At what age should your kid be able to social network?

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According to figures from Mintel, half of all children aged seven to 12 visit social networking websites – and nearly half (49 per cent or an estimated 970,000) of those who do, go on Facebook “every day”.

I for one did not allow my daughter to use any social networking until she was 12, including MSN, Yahoo or the sort. Even then, I kept and still do (at 13) keep a very close eye. She must make me a friend of hers on FB and any other site that performs where I can check every once in a while. I am the manager of all our home PC's so I have access to anything that I cannot befreind online. To me this is not snooping, I have to ensure she is safe out there in cyber world.

What are your thoughts? Do you think 7 is too young?


Stifler's - posted on 02/10/2012




I do think 7 is too young they should be off jumping on the trampoline eating fairybread and learning the cat sat on the mat not playing games on facebook. I have a landline for situations like inviting friends over to have a tea party. there's no need for school kids who see their friends every day at school to be having facebook accounts.

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I think 12 years old is an okay age. Even at that age, it would be supervised though.

Jodi - posted on 02/10/2012




I think 7 is definately too young. There are sick pervos out there, and bullies who are extra brave behind a computer screen. I don't want my kid coming home and plopping down in front of the computer. I want my 7 year old to be out playing with her friends, or having them over or whatever. I think teenagish is ok, at that point, they need to "fit in" with the crowd, and if facebook is "the thing", then so be it. But, she will have to friend me andI will need to know her username and password. I won't hack her account unless I think something is going on (ie. dangerous things, like drugs, serious bullying, etc etc). Like the dad from the laptop shooting thing, my hubby is an IT specialist too, not much will get by him, so I hope my daughters will know that and not try anything anyways! lol

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Yes, I think 7 is too young. Mine weren't allowed to Facebook until age 13, and then they had to friend me so I could see what they posted. They also had to go through an online security tutorial so they would know what could happen if they weren't careful.


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I agree with the majority, 7 is too young. My daughter is 9 and she will not be getting a FB until MAYBE 13, but maybe not til she's older. I plan on knowing her password , making sure she friends me, and adjust her account settings.

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I agree with Sherri I don't think my 5 year old will be touching our computer either we have a nintendo for games

Jodi - posted on 02/11/2012




7 is WAY too young for FB. That's just crazy. My kids have their own computer because my husband and my laptops are for our work (and our own personal use). I don't let the kids use them. Their computer is set up in the living area. My son got a FB account when he was 12. He is now 14 and I am still the only person who has his password for FB. I am also his friend, and he is not allowed to*hide* posts from me (one of the rules). If he misuses his account, he will use it. So far he hasn't crossed that line.

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My kids have grown up on TV, video games and a computer.

My 26yo learned to read from video games and my now 10yo used the captions on TV. They were reading fluently at 5 & 3, respectively, and typing complete sentences with good spelling by 6 and 5, respectively.

My family comes from a state approximately 2000 miles away. My husband's brother and his family live across the ocean.

That said we have encouraged our kids to type and email family from the get-go. When most of our family opened a Facebook account, we allowed the then 9yo to open one as well. I have her password. Her dad & I are her friends, actually most of her "friends" are friends from my homeschooling circle or are family. She would have no interactions with her cousins if not for the computer!

She rarely posts statuses except to update where she is on her video games, otherwise she is responding to family. What she does post are photos and drawings she makes.

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Oh, well that makes more sense then. My computer is the only electronic 'toy' device that we own at all. My kids don't have their own computer, gaming system, or anything. ;)

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Your 5 year old isn't allowed to even touch the computer? I find that a bit extreme (your house, your rules though, of course). My 3 year old has played on Starfall or PBSkids several times. It's certainly not a regular thing, but once every couple of weeks or so. :)

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The rule of Facebook is 13. My girls (10) know that they won't be on there before that. After that.... check back w/ me in 3 years. ;)

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