Cot rail - on or off?

Anastasia - posted on 03/04/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




This weekend were moving our 16 month old son from his current rediculously steamy room to a cooler room with aircon option, since we have to dismantle the cot to get it out of the room were thinking of changing it to its toddler bed stage...however, i'm feeling anxious. I'm really not sure if it's a good idea or not.
On one hand, I've been wanting to expand his indepentance(i think i spelt that wrong) by giving him the option to get in and out of his cot at will. And on the other. it scares the crap out of me that I might prematurely loose his wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL daytime sleeps.

Oh (sigh), I really don't know what to do

Please help me make an informed decision.

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Lady - posted on 03/04/2010




I'd only take it off this early if he looks like he might be ready - ie is he trying to get out?
He is still just a baby and sometimes it's safer to keep them contained until they are a bit more able to undertand safety and staying put - like when their speech is more developed. Ultimatey as his mother you are the one who knows him best so can decide if he is ready for it or not.

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Anastasia, I'm feeling the same way. I'm thinking it's time to get my son out of the crib. If we get rid of the crib and move in the bed, then's there's no turning back (we have no where to store a crib if the bed doesn't work out). On the other hand, I think he's getting too big for his crib. he looks huge lying in it and he moves a lot in his sleep, sometimes he's smashed up against the rail and he just doesn't look comfortable, a bed will give him more room.

Oh yeah, I'm also afraid of losing those daytime naps.

Dana - posted on 03/04/2010




I'd keep it on. My son is 19 months old now and I am in no hurry to take his off. I know there would be no way to keep him in his bed to get to the point of falling asleep but, each child is different. Good luck with what ever decision you come to.

Esther - posted on 03/04/2010




I think my son was around 18 months too. I fully intended to leave the rail on as long as I possibly could, but he started to climb out and one day when I was sitting next to his bed and he climbed over the rail (I caught him just before he hit the ground) - I knew it was time. So we reluctantly took it off, and you know what, it didn't change anything. For a few weeks he would climb out in the morning and walk over to our bedroom, but even that has now stopped. Now when he wakes up he just calls me again, just like he did before.

Sarah - posted on 03/04/2010




My advice would be to give it a go and see what happens!

We moved our youngest out of her cot and into bunk beds (she's got the bottom one obviously! lol) when she was about 18 months.

She slept in it absolutely fine, no problems at all!

She was still having naps in the day too in her bunk bed up until very recently.

As i said, give it go, if it doesn't work out, put it back to cot. You might be surprised though! Best of luck! :)

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