Cash for Long term/Permanent Birth Control

Jodi - posted on 10/18/2010 ( 18 moms have responded )




Drug addict takes 'cash for vasectomy'

A drug addict has become the first man in Britain to take part in a controversial project which saw him get cash to be sterilised.

The 38-year-old, who wishes to be known to only as John, was given STG200 ($A322) in exchange for a vasectomy.

John - who has been addicted to opiates for 15 years and has been involved with drugs since he was 11 or 12 - said the cash incentive spurred him into going ahead with the procedure.

The addict, who is featured in BBC London's Inside Out program on Sunday, said: "It was kind of what spurred me into doing it in a way.

"It was something that I'd been thinking about for a long time and something that I'd already made my mind up that I wanted to do. Just hadn't got round to it."

John, who admitted he had stolen things in the past and dabbled in dealing drugs, said that he was going to spend the money on overdue rent and shopping.

The controversial American charity - Project Prevention - was set up by Barbara Harris, from North Carolina, who adopted four children born of a crack addict mother.

She watched the children struggle with the addiction passed on to them by their mother.

"I got very angry about the damage that these drugs do to these children," she said on the program.

"It was unbelievable. Isaiah could not sleep, he couldn't eat, his eyes were big, noise bothered him, light bothered him. It broke my heart.

"I was angry at the mum, And then my anger turned a little bit to where why did we allow her to do that?"

Ms Harris added: "I've been called everything. I've been spat on.

"Typically I just say to my critics: 'If you believe these women should continue to take drugs and have children, then step up in line and adopt their babies'. It's that simple."

The charity, which has already paid more than 3500 American men and women addicted to drugs or alcohol not to have children, is offering the service to addicts in the UK and has set up a helpline for those interested.

When John called the helpline he had 30 days to think about his decision. He underwent the procedure on the NHS in mid-September.

He added: "It came as a bit of a shock to me knowing I was the first in Britain.

"I would have thought people would be snapping up the offer as soon as it came apparent as it was there.

"I won't be able to support a kid. I can just about manage to support myself. Just about got it together to do that."

The project also pays addicts to get long-term birth control including intra-uterine contraceptive devices or a contraceptive implant.

Your thoughts?

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Dana what I mean is here in the UK every family gets child benefit which is basically money each week to pay for things for your child like food, clothes etc. A mother who has split from a drug abusing partner, wouldn't get anymore help financially from the government than someone who's partner was paying maintenance as far as I know. If she wasn't working she'd get housing and council tax benefit, income support and chil tax credit all of which the woman with a partner paying maintenance would get.

I personally think the problem is there is a great deal of help in the UK to get clean, the problem is a lot of drug addiccts don't really care and don't want to get clean.

Sarah - posted on 10/19/2010




While I understand that something should be done, I don't think this is the right way to do it.
I feel it's a slippery slope. Wouldn't the money be better spent trying to rehabilitate these people?
It says at the bottom that it would also provide long term birth control, that I could get on board with, as it's not permanent. What if a drug addict finally gets clean, and wants a family, but can't because of a drug fuelled decision to get sterilised? Long term birth control would be a far better idea IMO.

It's hard, because obviously we don't want children being born addicted to drugs, or living in terrible circumstances, but I still don't think sterilising people is very ethical.

Jodi - posted on 10/18/2010




"The biggest flaw I can see is- gee, I wonder what an addict is going to go do with a bunch of cash"

That's how I feel about it too - I'm reluctant to agree that it's ok to hand these people a bunch of cash. BUT I can also see that the bunch of cash will probably be gone in moments, but this person can't keep breeding (or breed at all if that is the case), and the positives of that probably outweigh the negative of the cash being spent on drugs....

I do think, however, that this should be an absolute LAST resort, after the charity has tried everything to try and rehabilitate the person.

Charlie - posted on 10/18/2010




Part of me says we shouldnt be giving these people money the other part says they shouldnt be having kids at all .

I really dont know how to feel .

Kate CP - posted on 10/18/2010




There are way too many people out there who are having babies who really shouldn't. And the only reason why they won't have permanent or semi-permanent birth control done is because there isn't enough incentive for them to do so.

Nikki - posted on 10/18/2010




Great idea, I have never heard of this before. I think both males and females should be given the option, also parents who have been convicted of serious child abuse. I am all for sterilising deadbeats and child abusers. I know I sound really harsh, but I can't imagine the pain and suffering millions of poor children have to go through at the hands of these low lifes. Possibly it might be advisable to offer reversible birth control options so that if they end up getting their life together they still have the option available.

Jessica - posted on 10/18/2010




Ok, I really really like this idea! I think it would be better for women, since they are the ones passing on their addiction to their babies. The biggest flaw I can see is- gee, I wonder what an addict is going to go do with a bunch of cash? But you know what- they're already ruining their lives; they're adults and make their own choices. At least they won't be ruining the life of an innocent baby who DIDN'T have a choice.

Janessa - posted on 10/18/2010




What an amazing program i would so donate money to that charity and canada should do the samething.

Dana - posted on 10/18/2010




I'm confused Jennifer, you're saying your government wouldn't be paying for their children because the mother would get child benefits?

Rosie - posted on 10/18/2010




i think its a good idea! the only thing that bothers me is the possibility of them using their money on drugs, but i'm willing to take that chance if it stops a baby being born to a parent that doesn't care for it.

[deleted account]

The reason they havn't use "free treatment" as an incentive is that here in the UK all healthcare is free. Here in the UK the benefits system works very differently to the US too, and as a result the government wouldn't be supporting his children. Every family gets child benefit for each child they have and as far as I know the mother wouldn't be able to claim anything extra because the father isn't paying any money. Despite the fact that you must be stupid to sleep with a drug addict fullstop or be a drug addict yourself. At the end of the day we shouldn't be paying our taxes to persaude irrespnsible druggies to get the snip.

Sharon - posted on 10/18/2010




I think its awesome. I don't care who pays for it. If the drug addict creats children, then the govt pays for it. Face it, the addict won't be supporting his/her kids, the govt will. Or a charity, I don't care. Nip it! Snip it, cut it.

Louise - posted on 10/18/2010




I don't think giving a drug addict money is a good idea at all. I can see the idea of stopping children being born already addicted to crack or whatever and that is a good thing but surely a crack addict will spend all the money they get on crack. I think they should be rewarded in either free treatment for withdrawl or a safe place to sleep for a limited time. Somebody who is addicted and does not have the money to feed there habbit will normally turn to crime what they are doing is taking out the middle man by supplying them cash for more drugs. I think they need to rethink this one as I can't see it working on the addiction side of things. But saying that I am all for reducing the amount of kids that are born shaking from withdrawl as nobody deserves that sort of start in life.

[deleted account]

To be quite honest I think it's a disgrace paying anyone to get something done medically, neverind a drug addict. Regerdless of the fact that here in Britain it is free for anyone to get a vasectomy, their tubes tied, and any type of contraception, I don't think they should be giving money as an incentive for such people to have it done. They are also introducing giving cash incentives for overweight and obese people who lose weight which I also thinks a pile tbh!

Dana - posted on 10/18/2010




Men can go out and impregnate several women at a time so , no, I don't think funds should favor helping women get clean instead of offering tubals and vasectomies. . That would have to be a whole other program.

I think it's a great idea, I would hope that they're not offering it to people who aren't long term drug users and people in early adult hood.

Either way, I think it's a great program. Though I would hope that they're not offering tubals or vasectomies to young people.

Jodi - posted on 10/18/2010




Why should a drug addicted MAN get cash for a vasectomy when it isn't HIS drug addiction creating drug addicted babies? Shouldn't we be looking at tubals for the women? So he can't support a child financially, but that's not nearly as bad as a woman who should never be carrying a baby. A drug addicted mother is VERY different to a drug addicted father. So SHOULD the money really be spent on vasectomies for drug addicted men, or should the project be looking at more funding for drug addicted mothers to help them get off the drugs in order to give birth to healthier babies.

Food for thought....

[deleted account]

I think it is a good program. I do not think the government should pay for it (I know the gov is not paying for it, but that always seems to come up in this debate), but it is a very good charity that I would give to.

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