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My 10yr old son is having a birthday party where you pay per child. We are having 10 kids that are friends with my son (1 from church, 1 from school, 1 cousin, and 6 neighbor kids he's been friends with for 2+ years). I have a couple issues I need some help with.

1. I'm willing to pay for only 10 children ( $20 each). As 3 guests each have a sibling younger then them who was not invited, should I specify on the invitation that siblings are welcome to attend as long as the parent pays for the sibling? The 3 siblings of invited guests are 6, 7, and 8 years younger then my son so obviously he is not friends with them and he doesn't want them to come.

2. How could I address the invitations if I'm willing to provide transportation to the kids to avoid the first issue? The neighbor kids live 2 doors down on either side/across the street so not an issue for them to get to my house. The cousin, school friend, and the church friend can be dropped off prior to leaving and will probably spend the night after the party. (We will be using a couple vehicles)

**My son was given a limit on the number of kids he could invite. While I can afford to pay for more, I refuse to do so because the # of kids HAS to match his age to keep it under control.**

Looking forward to the input. Thanks!


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Chet - posted on 09/29/2014




If things are complicated, and you need to be very certain that the parent understands the situation, what some people do is specifically leave information off of the invitation.

So you give a date and phone number, and note that they need to call for the other details. When the parent calls, you explain everything, confirm that siblings aren't coming, that you're providing transportation if they need it, etc. You talk to the parent and work everything out.

And if you don't get a call from the parent you can be sure their kid isn't coming because they don't have the time or the location.

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