Baby swapping storyline.

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So there's a soap on tv here in the UK (Eastenders) which has recently had a storyline about a woman's newborn baby dying of SIDS. The woman then ends up swapping her deceased baby for that of another woman's baby who was born on the same day. (That's the nutshell version!)

The BBC has now received over 6000 complaints about this storyline. The actress who plays the woman who swapped the babies has even been verbally attacked.

Here's an article with more detail on the whole thing:

So what are your thoughts? Is this a highly insensitive, sensationalist storyline that should be stopped and actions taken? Or is it just another crazy soap storyline, no different from all the other crazy storyline's that occur on these programmes?


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I don't see what the fuss is about, soaps are there as a fictonal break from life, they aren't supposed to be taken seriously - geez if soaps were based on real life it would be a pretty depressing watch.

I can understand why people in Becky's situation would find it upsetting because you have been there and know the reality of it, and it has not been handled in a empathetic way to people in that situation. But general people have no reason to be offended by it, it's just another crazy storyline.

Like Cathy said if you don't like don't watch, we can all choose not to switch it on, we cook tea during the soap time because we don't watch them (apart from Hollyoaks I ♥ Hollyoaks - I know I know but I'm addicted) :-)

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That's pretty much how I feel about it Cathy.
Eastenders isn't really supposed to be a true reflection of real life, it's an overly dramatic take on it.

Loads of soaps have done stupidly over dramatic storylines, it's all part of it.

I feel sorry that it's genuinely upset people, but I don't think that people should look to Eastenders for sensitivity and showing what would really happen in certain situations.

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It's another crazy soap opera story line. The way I see it, if they can address things like HIV, gay teens and abortion, then SIDS (while it's a sad topic) should be ok to address as well. If anything, when soaps have storylines about serious issues, all it does is bring it to the public's attention. Awareness is a good thing. And yeah, switching babies is something that probably doesn't happen very much (if ever, the way hospitals are so strictly secured with newborns these days), but's soap opera land. You should catch General Hospital lol They come up with some off the wall stuff too lol

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It's similar to the Nicole/Sammie babyswitch storyline on Days.
IMO, soaps are stupid (although yes, I do watch Days) and anyone who gets all up in arms about them has too much time on their hands. They're meant to be sensationalist and unrealistic. I mean, how many stories of people being possessed or coming back from the dead have we seen on soaps?!

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Hey the bible has a similar story and I don't hear people demanding for that to be removed. It's a messed up storyline and I wouldn't watch it but I'm all for freedom of speech and such and don't see why the show should get shut down. There are plenty of other shows that deal with sensitive subjects I don't see why this one should be the scapegoat. It's rediculous people are verbally attacking the actress how childish, its her job to act whatever role shes given that doesn't mean she condones what her character does like jeez. Craziness don't like it, don't watch it, simple as that.

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If I had a sensitive stomach, I wouldn't go feast on cheesecake and avacado pie, if someone is sensitve, they shouldn't feast on junk tv.

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These people need to get a life. Its a TV show for crying out loud. Bet their ratings go sky high tho.

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Bonnie I was just thinking it sounded a lot like Days. Geez it's just a tv show if you don't like it don't watch. Especially soaps where people come back from the dead like 10 times.

Bonnie - posted on 01/07/2011




I think it is just another crazy storyline. It doesn't need to be stopped persay. I have seen similiar storylines on other shows. For example, on Days of our Lives (this is the only soap I watch), there was a similiar storyline to this one where someone named Nicole had a miscarriage, but she didn't want to lose her husband so she kept someone else's baby who didn't want it. Then Sammy gave birth to her baby with the same father on that same day, so the babies were switched by Nicole. The baby Sammy ended up with got sick and died. Anyways it eventually came out that Nicole had switched the babies. *A little story for those of you who don't watch this one*

Tracey - posted on 01/07/2011




Action taken against who, the actress who has now quit due to the abuse, the scriptwriters, the producers, the BBC?
I haven't seen the programme I've only read the headlines but doesn't Eastenders (and the majority of soaps) always have sensationalist plots?

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