Cloth diapers.

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Does anyone here use cloth diapers, i have some questions....I posted them on a cloth diapering community but no one is answering. Any help would be awesome :)


Bexterwhite - posted on 01/21/2011




We died our tots bots purple they look great, no stains no grey [they are on there second baby] With the older boys i used terry squares they were fine but my husband prefers the velcro tots bots.
In the summer i make woolly bum jumpers which are much more breathable than pul wraps and they look funky.

Minnie - posted on 01/21/2011




Ahh, yes I see, no you can't use bleach on Fuzzibuns, of course, because of the PUL.

I use separate cloth prefolds so a bit of bleach does go in to the first wash with the detergent.

If you have any diapers that are just straight up cotton you can use bleach.

Leaking tends to be related to build up on your diapers- are you washing them with a detergent that has any sort of dyes, brighteners, etc. or in a washer that you wash other clothes in with regular detergents? Fabric softener or in the dryer?

Ok second hand....try running the diapers through your wash on hot, no detergent for several cycles- check out the water after they've swished around for a while- you should see no suds eventually.

Jennifer - posted on 01/21/2011




hmmm i've never heard of those ones...they sound kind of like prefolds, just with velcro whereas prefolds you usually use diaper pins or snappis. maybe they are homemade? if they are second hand, you might have to strip them because who knows what kind of detergent the person before you was using. stripping will help with leaking, if build-up is part of the problem

the fuzzibunz covers should do really well with sunning...the microfiber inserts won't get perfect in the sun least, that is the case with my bumgenius inserts. stained inserts aren't a big deal, though.

Stifler's - posted on 01/21/2011




my mum used to always soak nappies in napi san and they never had any stains after. probably the same thing as oxyclean?

Jennifer - posted on 01/21/2011




i use cloth! i know that "oxyclean" is safe for cloth diapers. the absolute best way to get stains out is by letting them hang out in the sun for a couple of hours...and if that isn't enough, put lemon juice on the stains and let them sunbathe. i've even hung my diapers out on a completely overcast, rainy day and it still helped with stains. as long as UV rays are making it through, it will help.

what kind of diapers are you using?


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aHH Jennifer THAT is whats wrong. They need to be striped...!! thanks :) And thanks to lisa for telling me HOW to strip them :):)

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Oxygenated bleach is different, its non toxic and when it hits the water it turns into oxygen and water, no chlorine or anything. Its made from hydrogen peroxide. I figured it might be ok, but i dont want to use it on them until i know for sure in case i ruin them.

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I don't use chemicals, its all natural laundry powder, no dyes, softeners or any crap. I use it on all my laundry. I already washed them all day long, i just kept putting it on again lol, i used cold water though, and soap every time. I'll try no soap and hot water a few times, see if that makes a difference.

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I have the fuzzibunz, i only have three of those, i'm going to buy more eventually, the other ones are weird...i dont even know what to call them, im trying to figure out what they are so i can figure out how to use them properly. They are just rectangles with velcro in the four corners, they have covers with them, i got them second hand so i didnt get instructions or anything. Right now they leak sometimes i think from improper use, I need to figure out what they're called...any ideas?

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I seen them before, pretty neat. I Use the actual cloth diapers, and i am cleaning them according to the package, but they are getting stained, bleach isnt suppose to be used on them. But i have this oxygenated beach that turns to peroxide when it hits the water, I wasnt sure if i could use it or not.

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