Can a "Hall Pass" save your marriage?

Sarah - posted on 03/21/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




A new movie features the story of two blokes who are given a week of freedom, no questions asked, by their wives. The women reckon giving their fellas space will rekindle the romance and give their marriages a much-needed boost. Would you give your other half a hall-pass?

I would NOT do this! What about you?


Rosie - posted on 03/21/2011




um, no. what the fuck would you do if he actually did cheat? men are pretty damn dumb when it comes to shit like this, i can totally see a few out there doing it thinking it was ok with their wives. kinda like me and the stripper, lol. for my hubbys bachelor party i took him to a strip club (his friends were ass's apparantly) and i was all good until he got a lap dance, that i said was fine. i gave him permission, and it drove me fucking batty as soon as it started. he was so oblivious to everything, all he knew was that his fiance said it was cool so hell yeah, lap dance here i come!!! i couldn't get mad cause i said go ahead AND took him there. never never again, will i be that!


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Sharon - posted on 03/21/2011




yeah but no sex. flirt, dance (hahaha) & roam freely because if you are at that point, its a make it or break it situation.

And turn about is fair play if I feel like it.

Louise - posted on 03/21/2011




I think if you think you need a hall pass then you are already in major trouble! Go to councilling or call it a day.

Jenni - posted on 03/21/2011




My husband did the strip club thing with his ex. She's a cool chick and we all still talk. She comes down an visits us once a year when she comes home to see family. Anyways, she's really open from what he told me about her. But she went to the strip club with him, encouraged him to get a lap dance and then got mad and walked out.

So I think even when we are cool with the idea. The reality can be something we find out we aren't actually cool with. ;)

Johnny - posted on 03/21/2011




I think its a bit ridiculous. My husband is like Heather's, he has sort of sworn off that sort of thing for his own reasons. The couple of times he went out with his buddies recently, it was pretty tame. Most of them are now husbands and fathers too. And even the two who are still single are tired of the partying and want to settle down. Last month, for his best bud's 40th, they went to a hockey game and then had the guy's girlfriend fly in from Virginia as a big surprise. A couple weeks ago they all got together and had a private chef come and cook them a big dinner at one of the guy's places. Not too crazy, lol. And that's their choice. I don't think any of them would even ask for a "hall pass".

I think this movie was probably written by a guy who has seen his buddies in relationships with real control freaks and thinks that all women are nasty and men NEED a break from us. I'm sure it will entertain all the 20-something single guys who go to see it though. Then hopefully they'll grow up before they get married.

Jenni - posted on 03/21/2011




Yeah I heard about this movie. Gee, wonder if it was written by a man.
If your marriage is really that bad where you'd have to consider allowing your husband to go out and have sex with a bunch of women just to find you sexually attractive again... I'd ask myself is it really worth working on?

I'd be hardpressed to find a woman who would be secure enough with herself and their relationship (especially if the 'romance is gone') to not let his free roaming affect her and their relationship.

Does she get a hall pass too? I mean if I were to do it the only way i'd be able to keep my own jealousy at bay would be if I got the same freedoms.

Just another chauvanistic male fantasy-based movie. Even my husband thought the movie looked stupid. He couldn't see the idea doing anything aside from destroying their relationships further.

How does the movie end? Like any other movie or sitcom with a similar story? The guy ends up realizing how much he loves his wife and at the last minute can't go through with it? *eye roll* it's been done before.
Larry David's hall pass was freakin knee slapping I have to admit. But his wife is a gold digger anyways. Probably thought it'd get her out of birthday sex.

Lady Heather - posted on 03/21/2011




I'm pretty confident that my husband wouldn't want to partake. He goes away for a weekend sometimes with his brother and drinks too much and then comes home swearing off it for life. This past time was nearly three years ago now so I think it's stuck. So I'm guessing trying to party and chat up the ladies like he's 19 again wouldn't be very appealing.

I really wonder how many men would want to do this at all. Is marriage really that bad for some people?

Sarah - posted on 03/21/2011




Good question! I haven't actually seen the film......only heard about it :)

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