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We went to the pool yesterday. For 45 minutes Gabriel only played with me and his dad. He didn't even care that there were other people there, let alone try to interact with them. When other people went near him, he would move away so he could play with the boat on his own. He was just having a blast playing with the boat all alone.

After about 45 minutes, my cousin that I rarely ever see came in the kids pool with her 2 daughters. Gabriel had never met them or ever even seen pictures of them before. As soon as Nicole was sitting down in the pool, he went over to her and offered her the 1 boat that he was playing with. Then he went and followed her 2 daughters over to the kids slide and laughed as they went down it and then offered the younger girl the boat he was playing with.

It was like he just KNEW that these 3 people were family. This has before too with another cousin and his son at a park.

Do you think children have an intuition, or something, that leads them to people they know are safe, friendly and/or family? Or do you think it's pure coincidence?

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What we call intuition or a gut feeling is really our brain processing information so fast, we can't keep up. The information comes to us as a feeling. Kids read body langauge, expression, hear tone of voice ..... odds are he caught a look on an adult's face, read the body langauge of the chidlren and processed the information that fast.

So, yah, I do think kids have intution and I think we ought to listen to them :)

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I absolutely believe it. I think children's intuition is heightened compared to most adults and we need to trust that about them.

Sorta different but I'm gonna share most of you know, we just found out that Roxanne has a severe peanut allergy. When I found out I was shocked becaue surely she had at some point eaten peanuts in some shape, way or form in her first 2 years? After thinking back whenever I tried to give her peanut butter on toast, even covered with jam she would refuse to eat it....same with any granola bars that had peanut butter. She INSTINCTIVELY knew not to eat them. Coincidence? I'm sure some people will think so but I KNOW she KNEW.

Amie - posted on 09/13/2010




I believe it. There are people who look "normal" but my kids won't approach. Then there are some who make you pause but they go up to them no problem.

I also believe children are more in tune with these things though because as we get older, we become jaded. Our views become our own because of our experiences. Children don't yet have those so they go off their intuition, feelings or vibes they get off people.

I also believe though that we choose the family we will be born into, we choose our life before we come here. It all ties into my larger beliefs about spirituality. So with them still being fairly "new" to this world, they still retain some memories of their choices before coming here. Like family.

I do firmly believe children do know though, no matter how a person wants to label it. Their innocence can be a great teacher to a lot of people, if we let it be. Sometimes it's better to go off that vibe we get, then to let our brains over ride it.

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