Congress is trying to kill Sesame Street!!!!

Katherine - posted on 03/16/2011 ( 18 moms have responded )





It was a poor moment to start laughing, but when I heard the stars of Sesame Street went to Capitol Hill today, all I could see was Big Bird's feathery yellow butt marching down Pennsylvania Avenue. I'm holding on to that picture, and you need to too. We may need it to get us through the dark times ahead.

Just imagine life without Sesame Street. No sunny days chasing the clouds away makes for dark times indeed! Because the real reason Sesame Street stars like Emilio Delgado (Luis), Roscoe Orman (Gordon), and Bob McGrath (Bob) were in the nation's capital today was to fight to save federal funding for the gold standard of educational TV programming. It seems Congress is trying to kill Sesame Street along with NPR and the rest of public broadcasting.

The House has voted to cut some $420 million in spending traditionally allotted to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting -- the group that has been funnelling federal funding to public radio and television sources since 1968. They're the folks who fund NPR, but they're also the group that provides money to make Sesame Street and a host of other PBS kids shows.

As a parent, that's too hard a pill for me to swallow. Even at 5, even in school, we're still falling back on some of the PBS shows -- Sesame Street included -- because the educational content reinforces what she's learning. And it doesn't hurt that I used Sesame Street to help ME teach her the basics to begin with.

They say that being a good parent is realizing your strengths and weaknesses. I realized early on that my daughter and I have personalities that are entirely too similar. When it comes time to teach her things, there's a limit to what she will learn from me and what she will disregard precisely because it comes from my mouth.

So I learned to use books and, yes, TV to create an educational atmosphere in our home. She learned numbers along with the Ladybug Picnic song as a toddler, and at 5 she has an Elmo's Math Adventures book that's helping her find math "all around her." She learned her alphabet with Grover and Zoe. She became the well-spoken, verbal, logical child that she is because I leaned on Sesame Street for help.

And I know she's one of the lucky ones. She has a mother and father who both cared and had time to sit and read with her, to work with her on concepts, to pay for nursery school, to prep her for kindergarten and supplement her education beyond that.

But so many kids don't have that. Some have parents who care an awful lot, but are working four jobs to make ends meet and can't afford the massive library we have put together. Some have a single parent and siblings, and Mom or Dad can't focus one-on-one the way they want to. And some, yes, some have parents who don't even care. But if there's a ribbon that ties all those households together, I've found it's Sesame Street. Even those "bad parents" who park their kids in front of the TV for hours on end, they use Sesame Street. And it works.

Poor kids, rich kids, white kids, black kids, WHATEVER kids, they all recognize Elmo and Big Bird because parents trust Sesame Street with our kids. And what all those kids learn from Sesame Street is the basics -- to be supplemented or not depending on how lucky they are. Sesame Street is there for American families.

As Sesame Workshop President Gary Knell said in a recent statement:

For over 40 years, Sesame Workshop has helped children reach their highest potential by creating media which have engaged and educated millions of children in America and around the world.

Congress can't kill Sesame Street without killing opportunity for thousands of kids. Will you sign the petitions to keep it on the air (along with other public broadcasting), so we don't have to contemplate life without Sesame Street?

Sesame Street is epic, it's timeless, how could they even contemplate this?


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Jenni - posted on 03/17/2011




Of course I love the Sesame Street I grew up with but I wouldn't say it's better than new Sesame Street. I think the show has remained consistant while managing to be fresh and contemporary. I mean it's been on the air for 40 some odd years!!!

My favourite old Sesame clips were pretty much anyone involving Bert and Ernie. Here fishy, fishy. When they go to Egypt. Boogie Woogie sheep.

Favourite song: Dowhop with Kermit (loved the animals being tossed in the air).

Love when the Muppets met the Sesame Street characters and the Swedish Chef was trying to cook Big Bird for XMas dinner. Now there's a bird that'll feed the whole gang!

I haven't seen a lot of new sesame street but I loved the one where there was an epidemic of "Mineititis" on Sesame Street. Or Tele being presuaded to upgrade his I-Pogo. Big Bird being sold habitats by a time share salesman.

Sesame Street was like a second parent to me. They taught me my ABCs/123s, how to count in spanish, healthy eating, about death (poor Mr. Hooper), social skills, colours, shapes, cultures, races, ethenticity, geography, anthropology, history, manners... etc etc etc

Hey, what can I say; this is a time before our parents realized TV was bad for us @_@

Anyways, my kids don't watch it very often but I'd still miss it. It'd be like the death of an old family friend. :((

Becky - posted on 03/17/2011




Sesame Street is not as good as it used to be when I was a kid - I miss Snuffaluffagus! But it is still a great educational show, as are many other PBS shows. It'd be a real shame to see them lose funding.
I wonder if Sesame Street, because it is so popular, would be picked up by some other network or could find another source of funding. It wouldn't surprise me.

Meghan - posted on 03/17/2011




My son wont watch an hour of Sesame Street. Tree House (Canadian channel) has "play with me Sesame" and "Elmo's world" which are about 20 minutes long-that (plus a few books) is how he knows all the characters.

I don't know that I would fight to keep it on air, but I would rather see Barny or Caillou exit stage left!

Jodi - posted on 03/16/2011




Loureen, I didn't think it was still on, but I guess, we've been past Sesame Street for a few years now :D

Mabel - posted on 03/16/2011




Devin watches the same shows and I bought him the complete set of dvds from sesame street and even found some oldies of reading rainbow and picture pages on dvd at target and online.Shame if they cut those shows off...

Johnny - posted on 03/16/2011




We're not modern day Sesame Street fans, we like the vintage stuff. But we'll be lost with out Super Why and Sid the Science Kid. I'll hate to lose access to tv without advertising. This really angers me. Where I live, 1/3 of the local PBS station donations come from Canadians. I think we might value your public broadcasting more than you guys do. At least that's how its seems.

Charlie - posted on 03/16/2011




NOOOOO , I watch sesame street every morning ...*cough* I mean Cooper watches Sesame St every morning , they can't do this !

Jodi - posted on 03/16/2011




I don't think we even get Sesame Street here any more. And even when we did, neither of my kids even liked it. Honestly, my son used to tell me to turn it off when he was a toddler, he hated it. No idea why.

Bonnie - posted on 03/16/2011




That is really sad if it does happen. Sesame Street has been around for so long and although it is not the same as it use to be and probably not as popular, it is still a great show for kids.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/16/2011




Is this really gonna happen? It is really hard for me to believe. That would be a damn shame.

Minnie - posted on 03/16/2011




It is sad though that they're cutting for public broadcasting, although I wish the older shows were on. There are too many cartoons now, in my opinion. I miss reading rainbow...ooh and the letter people! LOL

Katherine - posted on 03/16/2011




I like the Sesame Street the way they have it now and my kids do too. I'm sad :(

Minnie - posted on 03/16/2011




I think Sesame Street died fifteen years ago. I want the old shows back. Sesame Street would be better named "Elmo and Friends."

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