Australia - How far will we go for multiculturalism?

Nikki - posted on 07/11/2011 ( 25 moms have responded )




ISLAMIC leaders want Muslims in Australia to get interest-free loans for religious reasons.

The nation's Islamic leaders want recognition of sharia law as it applies to banking practices, according to an exclusive Herald Sun survey of imams.

There was also a call for recognition of sharia law as it applies to family law.

Should Australia recognise some aspects of sharia law? Have your say below

The survey showed some imams are sceptical that Osama bin Laden's death will be of benefit to ordinary Muslims, and they are unhappy with the way US forces disposed of his body.

The survey has also revealed:

STRONG condemnation of MPs who criticise Muslim women for wearing the burqa/nijab.

CONCERN that ordinary Muslims are still being linked to terrorism.

DISGUST that innocent people in Muslim countries are being killed in the "war on terror".

The survey was conducted in the wake of a $55,000 Federal Government training program for imams on Australian laws and values.

They have been told to preach core Australian values such as the fair go, freedom, and responsibility.
Imam Yusuf Parker, from the Alhidayah Centre in Perth, said Australia should consider recognising sharia law as it applied to finance and family law matters.

Imam Parker said Islam forbade the charging or paying of interest "so finding interest-free loans will again help Muslims to practise their Islam better".

"Other than the two major issues mentioned, I don't see other sharia law that Muslims would seek to have legally recognised," he said.

Fellow WA imam Sheik Burhaan Mehtar said sharia law often was raised to scare non-Muslims, but a dialogue would lead to better understanding.

"Islamic banking and the non-slavery of humans is a classic example. Interest is slavery," he said.

Islamic Council of Victoria board member Nazeem Hussain said legal and tax barriers currently prevented local banks from offering Islamic finance products.

"That's a massive market ... we'd encourage the Government to seek ways to tap into that market," he said.

Imam Parker said bin Laden's demise might serve as closure for those convinced he masterminded the 9/11 attacks.

"But the reality is that the negative impact on Islam and Muslims has not changed, and it will take many decades for that to change," he said.

Sheik Burhaan Mehtar said the symbolic victory of bin Laden's death would remain hollow while people in nations such as Afghanistan suffered a "terror of death delivered from the skies" by the US and its allies.

Gold Coast imam Imraan Husain reflected a general view that bin Laden's burial at sea was a violation of Islamic funeral rites.

Victorian imam Sheik Ramy Najmeddine said Muslims felt there was an unfair link between terrorism and Islam.

"But we believe this is being broken down by the good work that members of both the Muslim and non-Muslim community are doing."

Sheik Mohamadu Saleem, a spokesman for Board of Imams Victoria, accused some MPs of trying to get political mileage out of the burqa issue. "It is mere political expediency," he said.

Victorian imam Abdinur Weli said: "If only Muslims are the people who are told what to wear, then it is discrimination."

Do you think this could ever happen?


Jodi - posted on 07/11/2011




And IMO, what a fucking joke. If they want interest free loans, they can fund their own Islamic bank. Are they serious???

Amber - posted on 07/13/2011




If they truly want to live under sharia law, then they should have ALL aspects of it imposed on them. Not just the parts that work in their favor.

The funny thing is, lenders under sharia law just go about their business in a different way to get the same result; they just don't call it interest. We learned about this in my international business classes.
Basically, this is how it works (I'm just making up numbers to show my point)

With interest, you find a house for $100,000 and go to the bank for a loan. The bank gives you the $100,000 and you agree on an interest rate. Over the years of annuity payments, you end up paying $120,000.

With sharia law, you find a house for $100,000 and go to the bank for a loan. The bank purchases the house for $100,000. They then sell the house to you for $120,000, interest free.

Either way, they bank gets $20,000. One calls it interest, the other calls it profit. So, it's silly to say they aren't "slaves to interest".

It's just a simple formula to find the present value of an annuity.

Jodi - posted on 07/11/2011




I have a MAJOR issue with someone who chooses to move to a country with an entirely different culture, and then that country expected to bend over backwards to accommodate YOUR cultural expectations.

Do you think that if enough Australians moved to the US, we have the right to demand paid maternity leave, 12 months unpaid maternity leave, 4 weeks paid vacation, as well as payment of family assistance, and we want free health care, thank you very much, because THAT is our cultural expectation of where we live. Um, I think we'd pretty much be told to fuck off. So.......

YOU chose to move here, get over it.


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Gina - posted on 07/13/2011




I'm so sick of people coming from overseas and want to change the way the country is.If you don't like it leave! They go on about Australians accepting them, how about they accept us and our laws?

Stifler's - posted on 07/13/2011




Multicultural is a fail. Kids my age when I was in year 3 were making jokes about how doing this and that was against our culture,.

[deleted account]

It didn't go through. It was just some group making a fuss. The Attorney-General has ruled out any chance of sharia law being introduced to Australia.

Ez - posted on 07/12/2011




There is not a chance in shit that this would ever go through. How can anyone justify enforcing one country's laws in another? It's too fucking stupid for words.

And I agree with Jodi. This isn't a racial or religious issue. It's a common sense issue (as explained by Jodi's examples). Unfortunately there's a few high profile Muslim leaders here who seem to get off on whipping up a media storm with ridiculous claims like this. It reminds me of the guy who defended Bilal Skaf and his brothers for raping those girls because they were dressed in skirts. Most people understand that these 'leaders' don't speak for every average Muslim living here (who just want to be left alone in their faith and not get involved in this political pissing contest). But these leaders' incessant need to create drama makes it very difficult for the less-educated or less-informed to gain perspective. All they hear is outrageous claims and demands like this one.

Julie - posted on 07/12/2011




Christians cannot have covenant marriages in Australia (as a potential option if a couple wants to pick it - as is available in some US states), and (supposedly) the majority of Australians label themselves as "christian", so why should a minority be ale to insist on having their marriage laws enforceable in Australian family law?

It's not like covenant marriages are way are way out extreme - it is basically the same as Australian divorced used to be - requiring there be a "fault" such as adultery or abuse etc before a divorce can be granted. Yet practising Christians are denied access to this.

So why should one minority group be allowed to insist on their family law being applied (and insisting it being forced on unwilling wives trapped in relationships), but another religious group can't selec a family law option with both partners happily going into it?

Just another example of one group wanting more "rights" than others.

Dana - posted on 07/12/2011




The extremist right in our country (The US) would be flipping out over this. Many of them believe that Muslims are tying to institute Sharia law here. Even thought there is no evidence of that...

[deleted account]

The problem is with multiculturalism as public policy.

Multiculturalism poses as an non-ideology ("we welcome and tolerate all cultures") when in fact it IS an ideology. An ideology based on secular democracy, which is naturally in opposition to sharia law!

So now we have young Muslims growing up in a society that (supposedly) welcomes and tolerates their culture, rather than admits that they have to embrace secularism or be in conflict with the culture they live in.

Al-Qaeda recruits members who have grown up all their lives in the West, because these young people are alienated. And they're alienated because multiculturalism has utterly failed them.

Sneaky - posted on 07/12/2011




Um . . .so the hell is actually "There was also a call for recognition of sharia law as it applies to family law."???????????

Is this the killing of your sister because she has betrayed the family honor by being raped 'family laws'???????

I need to know a hell of a lot more before I could comment either way.

[deleted account]

If they get interest free loans then i want interest free loans. Simple.
Other then that i agree with EVERYTHING Jodi has said.

Jodi - posted on 07/11/2011




I never believed for a moment it would actually get anywhere, LOL. But yeah, a wish list would be nice!!!

[deleted account]

Jodi, I found that ABC news item. (Maybe I shouldn't just dismiss anything with a Herald Sun byline as negligible!)
The Attorney-General has ruled out any chance of sharia law being introduced to Australia.

Still, we’re a democracy – I guess that means we can ask for anything we want! Now, where did I put my wish list?

Teresa - posted on 07/11/2011




WTH is wrong with these people? They move in and think they get to make the rules? nah...go back where you came from or obey the laws of the land.

Jodi - posted on 07/11/2011




LOL Kathy :P But to be fair, I did also find a report on ABC News as well, from a couple of months ago on the same issue. It's a push by the The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

Nikki, I imagine my view does sound racist to some. I honestly don't give a flying f*&$...... I respect that Muslims have particular views and beliefs. But I am not an advocate of ANY culture expecting an entire country to accommodate them in a way that goes against the laws or social norms of that country. If I were to move to another country entirely, then I should have enough respect to assimilate myself into their culture as much as possible. It would be rude of me to ask THEM to change for MY comfort.

I guess it's like going to someone else's house and asking them to change how they manage their household because I actually don't like it that way. Doesn't quite work does it?

If it worked like that, I'd move to the US in a heart beat and tell them I want gun control, because sorry, in my culture, people just don't own guns unless they have a genuine necessity for it. I can see that going down well......

That's why I don't see it as a racial or religious issue.

Nikki - posted on 07/11/2011




Well said Jodi, I feel exactly the same way, I just wasn't sure if it sounded racist when I was thinking it over in my head. It's such a joke, can they not see that if this ever did happen (which I highly highly doubt) it would cause such a cultural divide they wouldn't end up wanting to live here anyway.

Rosie - posted on 07/11/2011




in that case then no. some peoples religious beliefs involve scarring their children, should we allow that just cause their religion says so? yeah, not going for it.

Rosie - posted on 07/11/2011




i'm confused, lol. what in sharia law says anything about banking? what practices would it entail?

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