baby/child proofing?

Jennifer - posted on 12/08/2010 ( 40 moms have responded )




how far do you go to baby/child proof your home?

locks on cabinets?

lock on toilet seat?

outlet covers?

something to keep little fingers from being smashed in drawers, or sliding doors?

knob covers for the stove?

door knob covers?


lock on the refrigerator?

bubble-wrapped coffee table?

do you go all out, or do you skip child-proofing all together? what about moving things out of the reach of a little one, such as books from the bookcase? why do you do these things, or why do you chose to not do them? do you let your little one roam throughout the house on their own, or are you a helicopter?

there are some things we've chosen to do...we use the outlet covers to keep our 12month old from sticking things in the electrical outlets. we keep the doors to the bathroom and our bedroom door closed at all times. we did move books from the bottom 2 levels of the bookcase but that was mostly to make room for toy baskets so our son (12 months) has a place in the living room and keep himself occupied. as long as doors are kept closed, we don't have stairs we need to worry about so we pretty much let our son roam free. he likes to explore on his own, and he is never out of earshot.


Fiona - posted on 12/08/2010




We have stair gates and a fire guard, but other than that it is all about the training. My 14 month old knows the sounds that I make when she shouldn't do something and she has caught on quickly.
My reasoning for this is that in other peoples homes you have to be sure that they don't touch inappropriate things including plugs, ornaments etc. What better place to do that than your home?

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Stifler's - posted on 11/15/2011




I have a doorknob cover on my son's room. Ever since i put it on he gets it that he has to stay in his bed and sleep. He used to come out 1000 times and carry on for an hour before bed.

Elfrieda - posted on 11/15/2011




We moved things out of reach and put up babygates. The outlets are those new kind that even an adult has trouble with (grr), and we've got the fancy slow-closing drawers in the kitchen that were too hard for him to open until he was old enough to know that only two of those drawers were allowed for him. (about 13 months) We also keep the bathroom door closed. He's 23 months and can't turn a doorknob yet, so I think that we won't need those knob-covers.
We didn't even get a cover for the fireplace! We kept meaning to last year, but used boxes as a temporary thing (really matched our decor, I'll tell you) and this year we just make the fire after he's in bed.

[deleted account]

when my son first started crawling i went out and bought everything-outlet covers, toilet lock, fridge and stove lock, and moved everything breakable out of his reach. he broke most of the child proofing stuff or can at least get past them so now i just try and keep heavy stuff way out of his reach and his stuff closer to his level. with the next kid i will probably just skip babyproofing

Tara - posted on 11/15/2011




I do the basic safety stuff, keeping all cleaning stuff etc. up in a high cupboard in the pantry. Keep latches on the drawers with sharp stuff in them and keep gates on stair cases as well as one on the room to the wood stove area. It's a BIG stove and unless I'm in there, I don't let little ones in there either.

But in general I simply put anything breakable or dangerous up and out of the way. My kids have always had run of the house for the most part. We keep it safe for them to explore.

Recently though we put a gate at the end of "our" hallway, our room and Riley's room are in one "wing" of the house. The girls and their bathroom are all in the other "wing" so we gated the hallway between them so Riley can't get into their rooms and wreak his toddler havoc on their barbie land. lol

But I believe in letting kids explore in a safe place. So that's how I roll.

edited to say I keep gates on stairs not doors, duh

Sussanne - posted on 11/15/2011




Thank you for all the childproofing solutions and suggestions. I have only one thing to add child safe blinds. I decided to change the old roller blinds in my son room and to had them replaced with some child safe blackout blinds, that not only are safe for use around children but prevent sun from entering the room for long and peaceful naps. Here is a great article on child safe blinds: that I thought I should share

Rosie - posted on 12/09/2010




outlet covers, and gates.
in the past for other children i have used stove knob covers, door knob covers, and a refrigerator lock-my middle child was a little shit, lol!!

Krista - posted on 12/09/2010




We use a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs (he's never upstairs alone unless he's asleep anyway, and still can't get out of his crib). We use outlet covers. My FIL built a gate for our huge stone hearth. I put drawer locks on the bottom drawers in our kitchen, except for one cupboard full of Tupperware that he's allowed to get into. We moved books and breakables to top shelves and screwed our tall bookshelf into one of the wall studs.

With that all done, he can explore freely, and I can relax and not have to hover over him.

Like LaCi said, basically, my job is to protect him from poisons, glass objects, electricity and from smashing his face open on our stone hearth. Any other bumps and bruises will likely only be minimal.

Hannah - posted on 12/09/2010




The only thing we do is outlet covers and that was only AFTER my son stuck an ornament hanging thingy in there. We have stairs but my dad taught both of my kids at a very early age to go up and down them. We don't shut doors, we don't lock cabinets and all my hazards are right under the sink in the kitchen. The only thing my kids do with the hazards is take them out and spray everything down and wipe it up. They are fascinated with cleaning at this age and I plan to take full advantage of it while it lasts.

Meghan - posted on 12/09/2010




We had to do baby gates (stairs AND kitchen) because I was just not willing to take the time. J is relentless and if he wants at something, he gets it. We also put a pool noodle on the fireplace (yea, I know trailer trash- but hey, that's how I roll) We also have to lock all the doors in the house cause we have french doors- not regular door knobs. No out lit covers or anything, lucky we haven't had much of a problem with electrical.

[deleted account]

Oh, I forgot the baby proofing we did w/ the girls. We babygated off the cat box area and moved the books to higher shelves (and put our little bookshelf on the coffee table). We also stuck the coffee table against the wall so they had more room to move around and not bump their heads. I didn't need to move the coffee table w/ my son cuz that's where I put it anyway when we moved in here and the bottom shelves of these bookshelves are where all HIS toys and books have to go anyway. :) And... no cat this time.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/09/2010




My 8 month old is still pretty immobile...but she is very curious so I am sure we will need to do alot. I won't be a helicopter if I know a room has been baby proofed.

When my son was just starting out, our biggest concern was our 200lbs tv. We had heard alot of reports about kids climbing tv stands and heavy tv's crushing them to death. We bolted it to the wall. Now we have a thin flat screen so that is no longer a concern.

LaCi - posted on 12/09/2010




I've covered all outlets.

I lock all doors, mainly because I don't want him flushing the toilet over and over and over, and I don't want him screwing up my stuff. I don't let him in the kitchen alone either. It's baby gated, which he can take down, but he doesn't because he's a good boy.

I've locked the under-sink cabinet in the kitchen because it contains the hazards. Though I think if he fiddled with it for a few minutes he'd get the damn thing open. He's clever like that.

His dresser is locked because the drawers are REALLY Heavy and I know he'd pull one on top of himself if given the opportunity.

The fireplace is brick, so it's blocked off to an extent, so he can't smash his head on the brick edges.

We have several locks on the doors so we won't end up the parents of that toddler some trucker found wandering along the highway after he left while the parents were asleep. All the furniture that could fall is anchored to the wall, because he's a climber, and I'm okay with that, but let's do it a little more safely.

So, basically, he's allowed to be unattended in the living room, hallway, and his bedroom. Everything else is off limits unless I'm there too.

I'm a bit overprotective when it comes to that, I suppose. But he's an accident prone wrecking ball, so I probably should be.

That being said, I'm not hovering over him making sure he doesn't get hurt or anything, just making sure he doesn't get his hands on steak knives or large glass objects, or destroy the house.

Wendy - posted on 12/09/2010




We did a little bit of baby proofing. Had the baby gates but they soon went. Had a couple of locks on some cupboards. Did the socket plugs and the door stopper things. Never bothered with toilet locks and drawer stoppers.

Ez - posted on 12/09/2010




The extent of my baby-proofing was to buy a pack of outlet covers and close the bathroom and toilet doors lol. The pantry is locked to keep the little eating machine out, not for safety. And all chemicals have been moved to a high shelf in the bathroom. Otherwise, she has always had complete access to the house.

Sarah - posted on 12/09/2010




Haven't read all the replies.

We used a stair gate, and that's it.
We've just never had the need to use anything else really.
If they'd been continually opening cupboard doors, or trying to stick things in sockets, then yeah, we would have gotten some safety devices. Luckily for us, they've either never bothered trying, or if they have, we've told them not to, and they've listened (for once!! hahaha)

Lady Heather - posted on 12/08/2010




We have a gate at the top of the stairs, outlet covers, a couple of drawers locked (Tupperware and baking stuff because she empties them constantly otherwise), and we put pool noodles around the edges of our brick fireplace (that's more for visiting babies who aren't familiar with it). I tend to keep the doors closed to rooms outside the main area so I know where she is and what she might get into. We've got a few "hotspots" in the main area that I use for teachable moments (HA), but we don't have a lot of stuff out just because I don't like a lot of stuff out.

[deleted account]

We used cabinet locks (the kind that slide onto the handles, not the kind that get screwed inside the cabinet), door knob covers, outlet covers (until Jacob almost choked on one) and baby gates. I tried a toilet lock but my friend broke it because he couldn't figure out how to get the lid up lol He went into the bathroom and I forgot to show him the trick and thought, "Oh, he'll get it." Then a minute later I heard a SNAP and "Oh shit" lol The door knob cover kept our son (and a few guests too) away from the toilet from then on out lol As for putting things away? Definitely. I got down on the floor when he started crawling and literally moved anything he could get his hands on (that he wasn't supposed to have) out of his reach. I also took the glass inserts out of my coffee table once he started pulling up on the furniture. After awhile, our coffee table was useless without the inserts (it left us with literally maybe a foot of space). I sold the coffee table. We still don't have one, even though now we need one lol I let my son roam around following me. He was allowed in any room I was in. But once I'd leave the kitchen, so did he. I had the rest of the house gated off in a way that he could go anywhere but the kitchen and bathrooms and be perfectly safe. Sometimes he would follow me around and sometimes he'd venture off on his own (with me right behind him). As he's gotten older, I no longer follow him around. He's an only child and perfectly happy (prefers it actually) spending time playing on his own for awhile every day. The only safety things we use now that he's 3 are a door knob cover to the office door so he can't get at my computer and a baby gate that I keep in the entry to the kitchen so that he can't get in there and unload my fridge while I'm at the other end of the house doing laundry. I also had to install hook-eye latches on the inside of my screen door because he figured out how to unlock the handle and I found him outside this past summer playing in my neighbor's yard in the rain. Latch up high works. An extra precaution to keep unwanted guests away at night and keeps the kid in during the day. Now that he knows it's there, half the time I don't even use it anymore :)

Charlie - posted on 12/08/2010




Child locks on the cupboard full of cleaning products and all the electrical sockets are covered the rest is as it always was .

Oh and a lock on the fridge otherwise he constantly pulls food and drinks out .

Stifler's - posted on 12/08/2010




I have a playpen for times of great annoyance. Logan goes in there when I am sick of him getting into mischief.

[deleted account]

With our 1st we took as it came. We did have to put locks on the kitchen cabinets but that was about it. I only moved my books up on the book case because my daughter stared getting books of her own.
With our 2nd we have been able to take the locks off ion the kitchen, He just never gets into them. I think it's because his big sister keeps him occupied.
Personally i'd rather try and teach them not to do it and why but of course there is sometimes a need for these safety items in a house with young children.

Nikkole - posted on 12/08/2010




light socket covers didnt work the regular plastic ones my son gets things and pops them out so we had to get these fancy ones lol but we have those one baby gate,and some doors closed,and a lot on the cabinet with chemicals thats it! I feel as if you baby proof too much they dont learn to stay out of things they need to and then if you go somewhere not baby proofed they get into EVERYTHING

Jennifer - posted on 12/08/2010




Amie, i am right there with you on the natural consequences. my 12 month old son slammed his fingers in his dresser drawer twice and figured out not to mess with it anymore. he fell off the couch and taught himself the proper way to climb down (though, it would have been nice for him to learn to just not climb onto it at all haha).

Nikki, i definitely don't think you are a bad mother for not baby proofing. i think it helps kids to learn boundaries and not baby proofing will really come in handy when you are visiting the homes of childless friends or family because they will already understand that they can't mess with certain things.

[deleted account]

I bought door knob covers.... they didn't work w/ my son.

I bought outlet covers after my son stuck a key in one.

I would've locked the poison cupboard, but couldn't find the right kind to work.

Basically.... I don't babyproof.

Amie - posted on 12/08/2010




We rearranged our furniture so all outlets are covered by them. Outlet plugs never worked, they always figured out how to get them off.

We used baby gates on top of the stairs or in the kitchen when I am cooking.

We kept bedroom doors closed but once they were old enough to figure out how to open a door, they were old enough to start learning that mommy and daddies room is not a place to drag all your freaking toys! They have their own rooms for that. haha.

That's about the extent of the baby proofing though. I let my kids roam the house, always have. They've slammed their own fingers in drawers and doors. The most any of them did it was twice, that was our 3 year old. She's also a hard headed child, so the extra lessons were needed for her.

I believe in natural consequences... do something stupid, it's going to hurt. I'm not so into that though that I'd let them do something dangerous. Hence the bit of baby proofing we did do. It is a good rule to live by most times though.

[deleted account]

Outlet covers by her bed in her room...aaannnddd that's it.

All chemicals are out of reach, and items in our lower cabinets are Tupperware and toddler dishes. Oh, and we have a bathmat.

[deleted account]

We havn't put our Christmas tree up this year - just have our little fibre optic one out as I know Logan would either pull it over or constantly pull the baubles off, or the cat would climb up it.

Kylie - posted on 12/08/2010




The only thing I baby proofed was the electrical outlets and we put the paints and chemicals in the shed up high/out of reach.
I have a cousin who baby proofed the whole house and she has all those things listed. They even put the Christmas tree behind a baby gate and had this spongy stuff poured in their backyard where the play equipment is. It seems extreme and kind of annoying to me to have to click the safety latch every time you want to get a cup out a the cupboard or go to the loo.

Nikki - posted on 12/08/2010




I am such a bad mother!! I have nothing! Although, we have electrical safety switches, so she can't electrocute herself if she shoves something in a power point, not that she has taken an interest in them yet, I will put some covers in when she does just to be double safe.

We don't have stairs, everything is pretty safe, she just roams around the house.

I do need to put some locks on my laundry cupboard and bathroom ones, but at this stage I am still pre programmed from working with kids, so she is never out of my sight long enough to get near the laundry or bathroom. But now that she has started walking the past few days I think I will get hubby to install some safety latches this weekend.

April - posted on 12/08/2010




we just bought a new house and had child proof outlets need for those plastic plugs anymore. We didn't have any baby gates before, but now we have 1 at the foot of the stairs...which we made permanent. We're in the process of installing 2 more gates. Chemicals are up high. That's about it.

Stifler's - posted on 12/08/2010




Yeah Logan freaks out and it's hilarious! Even though he cries I for some reason can't stop laughing because the sounds is sooo fucking loud that I feel like I can't even walk over there

[deleted account]

We have outlet covers and a safety gate at the kitchen door meaning we have no need for cupboard locks, fridge locks etc. in the kitchen. The bathroom door is always closed and whenever he is upstairs in his bedroom we put the safety gate at his bedroom door. We've taken books off the three bottom shelves of our bookcase mainly because we didn't want the books ruined by him constantly chewing on everything!

Bonnie - posted on 12/08/2010




Emma, my boys have done that with the stereo and have freaked themselves right out hahaha

Stifler's - posted on 12/08/2010




We have moved a lot of things like my potplant stand which got smashed the other day so I moved it to our bedroom and keep a lot of doors closed. I have power point covers and locks on cupboard doors but that's about it. Not on drawers though. And anything dangerous is up high or locked in the locked cupboards. I love it when Logan turns the volume all the way up on the stereo then presses on and the radio blasts through the house.

Amanda - posted on 12/08/2010




I use the outlet covers. i use cabinet locks as well on my lower ones, in case I ever put anything I don't want them getting into is put down there. I use cabinet locks in the bathroom. And the lid is always down, and they know not to go in there. I close our bedroom door as well. I don't think that you need to go ALL out, but move the dangerous stuff elsewhere or out of sight completley. I wanted the kids to know what's okay and to touch and what's not. They've actually caught on quick! They know don't touch mommys pictures. Don't touch the tv. Don't go in the bathroom without mommy or daddy. So I didn't have too many problems with that!

Bonnie - posted on 12/08/2010




We had and have done some things to our home to protect the kids more, but there are a number of things my kids have learned to open, take off, and undo so we stopped. It was turning out to be a waste of money because they learned the tricks. My kids just need to be told no a lot and eventually it sticks.

September - posted on 12/08/2010




We did gates and outlet covers and moved any harmful chemicals onto a high shelf in the closet. We also had some knifes in a drawl in our kitchen that we moved as well since our son loved playing in the cupboards when he was smaller, at 2 he still does somewhat but not near as much. We have a lot of house plants as well so some of those were moved as well when he was a baby. Now that he's a toddler he pretty much knows what's ok to touch and what's not. I think that's about it for us.

Caitlin - posted on 12/08/2010




We have a stair gate, the socket plugs for our 9 month old and a barrier to the kitchen installed (all our chemicals and cleaning stuff is in there, and with her allergies, I don't want my 2 year old having access to the cupboards). Other than that? All tall bookshelves are tethered to the wall, and if my TV was a flat screen, i'd get that thing that prevents it from falling forward. Other than that, nothing I can think of..

I stay close, but sometimes i'm in another room.. Sudden cries get attended to and strange silences get checked on..

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