Craigslist = Window For Violent Crimes?

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A man posts a womans diamond ring on Craigslist, a woman comes to see the ring, 3 men show up with her. As soon as the man opens the door, the 3 men charge into the home, bring the 2 children downstairs at gunpoint and the man gets upset at how rough the men are with the boys, the gunman shoots the man. The son attacks the gunman and gets pistol whipped. The gunman then counts down to shoot the mother while she screams. The men leave the house and the boy calls 911.

This is the second incident where an item on Craigslist is the opening door to a violent crime, the other being a television.

Craigslist offered it's sympathies to the family but said that violent crimes are not linked to their site and there is nothing they can do about what individuals will take advantage of. Do these instances make you weary of Craigslist? Do you think that it opens opportunity for criminals to bust into your home? Is it a risk people choose to take or do you think there's a safer way?


Caitlin - posted on 05/11/2010




I've bought and sold stuff on craigslist. I usually offer to deliver the item - meet in a parking lot in some fast food joint somewhere, though stuff I sell isn't really worth a lot of money, barely worth breaking into my house and robbing me at gunpoint.. If you aren't cautious opening your door to strangers from craigslist, you aren't cautious about whol you open your door to anyways and this could have happened as a random hit as well. I don't open my door to people I don't know, even though I live in a very safe area, you never know. Mostly here it's people trying to convert me. The only time we sold something worth a pretty penny (breitling watch) we met at a jewelery store to authenticate it.

Rosie - posted on 05/11/2010




i think in any situation where you are buying something from somebody you don't know it's a dangerous situation. do this with a newspaper the same thing can happen. it's not craigslist fault, it's the scuzzbags who commit the crimes.

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Erin - posted on 05/11/2010




They definately make me weary now!! We sell lots of things on Craigslist and you know, never really thought of this happening. I just told my husband about this and we are no longer going to give our home address out, we will meet them at one of the busy gas stations here in town. This is so scary, it should be common sense but sometimes you don't think about things like this.

But like some have said this could happen with a solicitor coming to the door. I do not open my door when it is just me and my son at home unless I know them. And we always have the door locked, deadbolt and all.

Thanks Jo for posting this and making me think twice about things:)

Suzette - posted on 05/11/2010




I was weary of Craigslist before I heard stories like this. The same thing can happen with a newspaper ad as it can with an internet ad. If someone is going to be careless enough to give their address to a stranger, they should know that there are consequences that come along with doing so. Always meet in a well lit, crowded area, that's what will likely keep a person safer, perhaps not safe but safer. And selling items of any value from your home to someone you don't know is always dangerous. I figured that was common sense.

Shelley - posted on 05/11/2010




i think it's a risk you take if you work at a petrol/gas station you have a higher chance of being in a hold up it is a risk it doesn't make it right its the same with taxi drivers ect but we can't all live in fear that something bad will happen. Caitlin i think it's a great idea to be careful where you exchange goods ect

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Oh I've heard several horrible CL stories raging from violent crime, murder, rape, etc. About a year ago, there was a "house party ad" on CL and teens gutted the house of $100K worth of damage while the couple was on vacation. An idiot hired a babysitter off of CL only to find the child molested. It's a pure lack of common sense. With that being said, I am a CL addict and sell a lot of items. But I am cautious of having people to my home, so like someone mentioned, I usually like to meet in public. But I have had people come to my home, usualyl after a series of emails/phone calls and have never had a problem But it's common sense and being aware of my surroundings.

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