Blackberry, iPhone or Android

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I am getting a cell phone and would like peoples opinions on what phone they like best and why. :P


Jocelyn - posted on 11/24/2011




I have a Samsung Nexus (the google phone! lol) Love it! Tons of apps, easy to navigate, huge memory, it's light weight but doesn't feel fragile. The camera's pretty darn good (and you can get some really good photo editing apps for it) You can use the phone as a storage device lol. I can listen to music and do my banking at the same time :P
My kids have absolutely no problem using it either (they are 5 and 2 LOL)


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I don't know anything about any of those. I only use my phone for calls and texting (and don't have a 'keyboard' phone). ;)

Tinker1987 - posted on 11/24/2011




I absoloutly love my Blackberry Bold 9780,i had a Android that was touch screen/slide out keyboard and hated it,it was big bulky,heavy and the battery life was terrible. Iphones i dont like either because its all touch screen.

Ashley - posted on 11/23/2011




I am a blackberry Curve user, and my husband is android. I love my BB because my sister and best friends all over the country have one and I can talk to them free! but I also love my husbands Android for the apps and ease of use. I have been told iPhones are battery eaters but so is the droid and bb so I wouldn't go based on that.

Krista - posted on 11/23/2011




I prefer the Android. My husband has a Samsung Galaxy, and it's great. The photo and video quality are very good, it has more and more apps all the time, and it's very fast.

One thing that I like about it as well is that you can remove and change the battery. That may not sound like a big deal, but if you're heading someplace where you might not be able to charge your phone easily, it's very nice to be able to just pop a spare battery in there. Plus, you can expand the storage, which you can't do on an iPhone.

Here's an article that goes over the features of each:

Stifler's - posted on 11/23/2011




i Phone. Everyone else has one.. I want one! The HTC s aren't bad either.

Charlie - posted on 11/23/2011




I have the i phone 4s and I love it.
Pros :
Camera is impeccable better quality pictures than my 14 MP camera and the Nikon SLR. the detail and colour alone are stand outs with the camera, I have an app that is on par with photo shop which really isnt needed considering the quality of the photos but its fun to add a filter or lighten shadows for dark pictures I can also use slow shutter for time lapsed photos.

I can do all my banking from my phone like if I am out and need to transfer money or pay a bill I can do it all there.

It has excellent internet speed and access and basically runs as a mini laptop.

Internet is smooth and effortless.

Great time waster ( hello angry birds)

Can be used as an ipod and music can be purchased straight from your phone.

My son has educational apps that work with colour , nukbers, letters and shapes and he finds it really fun.

Functionality is excellent and easy to navigate.

I can save everything straight to my home computer like photos or notes if you are out or away this is great in case something happens and it gets lost on your phone.

The possiblities are endless there is an app for absolutely everything.

Cons: seems to need to be charged more often but that makes sense considering how often I use it for its camera alone.

Overall an excellent time saving investment.

Ive had a blackberry sucked.

Ez - posted on 11/23/2011




I have an iPhone and I love it. But I've never had one of the others so I can't really say.

Caitlin - posted on 11/23/2011




none of the above? I use my phone for calling people. E-mail can wait till I get home- if it's important, they will call (and i'm not one to check my facebook every 5 minutes)

~♥Little Miss - posted on 11/23/2011




I have the HTC Evo (android) and I LOVE IT! I have talked to people who have had an iphone, and like the droids better because of the apps. I have heard blackberries are not nearly as user friendly as the iphone or droids.

[deleted account]

Mine is 10 years outdated and just decided to stop working. I figured since i can get it for free, why not get a smart phone :P

Minnie - posted on 11/23/2011




I use none of those. I use the most basic basic of whatever is available.

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