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Truth be told, what, with Facebook and Ashley Madison and the Internet period, I'm kind of surprised that this hasn't been around longer. A new website,, has burst onto the scene and is a virtual dumping ground for dirty details about people who have done you wrong.

At first, when I heard about the site, I was intrigued, but not at all shocked. Big whoop, I thought. People can write posts about how their boyfriend or girlfriend slept with someone else, retribution will be had, the end. If the couple is still together, it will be a little penance for the offender. If they're not, justice will be served (and the cheater probably won't care since you're not together anyway).

Boy was I wrong! The stuff on here is bad. Like, wow-you-can-really-write-that-about-someone bad. Honestly? As creepily entertaining as this site is, I think this should be illegal.

First, when you go on the site, at the top is a "Vote for the Cheater of the Week" kind of thing, where you find two people's pictures (there are always pictures, BIG pictures), names, height, weight, other identifying information (like whether or not they have tattoos), and their story. The object, obviously, is to vote for the person with the most awful story.

This is the story for one of the candidates, Mary Anne Sawser, this week:

She's married for 13 years with an autistic daughter, 7 years of age. Her husband is an air force pilot. She goes out all the time constantly cheating on him. She hooked up with me, never said she was married. But I found out. Long story short, watch out!!!!

I know, right? I mean, clearly Mary Anne is a piece of crap, but all of her business is out there. And that's not even one of the bad ones. Look at this one:

I went out of town on business for a week and didn't think anything of it. When I came back, I went to do a load of laundry and found a USED CONDOM IN MY HAMPER.

Ugh! Gross! And that is a minor excerpt, my friends. What is happening here, people? It's too much. These cheaters definitely don't deserve to be in a relationship, but airing their dirty laundry like this (no pun intended)? Don't you feel a little icky doing it? It has everything about these people on there for all the world to see.

After spending too much time on the site for this post, I don't think I will be returning. It's so ... I feel like I need to shower after reading it. And I think it should be taken down. Yes, these people suck, but it also seems like they could get hurt from all their info being out there. Blech!

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It would suck if my husband ever cheated on me and I'd be pissed about it but I sure as hell wouldn't be posting it all over the web. I think that would just make me look like a loser as well.


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I wouldn't want the whole world to know if my husband had cheated on me.

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I agree with all the ladies here. I wouldn't do it, i'd kick my husband out of the house if he ever cheated on me and that would comfort me more than to post what he did on the internet LOL thats just sad.

[deleted account]

I've certainly vented about my ex and a taste of what I went through, but to post all his personal info and post simply to slam/bash/slander him.... Nah, the sweetest revenge is the fact that I'm free now. :)

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There is someone in the town I grew up in, who makes sites like this all the time. They get shut down, they start a new one. It's all apparently "inboxes" from people sharing gossip so they can write it on their site. Everyone thinks they are a pathetic loser who writes it all themselves pretty much. I pity them if anyone finds out who it really is.

Stifler's - posted on 04/02/2011




HAHA. If you don't like it, don't go out cheating. I would feel like a sad, moronic dickhead posting spiteful things about someone who cheated on me though.

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