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Ok we have co-sleeping and now we have co-viewing, as in watching television with your child to foster learning.

Supposedly it gives you something to talk about with your child and then you can converse about the program.....

Like comprehension?? Don't get me wrong I do like to watch movies and some shows with my kids, but coming from the co-community this was surprising to me.

Do you think it fosters learning and comprehension?


Sharon - posted on 03/01/2011




It depends on what you're watching.

Co-watching "south park" - you MIGHT find some discussion worthy topics with an older child, like a 15 yr old or maybe 13+. But not really.

We do discuss a LOT gleaned from TV. HOUSE - tends to spawn ethical questions and situations.

Animal planet, Discovery channel, TLC etc - LONG talks. We have a lot of fun talking.

Radio too. Songs spark "talks". Eminem & Rhiannas "love the way you lie" omg DAYS worth of talks =, trying to help my kids comprehend domestic violence.

Another song called "come'on get higher" or "higher" i forget - geeze that talk kind of sucked. I settled on saying my interpretation was that they were talking about a metaphorical high, a happy high etc.

But geezus fucking christ? REALLY????? We had to label it "cowatching"??? How about PAY FUCKING ATTENTION TO YOUR DAMNED KIDS YOU FUCK WADS"

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I think tv can be a great learning tool. Eliza and I did several penguin projects together (penguin mosaic picture, a penguin made up of geometric shapes, penguin puppets made from toilet paper tubes), read several penguin books, learned the letter "P", etc over several weeks. We wrapped up all the Penguin activities with watching "March of the Penguins." Funnily enough, she learned more about penguins from that movie than from all the time we'd spent together doing penguin projects. I decided to show it to her last minute just so she could visually see how penguins move...not thinking we'd actually make it through the entire movie. She's watched the movie in it's entirety 3-4 times. That's just one example, but yes, tv can be a valid teaching tool.


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My son doesn't watch tv unless me or his dad are with him, and generally he only watches about an hour a day in small amounts, it really annoys me when parents just dump their children in front of the tv which is why we don't do it. While he is watching his cartoons (Guess with Jess and Postman Pat) we sing the songs, ask questions about what he is seeing and point out things such as animals 'look there's a sheep what noise does a sheep make - baa good boy' etc. He also loves watching nature programs with animals in, again we ask him questions and point out the animals. As he gets older I'll encourage him to ask questions himself about anything he sees and doesn't understand but at the moment he is just talking and has a really limited vocab so we are just doing the basics.

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It does in our home. We have wonderful life science and earth science programs that we watch and have bought. It won't be good for all kids their whole lives but as mine are under 10 then it works for us. We discuss everything in the program from something basic for my 3 yr old to something really complex and indepth for my 4 and 7 yr old's. Attention spans vary but all of them get something out of it. We always follow it up with book work, art class, and drama. (we homeschool.)

Bonnie - posted on 03/02/2011




Sharon, I have had the same problem with Family Guy in our house.

If the parent is just going to sit there and stare at the tv and no say a word to their child then no, the parent is not doing any different for their child. On the other hand, if they are sitting there with their child and they ask questions about what they are watching like, why do you think Tommy is upset? Also asking, shape is this?, what colour is that? yes there is more learning and comprehension there.

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Quoting Johnny Verbeck" We are science tv geeks (love me some Neil Degrasse Tyson) "

Same in our house! It seems like he is ALWAYS on PBS. I despised science growing up, but over the past few years of watching Neil Degrasse Tyson an done of his colleagues, the older Asian scientist, I'm starting to understand more about astrophysics.

Alyssa - posted on 03/02/2011




FFS "Co-Viewing"!!!!!! How about just calling it "spending time with your kids" why does there have to be a label for everything to make a select few feel good about themselves and their parenting choices.

Thats what "Co" parenting is to me...a bunch of parents who want everyone to think they have all the answers but really know nothing about diddly squat!!

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I think if kids are watching tv, a responsible adult should definitely be around to answer their questions, whether big or small. But yeah, I don't think it needs a label. I thought it would just be common sense to monitor a child's viewing and supply them with any explanations they need :-/

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Yeah, we often watch nature shows as a family. It gives my daughter a chance to point out all the animals she knows. She loves it and I don't see how it's hurting her. Pretty much any time she's watching TV, I am talking to her about what she's watching. Even when I'm making dinner I can hear and we sing the songs together and do the actions and everything. I don't think it should be the only source of learning, but I think there are things you can see on TV that you can't see outside your front door. There aren't any tigers and elephants in the park down the road, but we can see them on TV whenever we want. It's like a little zoo at home.

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If it's the news I would talk to them about what's going on in the world like earthquakes and floods and stuff. Kids shows.... only Logan would get them I'm just like SNOOOOORE when they are on. he's not old enough to talk yet btw this is strictly hypothetical. I'd say having chats about what's on tv would help them learn things, I learn heaps of things I didn't know on tv.

Sarah - posted on 03/01/2011




Yes, I agree that t.v. can be a good teaching tool as Sara said. My 17 month old son & I mainly watch NickJr together. He loves the shows with lots of music like Jack's Big Music Show & The Fresh Beat Band. :)

When he was a little younger, our evening routine would be to watch Wheel of Fortune while we ate dinner together lol. I figured he was learning the alphabet. ;) He LOVES dogs, so sometimes we turn on a show called Dogs 101 which is on the Animal Planet.

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I do this with my son....I didn't know it had a name. Right now he watches Treehouse and Disney Playhouse so I ask a lot of "how do you think that person feels?" and "what do you think will happen next?", that kind of stuff. I do it in an effort to get him to think about what he's watching.

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yes i do. i've never been one for censoring things my children watch. i won't let them watch rampid sex scenes, or gory murder scenes like the "halloween" movies or what not, but yeah, family guy, simpsons, niptuck, things like that, i have no problem with. they ask, i tell. pretty simple. :)

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I play documentaries in the background as audio from my computer sometimes. Gabby is around so she hears it too.

Katherine - posted on 03/01/2011




The Dinosaur specials are awesome, although they scare my daughter a bit....I love them though.

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Yes I do, I co-view with my 8year old and he ♥’s the Animal Planet, Discovery Channel (like Man vs. Wild) and when they have Dinosaur specials on (he’s really into dinosaurs right now, and History Channel, Dog Fights (bout airplanes)

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We watch Jeopardy with our daughter. We are hoping that through "co-viewing" she'll learn all sorts of useless trivia and win thousands to pay for our retirement. We are science tv geeks (love me some Neil Degrasse Tyson) so we watch it sometimes when she is around. She's probably a little young to understand the nature of the cosmos though.

Katherine - posted on 03/01/2011




Oh yes, I forgot about Animal Planet and the Discovery channel. Those I do love watching with my girls.

Yes, my girls father enjoys watching Family Guy too and something on Animal Planet about two men who almost froze to death on a cliff while climbing a mountain. Then I hear my 5yo say "Mommy the other man died, he had to have his arms and legs cut off!" Growl.

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Oh really?!! Oh fricken' ironic cause I BLASTED my husband for 'co-viewing' Family Guy with my son!
I can see the benefit though. We like watching a lot of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, PBS, History Channel, and my son even like the Weather Channel. We do watch together, and we do talk about things. But half the time it's like "Crawl into bed with Mommy cause there's a volcano show on TV." Something on PBS the other day. I don't really think it's bad to watch some programs together and then talk about it. Well, except Family Guy!

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