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How should parents respond to their children being embarressed?

Is embaressment something children need to experience and learn to deal with, or something they should be taught to avoid?


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Yea i mean i wouldnt say they NEED to experience it but isnt it inevitable? its bound to happen right? everyone gets embarrased for different things nothing wrong with it. I think if you can teach your kids to just laugh at themselves every once in awhile everything will be ok. and just teach them that it will pass everything is fine then your kids will learn how to deal with embarrassment in a positive way

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My daughter (5) has been embarrassed a few times and I think it's absolutely natural. You can't really avoid it, it's like avoiding emotions.


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Valerie - posted on 02/08/2011




I just say empathetically "oh you're embarrassed, aren't you" or "are you embarrassed, sweetie? that's OK." I wouldn't want to remove or suppress feelings of embarrassment (not to be confused with humiliation). A kid that feels embarrassment has the capacity for empathy, and the ability to learn modesty.

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My daughter had an accident and was really embarassed about it, not by telling me but when I told her dad she ran upstairs crying cause she was so embarassed. Even though I told her it was ok and accidents happen I think its a natural feeling of embarrasment for children. Nothing we can do about it. Were adults and im sure we all get embarrassed about something at times, normal

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I think that putting yourself out there is hard and it is inevitable that you will be embarressed. Despite this, the consequences of hiding, and not taking social risks, are worse than the consequences of being embarressed.

I agree with all of the comments so far, that embarressment is not something worth making a big deal of, or getting worked up over. Laughter is the best medicine and learning to laugh at yourself is one of the best tools for resilience

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I agree, as much as we don't want our children having to be embarrassed..they should learn how to cope with it in healthy ways.

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I think they do need to learn it. I always poke fun at myself when I do something embarrassing...which happens almost daily-I can be pretty awkward. While I would want to justify his feelings, I also want him to know that it is part of life, and you have to be able to laugh at yourself.

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I would have to say, they need to learn it, feel it, and learn how to properly deal with it -- I used to run away when I got embarrassed, now, i am learning how to take responsibility for the embarrassment - if i fart, i say im sorry, excuse me - if Im wrong, it takes courage and humbling one self - but admitting i was wrong - owning up - -- and this is what i want to instill into my children. And to def. learn to take life lightly -- let things go, and laugh about it -- this is my goal!!

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They need to be able to deal with it and experiencing it is something you won't be able to stop. Acknowledge it if you need to and if you are the one causing it then stop and move on to something else. :) IMO

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Hey we are parents we are supposed to embarrass our kids just like our parents embarrassed us. I am just wondering when it will be my turn to do the embarrassing them, at 10 and 12 they still embarrass me. But its something they will have to experience it for themselves and how to deal with the issue surrounding it. Being embarrassed is a right of passage and we all go through it.

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I try to help them blow it off. They often mimic my reaction. If ignore it, they get confused. You know, pretend to not see it?

They don't want to be embarrassed.

I can't remember what it was - but it happened to my daughter recently. I said "OOPS! Dangit. Say you're sorry and lets move on." something to that effect.

my oldest has always shrugged it off. Being wrong doesn't bother him. Falling down doesn't bother him. He gets back up and keeps going. One of the great things about uber stubborn kids I suppose!

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