Corrections Officer Pregnant With Cop Killer's Baby

Kristi - posted on 02/13/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Vulnerable prison guard just wanted to be loved...
She just got wrapped up in his world...
She thought why not give him hope...

This "woman" worked in a male prison. She said she was vulnerable and just wanted to be loved. She had a "romantic" relationship with a 2 time convicted cop killer on death row from Mar-Aug 12. She is now 8 months pregnant with this douche bag's baby boy. She was arrested for unlawful sexual abuse on a ward. I don't know what the penalty for this is.

After the relationhip with the cop killer ended, she began a new relationship in Sept with another inmate. Apparently, or Eharmony didn't have a good selection.

The cop killer's attorney is trying to get the death penalty sentence commuted on the basis that his client is mentally unfit. WTF

I think the state should terminate her parental rights immediately and put this child up for adoption so he has a chance for a decent life. Oherwise, he will be ridiculed beyond belief when kids find out who his parents are. Obviously his mother is not capable of making appropriate decisions. I think she deserves the maximum sentence.

I also think the system should re-evalute the effectiveness of having opposite sex guards. Male guards are just as guilty of this and sometimes of rape and sodomy.

What are your opinions?



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Kristi - posted on 02/21/2013




She's going to jail. Pretty hard to look after him from there. This is so much more than picking a bad baby daddy! Did you read the article? Do you really think she can provide this baby a healthy, stable, loving environment? Why on earth should an innocent child be unnecessarily forced to suffer a miserable existence when there are much better options?

Tracey - posted on 02/20/2013




If the state put up for adoption all babies whose mothers have made bad daddy choices there are going to be a heck of a lot of babies ready for adoption. Two consenting adults had sex, not an ideal situation but neither was forced.

She should not lose her baby unless she proves she is incapable of looking after him.

Dee Dee - posted on 02/13/2013




This story sends chill into my spine. I am sort of "live and let live" kind person. this sure pushs my limit. I wonder what the officer's mom would say? well, the officer is adult. she can do whatever is allowed under the law. she seems to have fatal attraction with male inmates. I wonder why she wasn't transfered to all women jail. she can be a guard there. I don't know how many women guard would have attraction about male inmates. this may be just her. I don't think limit male guards for male inmates are necessary for this reason.
I can tell you this. what she did, is all mom's worst fear. I hope she does the right thing for her baby. Transfer far away from the male inmate and raise the baby right. I don't know if she has the choice to raise the baby. IF not, i hope the baby goes to a good home. if not, the baby will another case in state care system. sigh..... sometime, mental health is just as important as physical illness. I think she needs lots mental help to move on her life.

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