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Saw the hostile takeover of the people being rude thread.
I need some answers ladies.
Who has had breast reduction surgery?
For those that have please answer these questions as honestly as you can, my future boobies depend on it.

How long was recovery?
Did you lose all sexual sensation in your nipples??!!
Do you have residual pain?
Does the scar tissue cause any discomfort?
Can you really go bra-less afterwards?
Is the scar tissue visible/ugly??

I have always had large breasts, I have breastfed for over 10 years combined already and still nursing Riley. But when I'm done I want my boobs smaller!!
Not only are they a DDD now, they are sloppy, saggy, pendulous and get in the way all the time!! As well I hate shopping for clothes as my boobs are always getting in the way of purchasing nice tops or dresses etc.
Anyhow thought I'd ask some questions first hand before I speak to my doctor later this year.


Krista - posted on 09/01/2010




Oh, the worst is when you go to roll onto your side and you roll ON to your own tit! I used to do that all the time!

Charlie - posted on 09/01/2010




Im a G-H cup i want one as soon as ive stopped BF .

I always wear bras to bed its so uncomfy sleeping without one as my boobs slide off my chest and into my armpit haha .

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Or chasing the toddler across the room and they are slapping you in the stomach....
How sexy is THAT?

Johnny - posted on 09/02/2010




Or getting pinched under me when I roll over, ugh, I remember that unpleasant sensation.

Johnny - posted on 09/02/2010




I had a breast reduction 9 years ago. I was very happy with the results, I lost 4 lbs in each breast and went from an E to a C cup. Before the surgery, I was 126 lbs and 118 after, so it was a drastic change to my whole centre of gravity. Before the surgery I had suffered from severe headaches for years, with no idea what was causing them. They majorly interfered with my life and often kept me in bed, I could barely see straight. After the surgery (which here was paid for by our medical because it was considered to not simply be cosmetic) I was a new woman. The headaches were gone, I could exercise properly, even jog. It was awesome. I did have some scar tissue under the breasts on the armpit side that was sort of numb, but my breasts themselves had full sensation. The scars are very hard to see if you don't look for them. My only, and very big regret, was that I didn't look into the breastfeeding issues first, because, while I did nurse my daughter for 2 years, the beginning was very hard and I had to supplement for the first 5 months. There were alot of herbs, medications, and pumping done to recanalize my ducts. Although honestly, if I hadn't had the surgery I probably never would have even been able to have the life I did that lead to me being able to meet a husband and have a child, so it was sort of a necessary evil. If breastfeeding wasn't a consideration, I'd still be incredibly happy with my smaller breasts. Now, it's a bit less of a thrill, probably because I lost so much sleep over them, but I'm still happy that they're not hanging down to the floor.

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I can't weigh in on this topic from experience (lol...ya, that pun was intended because I'm a true English nerd!), but I thought I'd chime in anyway. A good friend of mine had breast reduction surgery about 8 years ago and she is so much happier as a result. She suffered from back, neck and shoulder pain a lot because of the weight she carried around. I've been a C cup since I grew boobs at 18 and it increased only slightly after I had my son, but has gone back to my old faithful C cup. I think that as long as you do the research, talk to your doctor and do the surgery for your own reasons, then go for it Tara. I think there has been a lot of awesome advice and support on this thread. Here's hoping you can have some relief soon enough.

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My surgeon was awesome. Her specialty is actually hand reconstruction -- so you can imagine what her attention to detail was like! It might not be a bad idea to go check out to read the reviews of various surgeons in your area, to see what other people have said.

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Haha my Tata are on the chopping block. I am an F or G, but now that I am breast feeding I am an H. It has been "super fun" trying to find a nursing bra. I want to have a few more kids and then I want them gone.

Krista - posted on 09/02/2010




They'd most likely be thin, LaCi, as long as you're careful in your recovery and don't pull any stitches. My scars in the front are very thin and hard to see. The ones on the sides are considerably thicker and raised, due to having inadvertently pulled some stitches. So if you have a good surgeon and take your after-care seriously, they won't be virtually invisible, but they shouldn't be leaping out at you, either.

LaCi - posted on 09/02/2010




So I normally wear a DD, sometimes a DDD. I did the bra calculator thing last week and it told me I was a G lol. I don't think I've ever even seen a G so I'll stick to my multiple Ds. But I'm absolutely interested in getting a reduction. Unfortunately, I'm unwilling to go down to a C which is what most insurance plans will cover, So I'll have to cover that bill myself.

I had one question for anyone else pertaining to the scars though! Do you think the way you scarred was consistent with how you usually scar? Like, most of my scars are virtually invisible, so should I expect my boobie scars to be similar?

Kylie - posted on 09/01/2010




My cousins who are sisters both had breast reduction surgery. The older one had her boobs grow back so she had a reduction twice. They are very happy and both seem more confident and stylish now. I never asked about scarring or recovery time.

Charlie - posted on 09/01/2010




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Jacquie - posted on 09/01/2010




I am on that big booby boat- I want to jump off but I'm worried I won't be able to nurse if I have another baby. In the meantime they make good flotation devices..

Tara - posted on 09/01/2010




LMAO @ Laureen and Krista E.
I totally get you gals there, happens all the time, but still I can't wear anything to bed, ever. lol
I'm waiting until Riley I've weaned Riley sometime in his second year.

Jocelyn - posted on 09/01/2010




I've have three friends (and numerous relatives) who have gotten breast reductions (and I'm getting one as soon as I am done bf'ing...I'm an H/I :( it sucks). Only one friend had issues, and that was loss of sensation in her nipples. And while it wasn't permanent, it took around 8 months for them to return to normal. I've seen all their scars, and they're hardly noticeable :)

Tara - posted on 09/01/2010




I have always worn great bras that cost a small fortune, even having them fitted and altered to accommodate my small chest circumference while still supporting the canons.
I don't wear a bra to bed, never have and never will. They are uncomfortable enough as it is.
When I run or go horseback riding I have to hold them with one arm across my chest so they don't detach or knock me out!!
My doctor has told me before that I qualify for a breast reduction for medical reasons as I have always suffered from neck and shoulder problems because of it.
I broke my clavicle years ago and it bothers me to this day because of the weight pulling on it.
Each boob probably weighs a good 4 pounds.
I have made the decision now it's just getting some feedback and talking to my doctor about when we could do this. Surely after I have weaned my son though, so still at least a year away.
My biggest worry was the loss of nipple sensation as they are fun to play with when I'm not nursing!
Thanks ladies for the input, to me it is certainly worth the recovery process and scar tissue. I have always had a problem with my HUGE chest.
I'm top heavy lol
I have a 28 inch waist, 36 inch hips but measured across my widest part of the boobage I am a whopping 46 inches at least. So I really am not shaped for having such large melons swinging from my tiny frame. I'm 5 feet and weigh about 115 when I"m my normal weight. (right now about 130).
So you can imagine how I would look. Picture a pencil with a tennis ball on top!
thanks again for the info.

Barbara - posted on 09/01/2010




I had a breast enhancement surgery, not a reduction, but I'll throw in my two cents. I've heard that the reduction is more invasive and has a longer recovery than the enhancement. I did lose a lot of sensation to my nipples and even big sections of skin on my breasts. And it impaired my breasts ability to properly drain the milk ducts, causing me some breastfeeding problems. No detrimental problems, but if I'd known that even one of those things would've happened I would not have gone ahead with it.

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But don't you have BACK problems Louise? Good Lord!!! An F. MY back hurts with I think a DD, maybe DDD, I don't flippin know anymore. They're too big for me. They're bigger than my head is all I know.

Good bra's are expensive, especially when you have to shove E, F, G's into them AND support those suckers so they don't swing around. I have to work out holding my boobs so I don't knock myself out. No joke.

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Thanks for your post. I had boobs at the age of 9 befoer my big sister had hers. I am an F or G cup.I have two gown up kids and my boobs are heading south. I have never worn a boob tube bra or gone with a strapless top without a bra showing. I have gained from your posting because I am considering breast reduction.

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Why don't you invest in some good quality support and then your boobes would not clang together like a bag of spanners. I have 34 F boobes and they are all mine no plastic just me. I have to pay a small fortune to keep them scaffolded up but they are part of me. I would not be me without my boobes. Think long and hard about going under the knife it is not a quick fix. My friends mum is having a breast reduction for medical reasons and it is coasting her £5,500 which is a fortune for a woman on a pension.

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My sister had a breast reduction at the same time she got a tummy tuck. She went from a DDD to a C cup. Her recovery went pretty well, though for a while we lovingly referred to her as "Frankenboobs". But, she's had no problems with sensation or anything, and her scarring is minimal now (she used some kind of cream to help with the scarring...Mederma?). She had a lot of neck and shoulder problems and now is fine, she'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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Bah-ha-ha! I love hostile takeovers.

Okay, so as mentioned, I've had breast reduction surgery. It was 18 years ago, so you'll forgive me if some of the details are a tad fuzzy. Also, please keep in mind that surgical procedures have improved since then.

So. Just for background, I went from a G cup to a C cup -- had 4lbs taken off of each breast.
I was in the hospital for 3 days afterwards, and recovery was actually pretty smooth. I just had to be careful not to raise my arms over my head for awhile (you'll need to go get your hair washed at a salon -- don't try doing it yourself), and above all, no matter how much they itch, do NOT pick at your stitches!

I temporarily lost sensation in my nipples, but it came back quite nicely. The undersides of my breasts don't have much feeling in them, but that's not a big deal to me.
I had pain for awhile as things healed up, but it was never anything unmanageable.
You can probably go braless for the first little bit afterwards -- while they're healing, they'll be abnormally perky. They'll feel like hard rubber. That's temporary. They will soften and feel more like normal boobs. And you'll still want to wear a bra, to prevent future sagging. Plus, there's the jiggle factor, right? But at least you'll be able to buy cuter bras!

My scar tissue can only be seen if I'm nekkid or wearing something really low-cut. It's not PRETTY, but honestly, I don't even notice it anymore and neither does my husband. You just get so used to it.

Anyway, do NOT be shy about asking me any questions that you can think of. I'm very very happy with my surgery. My boobs are bigger now, but that's just due to weight gain -- the nice thing is that at least i'm in proportion now, no matter what my body size. The only regret that I DO have is that it made me unable to really breastfeed. I managed to give him colostrum and about an ounce of milk a day, but that was about it. But once you're done breastfeeding, that won't be an issue, so it'll be win-win!

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Okay, I have not had breast reduction surgery, but I have a friend who did and she had nothing negative to say about the experience (other than the initial shock at seeing the stitches). Once they healed up, the scars were hardly visible, she had no decrease in sensitivity and she could buy clothes that actually fit her body, not just the huge ta-tas. She didn't want to go bra-less because they were still on the big side and didn't want to risk any sag since they were so wonderfully perky. Plus, she had instantly lost 6 pounds.

Going to go read the being rude thread now.

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