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Jenni - posted on 06/28/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Buzz Harper to the rescue!!! Gotta love a guy with ambition. First, he takes on Planned Parenthood and now he's going to go ahead and protect us all from.... ourselves?
That's right. You, me and all Canadians are now internet criminals and a new bill bordering on Secret Police tactics will protect us from our evil internet ways.
Warrents? Bah! Who needs 'em! Privacy and civil rights? Those are for those pansy Liberals.
The Tories innovative big brother technology will ensure the safety and security of our nation. Do away with the gun registry and bring on the civilian spying!

Read about it the Lawful Access Bill here:

and if you're interested in signing a petition against the LAB:


Tara - posted on 06/28/2011




Signed all available petitions already. And emailed Mr. Tony Clement (my local rep of the Harper Regime) and gave him a piece of well trained mind.
I am not a criminal and there is nothing about my internet activities that I wouldn't share with anyone and everyone (okay maybe not some of the porn sites we visit lol).
BUT that doesn't mean I don't value my freedoms as a Canadian. This is far to Fascist for my liking, and while I know this already takes place in the US and corporate entities have been using Spyware for advertising on the net for years now, more and more every day. I still don't like the fact that they want to make it LAW that they can access your real time online activities without a warrant.
This is a breech of our rights.
I will be following this closely.
My big fear is if they get vetoed and they can not pass this bill, they will just have CSIS do it anyways, just covertly instead of openly.
Police State anyone?


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Jenn - posted on 06/28/2011




I signed the petition! I had also signed the one that openmedia had a while back to stop them from gouging us on internet usage - and it worked! So let's get the word out on this!!

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