Common Allergens in Schools.

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Stealing this discussion from Sara Dobson via CafeMom. I thought this would be a good discussion in this group!!

"I know we debated this quite a while ago. People who were against keeping common allergens out of schools said kids with allergies should sit at a special table or that you can teach your child not to eat certain things. Recently a seven year old died from an allergic reaction at school. Should common allergens like peanuts, tree nuts, etc be kept out of schools to help prevent these horrible accidents? "


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we were talking about this today....and i think it has to be somewhere in the middle of total ban and personal responsibity, while banning peanuts isnt too extreme for example, banning any product that might "contain traces of nuts" is a bit much when there is no child with allergies at the centre....and a child who has such an allergy really needs to learn how to live with it, my daughter has a dairy allergy not a serious life threatening one but one that causes migraines and bowel bleeding so very unpleasnt all the same, she is taught what to eat and not to share she has to live with it everyday and learn how to manage it, not others responsibilty to not bring dairy to school...

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That was actually me, in PDHT :)

I'm fine with a ban in elementary schools. The kids are young and they forget to ask if there are nuts, peanuts, etc. in things sometimes. Yes, you should continue to teach your child to ask and avoid foods that could contain these things. If no one in the school has the allergy then there is no need for a ban, but if there are kids then I would be fine sending something else for my kids.

Lady Heather - posted on 02/26/2012




You know what would make more sense? No peanuts at toddler play areas. I have never been hugely into outright peanut bans but I've started looking at the way the toddlers are at the library or our children's museum and dude...I wouldn't bring my allergic kid if I had one. I don't take common allergens to these places because a 2 year old really isn't old enough to understand the whole thing. But maybe it's pointless because everyone else brings peanut butter.

I think at a certain age kids do have to learn to look out for themselves. The world outside school isn't allergy free. And bans when there are literally no allergic people are a little odd.

But hey, ban away if you will also do me a solid and ban perfumes. No, they won't kill me. But holy hell they make me feel like crap.

Elfrieda - posted on 02/26/2012




I think that when there is someone with a life-threatening allergy in the school, or at least in the class, then there should be restrictions on what food children are allowed to take to school. That's just common sense, and it would be easy to remember, "Oh, yes, little Nicole can't even breathe peanuty air without going into anaphalactic shock, let's be really really careful!"

However, it's asinine to make a blanket policy "No peanuts allowed at school" when there isn't a child with severe peanut allergies attending the school, or when the school administration in some misguided attempt at privacy keeps it a secret whether there is or is not an allergic child currently attending. That's when it's easy to justify not being careful about peanuts, because there's no face to give incentive to following the rules.

I think if it's a case of life or death, everyone should band together to protect the child. If it's only a case of getting a rash if the allergen is ingested, well, that's where the separate tables and teaching the child to be careful can come in.

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