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Ok so i know this is a debate forum, but like i have said previously this group normally has good sound advice and prompt attention. So this is not a debate just a medical question, but hopefully not a serious one. Last weekend my son tried to lift up a paint can and it fell on his big toe. Afterwards blood collected underneath the nail bed. I took him to the doctor and she didnt seem overly concerned about it. Told me to just give him tylenol for pain and to watch it. However she didnt mention what to do if the blood collection continued to occur. The blood now covers under his entire nail. Now it is starting to lift up and im afraid he is going to lose his nail. Im more concerned about infection and taking care of a nailless toe. My doctor has a private practice and is not in town until Monday, so i cant call for advice. I am wondering if there is any home treatment or care you reccomend or if i should take a trip to urgent care to get it taken care of! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I do have to add that it doesnt look infected and the area around it isnt swollen or red. He is also on antibiotics right now for an ear infection.


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Yup...probably gonna lose the nail. I have lost a toenail, and it is really uncomfortable at first...but when the exposed skin toughens up, it won't bother him...or shouldn't. I do not see the harm in calling urgent care. they may give him a local and take the whole nail off...then the toe can start healing. Sounds like the dead toenail is restricting the healing.

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He is going to lose his nail, and nothing to worry about like your doctor said. There is no fear of infection with a nailess toe, its just "raw" skin on a nail, it isnt a open wound. It WILL grow back.

This ISNT a urgent care issue, people lose nails all the time. Actually I watched a Dr Oz show where two woman have no nails on their fingers due to getting fake nailes from a salon that used cheal illegal glue.

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If it is actually lifting the nail, or there is severe discoloration I would suggest going to urgent care. However, since I can't actually see it you will need to make the call yourself. You could always wait until tomorrow. However, if the nail looks as if it is going to come off or could be torn off I would suggest going to urgent care today just in case.

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He's probably just going to lose his nail. They grow back. My dad has lost his thumb nail like 6 times from getting it squished. I'd wrap something around like a bandage or tape so it doesn't get torn off and get infected.


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My daughter dropped a brick on one of her fingers. It swelled heaps and i got concerned. I took her to the hospital ( Dr was closed) and all he did was release the pressure by putting a pin in it. She lost her nail. No problems no infections just be careful of any swelling because its the pressure that hurts.

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