breastfeeding and IQ.

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Very interesting article, a new study links breastfeeding with an increase in 7 IQ points (on average) despite socio economic and other previous variables.
But only if you have the right genetic make up to start with...
Genetics are so freaking cool.


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It sounds credible, but I'm sure they havn't taken every variable into account because these studies never do.

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It's nice information to know, but in the spirit of debate, there are other factors that contribute to a person's higher IQ. Breastmilk can add to it of course. But IMO, *sometimes* these studies are put out and reported, and may have a negative effect on a mother. Her state of mind may be frazzled and *may* interpret this by thinking "I'm going to have a stupid kid". While that is certainly not true, you never know what goes through a mother's mind. I've also said this in the past as a teacher who worked solely with gifted students: You never know which kids are breast fed versus formula fed, versus a combo of both. I've had some kids with high IQ's make downright poor choices. Breastmilk makes no difference. A close friend of mine nursed her kids for only 6 weeks each, both are identified gifted. She is also a teacher. The 14 year old is making dumb decisions and barely coasting by while the 13 year old is exceeding all grade level expectations.

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Thank you, what a great article. studies like this really give you a boost when your struggling through a tough patch [mastitis again]

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It doesn't surprise me that bf babies tend to have a higher iq.Its high in omega3, which is extremely important to healthy brain activity. That is pretty cool that only SOME get the benefit. Hopefully gabby is in the category that does :D

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