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Desiree - posted on 06/24/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Can someone please tell me what is the Baby Shower Etiquette no a days. When I had my eldest 2 children 15 and 13 years ago the rule was at the time you only had a baby shower for the first child and it was usually planned by a female friend or family member. Because of the age gap my husband and I have said ok to a baby shower. That is until this evening that is. My mother feels its her perogative as well as that of my sister and Sister-In-Law (completely by passing my daughter who is 15) but my husband had decided to get things in motion months ago and asked a friend for help. We had discussed what we would like and decided we didn't want something that was conventional women only. We wanted more of a get together with family and friends alike. Tonight my daughter was told it was none of her fathers afair as baby showers are a womens job and that he shouldn't interfer or take my mother rights away. To top things off my beloved mother only asked my daughter if she wanted to help, but that is after I complained that they completely by passed her in the first place. Now to be honest I have 8 weeks to go, it has not been an easy pregnancy and I don't want one at all. I can get what I need with out thier help. So exactly how does it work today 15 years on or am I just being an over emtional pregnant woman who has lost control.


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My SIL threw my first baby shower (14 yrs ago). She tried to do the "traditional" shower (which is more her style), but didn't work for me because I had more guy friends than girlfriends from college. It also happened to fall on Superbowl Sunday, and when they tried to turn theTV off to play some stupid baby shower games, I said "It's MY shower and I want to watch the game!" They should've known I've NEVER been the conventional girly-girl. Even 14 yrs ago, I already threw the rule book out and said "etiquette-shmetiquette" -- it's YOUR day! Perhaps if your MIL & SIL can't compromise with your husband & friend, they can throw you 2 separate showers!

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Personally? I think every baby deserves a shower, whether it's first, third or 5th! Or any!

And, in this day and age, family showers are more common than your mother seems to think.

If your mother wants to throw you a "traditional" shower, let her! But if you and your family want to celebrate in a different way (daddy is involved, etc) then by all means, do so!


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