Bullies and the Consequences for their Actions!

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Should KNOWN bullies be charged for a crime when the person they are bullying hurts or kills their self because of their actions?
What should the charge be? What should happen once they are charged? Jail time? Community service?

I ask this question because the suicides that are occurring due to bullying is rising...schools don't seem to be responding and the kids being bullied seem to be too scared or embarrassed to say something and something needs to be done...How can we fix this problem? I have 2 little girls growing up and I will be DAMNED if someone bullies my kids!


Kellie - posted on 09/27/2011




Also see this Jersey;


So the consequences for harassing someone to such an extreme are improving. However having said that, and including my previous post, jail cannot be the be all and end all. There needs to be some sort of rehabilitation/therapy involved for the offender (and the victims and their families) so that they don't do this again.

Bullying to this extreme (well any) is about power, your power over another and your ability to make the other feel as small as possible so that you may feel as big as possible. Because in reality you have NO power, you don't feel big you feel very very small and the only way to feel big is to stomp on another.

Understanding behaviour is the key.

Teaching your children this is the key.

Helping your children find and keep their own personal power will keep them strong and minimally affected by the bullies of the world.

I don't believe bullies just 'are', bullies are created. So if we find a way to allow compassion into all of us, maybe then we can start to truly eradicate bullying.

Becky - posted on 09/27/2011




Yes, I think they should. People need to realize how horribly false that old saying, "Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me" is. Words can hurt. They can leave permanent scars. And I do believe they can even damage a person to the point where they take their own lives. I think bullies should be held responsible for the damage they do. Maybe holding them responsible and jail time would wake up others who think that their actions are all in harmless "fun" and won't do any lasting damage. Furthermore, if the bullies are under 18, I think their parents should be held responsible as well. I think that parents can have a tremendous impact on whether their kids are bullies or not.

JuLeah - posted on 09/28/2011




Yup ... they should be charged, but it won't end the problem because such things never happen in a vacuum.

Many people are accountable and should be held accountable

The teachers that knew but did nothing, the other children that knew, the parents ... other adults in the community

Untill we understand that the blame for such things rests with all of us, such things will keep happening

But that's not how we do. We pick one or two, make them the scapegoat - granted they are usually the ones holding the smoking gun - but still, we toss them behind bars, dust off our hands, and act shocked the next time it happens to some other kid

Rosie - posted on 09/28/2011




i don't know about being charged with murder, but maybe some type of law needs to be made about bullying, and punishment should be for that. it's ridiculous how much bullying happens and nothing is done. THREE kids in my old highschool killed themselves last year, one of them did it during school in the bathroom. something needs to be done to school officials as well who aren't doing anything about it. fines, checks and balances, SOMETHING!! i'm tired of hearing about all these kids taking their lives, i was almost one of them, and it sickens me that it still goes on.


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I agree with all of you ladies...I really do...and it seems as though another case of suicide due to bullying has occurred...I am going to see if I can find a link and I will post! the story is really sad and it breaks my heart!

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Like poor Jamey Rodemeyer. That poor child is from my community. I have wept so much for that family.

Stifler's - posted on 09/27/2011




They need to be charged and punished for bullying, regardless. Why wait until they've made the person feel so shit that they kill themselves.

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@Kellie...I ABSOLUTELY agree with you..VERY well said...this is my concern...in order to have an understanding as to why bullies become bullies...the search should start at home...and I am sure most bullies become who they are because of what is going on at home...what if these actions are encouraged? you can rear a child in the right direction coming from going in the wrong...but I am not too sure you can change the mind of an adult that is encouraging this nonsense and doesn't seem to think anything is wrong with how they are raising their kid(s)...I ask this question because in this day and age babies are having babies and they lack or lacked guidance and positive adult figures/role models and know no other way then the way they have been taught or the way that was never corrected...It seems as though all of this is a very vicious cycle and getting it under control is going to take a lot of input and action taken by US...THE PARENTS!! It is crazy that as parents we have to be concerned about our children being harassed and bullied and the outcome of it all...in addition to the everyday "normal" worries...It is a really sad time that we live in...really really sad when we have to add "self defense" and "how to maintain power" lessons to the parenting curriculum

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@Kellie...Thanks! That is horrible! and I agree with you..at the VERY least Involuntary Manslaughter w/ a hefty fine...And the laws should be changed...bullies need to be held responsible for their actions...

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