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Jodi - posted on 10/22/2010




Teresa, every time I hear of some tragedy with a child, I then listen further to the news story, and frequently hear that the step-parent is the party of interest, or ends up being charged. Sometimes, people just don't consider their children's well being when they move on.

I am certainly not having a go at step-parents in general (I mean, I AM one, and so is my husband), but it just happens far to frequently and biological parents need to be far more choosy about their choice of partner. You see it ALL the time. The children should not suffer for the choices of the parents.

Tah - posted on 10/22/2010




you are absolutely correct Jodi, thats why i get pissed when i hear about things like this, like that teen mom who is letting her new ex-con boyfriend care for you even know his last name, i get on here often and find moms saying that Herb is treating her children from a previous marriage or relationship like something the cat dragged in and they want to know what to do. Do you even have to ask???? like really....Stop being so selfish because you want a man on your arm and in your bed and to pay your bills that you allow your children to suffer.

My son has had 2 men in his life from me, my ex-fiancee and daughter's father..whom i was with almost 7 years and my husband....anybody else could eat it...they asked, i said children came before any need i had to get shagged or belong to someone....

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Sharon - posted on 10/24/2010




The problem isn't exactly who these people bring into their lives, its how well they know them.

I watch these kids at work... jumping from partner to partner. One isn't having sex, the bf complains "good naturedly" to our security guy, about the lack of sex, but what a "good girlfriend he has." but then she tells us about how he frequently stays the night at her parents house. Ok, fine & dandy, they're are all adults.... except for her crackhead sisters' 3 kids who live with them. These past two weeks its been this guy. Before that, it was another guy. They're all "great" guys who respect her, until... whatever.

Then there is the pregnant chick I work with.... she has a baby, the baby has an asshole dad who sleeps everything & anything and has had so many STDs (a contagious disease person came to our work because she wouldn't answer her phone? WTF?) She periodically goes back to him, he's abandoned the baby more than once with "friends" and been missing for days at a time. THAT is finally at an end because the grandmother has the baby most of the time now and they won't let him take her anywhere. Some of his girlfriends have stalked his wife - they are actually still married even though they date & sleep with other people. they show up at our work and we've had to call the police because they'll stand in front of her register and talk loudly about what a POS she is, trying to provoke her and get her fired. Its happened about 3 times. She's had issues at her home, in her car, how long till one of those psychopaths does something to her kid? Or does something stupid that spills over onto her kid?

One of our security guys - LOADED with charm, everyone adored him, was bedhopping so fast he lost track of names and places. he'd travel all over az to sleep with one. Myself and some of the other "moms' told him to keep it wrapped up. Now, the girl he dropped out of college for (she broke his heart and destroyed his confidence in women and wouldn't leave but then transferred to Las Vegas) came back, and BAM she was pregnant. NOW, he no longer qualifies for financial aid to get into college, he's got a kid on the way, she's being vicious and promising to get the full amount of child support if he doesn't marry her. His brother works with us, I told him, "just wait. One of those girls he's slept with is going to pop up in a few months hoping to get her hooks into him, and be pissed off he's already married (his mother is going to disown him if he doesn't marry this girl.) and hold the baby she has over his head. He agrees. He and their other brother warned him, but NOPE, he didn't listen.

he's already upset & sad and having issues with focusing on his new job (cleaning surgical instruments at our local hospital - there is NO FUCKING way I'd have surgery there) He brought the girl in (she looks like she's 12, but she's 17, he's 19) and she pitched a hissy fit when he hugged me. When he told me he was going to be a dad, I slapped him in the head and told him he was an asshole. I congratulated her on getting pregnant. Oh, and she quit her job. She can't work and be pregnant even though the brother says she's fine. I see that this is going to be a helluva of a drain on him. She had perfectly manicured nails and was wearing all Juicy Couture clothing and carrying a Juicy purse. At our DISCOUNT store, those items are $100s of dollars. There is no way HE can afford that life for her now. Whats' going to happen when it all goes to hell? he kept track of his conquests on facebook, in 30 days there were 30 girls he slept with WITHOUT protection. He had the biggest laugh at watching them duke it out on his FB wall. Then he blocked them all and forgot about them. The point to all of that was, he has no idea who or what he actually slept with. He wasn't checking IDs when he turned up in ahwatukee for a sleepover. One of them could be underage and I swear, I can just feel it, one or more of them is going to turn up pregnant. How many of the women over the past year have mental issues? At least 3 have some sort of mental issues.

Several of them had kids already and let him into their homes & lives for one night stands. I know he's a decent guy, but he can't be the ONLY guy they've allowed to do this. how many of them have exposed their kids to pedophiles? rapists? At least one. Because one of the girls called him at work sobbing about her date had raped her. It sucks, it shouldn't have happened but when you aren't picky about what you are taking home - you're going to wind up with bad news.

Years ago, a kid who worked for my husband got involved with a divorced woman with kids. She was nice, he was nice, he started sleeping over the first week. her EX lost it, he was the father of a couple of the kids, shot her to death. We all counted our blessings that the kids weren't with her or the boyfriend. Oh he shot her at an elementary school.

If the guy had waited, instead of instantly whoring with this woman, maybe the ex would have worked through his rage. Or maybe he would have seen how disturbed the ex was and decided to not get involved with someone who had so much baggage? A divorce (as a lot of you know) doesn't solve all the issues.

There are way to many personal stories for me to recount here, well semi personal. small town drama - at least its entertaining.

[deleted account]

Children suffer at the hands of all sorts of sick people and most sicken to me is at the hands of there own parents,biological .Very sad and my heart is with the mother and i feel the man is getting hes punishment..what a waste of a precious life.It is truly heartbreaking.My children come first and a man off his meds, ex con or what ever is not going near me let alone my children.

[deleted account]

What I find fascinating about this story is that although he has Bi-Polar Disorder and was apparently off his meds for some time, he plead guilty and didn't try and use it as an excuse.

Desiree - posted on 10/24/2010




My heart goes out to the child. But what I find interesting is how the Bi Polar is an excuse used time and time again. In many instances it just an excuse to get out of trouble. For me Living in SA we have had a number of cases where a father has killed thier children as revenge on the ex wife. We recently had one where the mother killed herself but was to damn selfish to leave this world without her children, because they meant so much to her. i don't have the patience for that Kind of excuse.

Becky - posted on 10/22/2010




That is awful! I agree, there are far too many parents out there who put having a partner ahead of their children. It's so sad! And I'm glad he got 55 years!

Rosie - posted on 10/22/2010




horrifying!! although in defense of step parents ( i have the best step dad ever), there's a story here where a mother slit the throat of her 7 year old and 2 year old and her own throat and left them to die in the van that she'd parked out in the boonies while she "went to get help" her 2 year old died, and her 7 year old has to live with the fact that his own mother killed his brother and slit his throat.

[deleted account]

I know, Jodi. I fully agree. I was just putting my personal situation in there for a moment and I was getting new concern all over again. ;)

Ez - posted on 10/22/2010




How utterly foul :(

And I agree with Jodi and Tah. There was a case just last week of a local girl going to live with her father and step-mother in the US. She went missing, and now the step-mother has been charged with her murder. Seriously, what are people thinking when they let these assholes near their kids? I am a single mother, and it will take a lot for me to allow someone into my child's life.

C. - posted on 10/22/2010




OMG! FIVE YEARS OLD?????? What the hell is wrong with people anymore??????????? That is so sad!

[deleted account]

You had to bring up emphasis on the step-parent part, didn't you Jodi? I'm definitely agreeing w/ your post!

Jodi - posted on 10/22/2010




You hear about these situations all the time, with step-parents killing or injuring their step-children. It is just tragic. Seriously, single parents need to be far more vigilant about who they choose to be their partner. Once you have children, that needs to be your absolute priority, regardless of how you feel about someone......

Sorry, I just get really upset when I hear of things like this.....

Tah - posted on 10/22/2010




i could not even imagine....that is terrible....there is a case here in VA where a man is accused of killing a 6 weeks old, It's not his child and all the mother said is she was giving him a chance to be a father and that he was jealous that the child wasn't sounds sketchy and it's horrible what is happening to our children...

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