blaming the kidnapping victim

Rosie - posted on 08/15/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




i know this is old news, but i just found out about it yesterday. apparantly bill oreilly thinks that kidnapping victim shawn hornbeck liked being kidnapped. he didn't have any personal responsibiility, didn't have to go to school, and his life was alot easier with his kidanpper michael devlin, than with his parents. that's why he didn't escape when he could've.

i was completely appalled at his statements!! i'm sure any 11 year old preferrs being raped and strangled. what an asshole. and after this show he made statements that he doesn't apologize for what he said. does anybody agree with him? does he make any good points?

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ok, sometimes i agree with bill oreilly, not on this.. that fucker michael devlin is responsible, thats it.. this innocent kid was taken from his family.. this kid did what he needed to to stay alive God love him.. with the whole internet thing on the site, the kidnapper prob put that there himself.. who cares.. innocent child people.. just reminds us as parents that we need to drill into our kids heads about what to do when encountered by strangers, or sickies as i like to say.. thank God this boy got back to his family, and lets hope devlan gets his cummuppins in prison

Tah - posted on 08/15/2010




he probably didnt leave because he was tied up or duct taped one or the other....i dont care how i feel about my mother....i would not want to be sodomized and beat emotionally and physically abused....a child of 11 is easily manipulated...intimidated..God forbid your child is kidnapped and told if youleave ill kill your parents...i always tell my matter what they tell me or you try to get say that this child stayed because he had family issues and didnt want to go to school is ignorant...i would take math class over rape any day..smh...

Rosie - posted on 08/15/2010




this kid was taken when he was 11, kept tied to a futon for the first couple of months ductaped. after a while of raping him everyday and threatening his life, he slowly released control over shawn. one night he took shawn, told him he was going back home. so they started going and stopped on some secluded road out in the boonies and michael devlin started strangling him. shawn begged for his life, told him he would do anything, and basicaly said he'd stay if he would let him live. he thouroughly believed that he would be killed if he left. and it stayed like that for 4 years.
the computer taunting was that shawns parents set up a website for help in locating shawn. once shawn went to it, and posted "how long do you plan on looking for your son?"
while i don't understand why he wouldn't try to get help, i'm not an 11 year old kid who'd been raped and strangled on a daily basis. mindfucking someone that young as well. i truly don't know what i would do now, let alone what i'd do when i was 11.
he did have a good life at home. bill is just using shawns piercings as "proof" that he's a rebellious person. cause apparantly people with piercings are hoodlums.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 08/15/2010




Im not familiar with this story, so im just going by what I see here,
I don’t agree 100% of what he says, but he does have some points…
As a mother, my first thought is the poor kid, was taken and had horrible things done to him, but then the other part of me wants to know, why did he not leave? How was the relationship with his parents?

*I am a analyzer by nature*

But what’s beck talking about when he says the kid was taunting his parents on line??

But time will tell all that that happed.

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