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Charlie - posted on 08/20/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




What do you think when you see young children at protests , ive seen photos of kids at abortion protests , ive seen first hand children at logging protests , war protests .

Should adults really be pushing their agenda onto children ? should they be taking them to a possibly dangerous rally because of their ?

Personally i think its sad , a child should not be burdened with the heavy issues of the world , they will have enough adult life to worry about all of that , children should be allowed to enjoy the very small amount of time they get to be kids .

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Rosie - posted on 08/21/2010




depends on the situation to me. my husband counterprotested westoboro baptist church when they came to protest a play about matthew shephard (gay man beaten and left for dead in wyoming, he died like a week later). this was not something that i would want my children to go to. however, i might of changed my mind if we were a homosexual couple, and we weren't dealing with the westboro baptist church with their god hates fags signs. maybe just a regular run of the mill protest of homosexuality. my children would have the right to protest those opposed to their parents, and their own living situation. but i'm still a bit iffy on that situation as well.

i can't think of any other situation where i'd think it'd be alright. kids don't need to be around political issues like that. like jodi said most kids don't understand things like that until waaay later anywho.

Sharon - posted on 08/20/2010




I'd bend a little for what is for sure going to be a peaceful protest.

But never, ever would I bend for a protest that has the potential to turn violent. Like abortion or some political types.

I'm not even sure I'd ask my kids to watch me from home. JIC it does turn violent and they see something "bad' happen to their mom or other people they might know.

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I think children attending protests are appropriate, depending on the content. In the past 2 years, I have attending at least a dozen educational rallies with my son at the Captiol building. I attend as a TEACHER and as a PARENT. And just about all of us attend with our children because THEY are the ones whose services, schools, and budgets are being destroyed by those in office who deem that public schools are not really that important since they send their kids to private schools. So YES, educational rallies ARE important to my family, and that includes my son! Does he understand everything going on, hell no. But what he does understand is that teachers and parents love their schools, and that's why we hold up signs.

When I was a kid, I attended post office union strike rallies with my dad. He was a union leader and supported the rights of letter carriers. The whole family went-we supported my dad as he was the one that worked and brought in income. It taught me a lot going to rallies and demonstrations-stand up and support the working people!

As far as religious or abortion protests, well that is more delicate and I'm on the fence if a child should attend. On one hand, I see them being so graphic and violent. On the other hand, I also support a family sharing a passionate viewpoint, and teaching their children their beliefs.

Johnny - posted on 08/20/2010




Well, generally no, not really. But if I'd had my daughter at the time of the Iraq war protests, I would have taken her. Although mostly because everyone I knew was there, and I would not have considered missing it at all. My entire family & friends attended. It wasn't your usual radical type rally, so I would have felt that she would have been very safe. Anything else, I wouldn't consider it. She has the right to form her own political and social beliefs and express them. Going to the anti-war rally would have been one of those sacrifices she just has to make sort of like when I drag her to the Superstore.

Sharon - posted on 08/20/2010




i agree. children are not political statements. they aren't living breathing posters.

Jodi - posted on 08/20/2010




We were just discussing something similar yesterday. The Catholic Education Office has been pushing its political agenda for today's election really heavily on the schools, and pressuring them to continue publishing articles of a political nature (with regard to education spending) in the school newsletter which is sent home with the children. We are talking primary school kids here. In fact, just on Thursday a note came home with Taylah, and the kids were told to tell their parents it was a very important education debate on that night that we should attend.

Believe me, a lot of parents are really crapped off at the amount of political propoganda that is being put in front of the kids. I have absolutely no interest in my children forming political views at such a young age.

So, the short answer (LOL) is that, no, children should not be involved in these protest rallies. Maybe when they are much older and have had the opportunity to review both sides of the issue and decide for themselves how they feel, but I don't believe that the children at these rallies are actually representing their own viewpoint, they are representing their parents' agenda. And that removes from them the opportunity to be able to form their own opinion from balanced and objective information later on in life.

Jayden is almost 13 and he has only just started to discuss political issues with me now, but he doesn't truly understand them sufficiently to form an opinion of his own. I try to always present two sides of the debate to him so he can ask the questions he needs to begin forming his own opinions, but I still wouldn't consider him old enough to be holding his own opinion at a political rally of any sort.

?? - posted on 08/20/2010




I agree with you. Gabe has all the time in the world to decide what he wants to stand up and fight against. When he's older, I will explain to him what I stand up against and why. I would love for him to stand up beside me - but not until he makes the choice to do that himself.

I've seen protests get violent very fast. I've seen people fly off the handle at the smallest thing. There is no way in hell I would willingly bring my child into that environment. When he's older and can make his own choice, I'll protect him with my very life but it will be his choice to be there.

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