christian therapist, should she be dismissed?

Rosie - posted on 07/28/2010 ( 22 moms have responded )




this woman is going to school to be a school counselor. she is a christian, and says she plans on using her views on homosexuality in her counseling sessions. the school is giving her a choice of quitting the program, or sending her to some programs to help her learn to be more sympathetic towards gay people, and to learn how to not let it affect her judgement while counseling.

what do you think? should the school be able to force her to change her views? is a violation of the constitution?


Lucy - posted on 07/29/2010




Nobody is trying to force this woman to change her beliefs.

They are simply asking her to follow the widely accepted ethical standard expected of counsellors. That is, to not try to influence those she is working with according to her views, whatever they may be.

If this woman is unable to counsel others without trying to influence them or impose her opinions, she has chosen the wrong career IMO.

Jessica - posted on 07/28/2010




That completely contradicts basic philosophies/regulations in counseling. You do not interject your personal opinions on matters, period! Even if she felt that way she has no right "counseling" people against it. She might be able to find work with a church that agrees with her views, but shouldn't be licensed to be able to work with the general public.

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Ridiculous, The university asked her to open her mind and learn to do her job without bias... They never asked her to change her opinion. When counselling you need to keep you opinions out of it anyway and if she is not willing to do that, then she should not be a counselor. She is making a mountain out of mole hill...

Sara - posted on 07/29/2010




I think that if you plan to inject your personal feelings onto yoru patients as a therapist, then you shouldn't become a therapist. It's unethical. You could really damage a lot of already fragile people that way.

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What is supposed to be unconstitutional? The fact that the school is saying she can't practice her religion (which I bet she will argue)? If that's it then no, I don't think it is. You see, when a therapist or counselor takes their form of the hypocratic oath (it's simila to the oath doctor's take), they are promising to never, ever ever ever, inject their own views or beliefs on any of the clients. EVER. I am actually in school right now to become a counselor and there is an entire course on this subject alone.

If the woman wants to spew her belifes all over, then she needs to associate herself with an institution that has the same beliefs as her. AND she can NEVER claim to be a TRUE counselor if she is interjecting her own belief system on others.

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Jane - posted on 07/30/2010




If it's a public school, she should be gone! I have ZERO tolerance for ignorance with regards to homosexuality. Religious people can "think" what they want to think but this woman is trying to push her religious views on students...and that's NONE OF HER DAMN BUSINESS!!!! Oh...this topic always pisses me off.

Barbara - posted on 07/30/2010




Homosexuality is no longer defined as mental illness in terms of American psychological/psychiatric governing organizations. Therefore, if she were to treat it as if it were a mental problem as a licensed representative of those organizations, she would be the one in violation.

Stifler's - posted on 07/30/2010




She's a professional while on the job, before anything else such as being a christian and having views on homosexuality. Being a professional means giving an unbiased opinion.

Meghan - posted on 07/29/2010




mmmm Lobster!
And what about those who counsel serial killers, pedophiles, domestic abusers, and rapiests?? (Not that I am in ANYWAY comparing a homosexual to the above...just tryin to say there are WAAAY worse things a counsellor can hear) I am sure most of them don't agree, but they have a job to do...

Sarah - posted on 07/29/2010




I would assume that there are some Christian counsellors in the world, who have managed to do their job without all this uproar occurring.
I think she must have been taking her religious views too far in counselling sessions for the problem to come to light.

Holding true to your beliefs is fine, but you can't force them upon others who have asked for unbiased help.

Iris - posted on 07/29/2010




Really immature. If she sees herself altering her beliefs by not sharing her beliefs than she is really pursuing the wrong carrier. I think the school is doing her a favor. If she feels that she has to add her personal opinion into her carrier, then counseling is not for her, not in ANY school or anywhere.

The children from a strict Christian family homes also need a non bias counselor, not someone who is ready to judge them in Biblical terms. So no, she has no business being a counselor.

*Lisa* - posted on 07/29/2010




After watching that video, that girl comes across as completely immature and not capable of counseling others. Unless she is considering becoming a christian counselor, she should find another profession because the point of counseling is not to push your beliefs on everyone, but to help people help themselves. Incidentally, as a christian myself, I would never seek counseling from this woman or from people like her who are unwilling to counsel professionally and push their own ideas and speculations aside. She will be completely biased.

Tracy - posted on 07/28/2010




I'm currently studying counselling in Australia and the same rules apply here. I totally agree with what Holly has said above.

Isobel - posted on 07/28/2010




The problem is not her beliefs, it is the way she intends to counsel the people she works with. She can believe anything she wants, but if she wants to send anybody from the LGTB community to reassignment therapy (and I also wonder if she intends to recommend stoning the school tramps), she should probably get a job at a Christian College.

ps...she definitely appears to be wearing mixed fabrics, I bet she eats lobster...heathen!

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I was going to post and then I saw that Jessica posted exactly what I was going to say... So, ditto! :D

Pamela - posted on 07/28/2010




She probably needs to head into a conservative Christian college where she would be more welcome with views such as she has. She definitely needs sensitivity training - learning to be respectful of people and their choices, regardless of whether she agrees with them or not. Good grief.

Sharon - posted on 07/28/2010




Nope - she is in violation. She is NOT going to change her views and the school asking her to is wrong. BUT she can counsel and put her beliefs aside and not allow them to color her interaction with students, but in her case I doubt she will.

She needs to go into private practice where people will pay her to ruin their kids.

Tracey - posted on 07/28/2010




The school has offered her training on how to do her job, if she doesn't like it then the school is right to fire her as she has no intention of providing suitable counselling to the kids. Not just gays but what about kids with other problems that go against her religion, last time I looked the bible wasn't too hot on sex outside marriage and I'm sure that will be a subject that kids will need help / advice on.

Amie - posted on 07/28/2010




Sensitivity training is not changing a person's mind. It's getting them to open their eyes and be a bit more sensitive to how HURTFUL their attitudes and actions are. It doesn't mean they have to completely change what they believe, it does mean they need to be more aware and use some tact. People like this is why the LGBT community still is fighting for rights and to be seen as equals among the rest of society.

As Jenny said, it's a PUBLIC school. If she wants to blather on about god then teach at a Christian school.

During college it's fine to have theological discussions. I wonder how many she's offended already though because she's been so vocal. At least with college students, some, have come to terms with their sexual orientation. Teenagers however usually haven't. It is easier for some because they have a strong support system at home. For the ones who don't, who need the counseling, it may be the final nail in the coffin (so to speak) on a horrid life trying to be "normal".

If one of my children came to me and told me they were gay, I'm glad that we are an accepting family.

Jenny - posted on 07/28/2010




Blatant violation. She should apply at a private Christian school or better yet, stop being a bigot. If she "advised" my kids against homosexuality I'd kick her ass myself. It is dangerous to tell teenagers shit like that.

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