we went to Stars and Strollers, a programme they have here where they show regular films, turn the sound down a bit and encourage moms/babies/dads to come.

We just took her to her first official kids movie though where she sat down in her own seat, for her two year birthday. It was Winnie the Pooh. She like the previews and the first half - then she was kind of done. But, she made it through without a major tantrum or anything.

So, as an infant, if your kid is mellow and generally a good sleeper, I say go at nap time. If not, it might be good for you to look into a Stars and Strollers type programme in your area, if it is available. If not, you might want to run it by you local indie cinema, it might be worth it for them to set something up for a trial run if you bring some mom friends along.

Kate CP - posted on 08/02/2011




My daughter was about 3 or 4 and my son just went for the first time at 6 months. He stared at the screen for the first 30 minutes then slept through the rest. :)

Minnie - posted on 08/02/2011




Adelaide was seven months old when we took her. To Terminator 4 lol. She just nursed and slept through the whole thing. Then to GI Joe and Transformers when she was 11 months. We haven't been since with the kids though.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/02/2011




I think my son was about 3 years old. You can try with a 9 month old, but it just might be to loud for the young one. Just prepare your 6yr old that you might need to leave if the 9month old starts crying. it will ruin the movie for everyone.

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