Crime is decreasing

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Crime decreased again last year
Last Updated: Tuesday, July 20, 2010 | 4:26 PM ET

Crime reported to police across the country dropped again last year, according to a Statistics Canada report released Tuesday. (CBC)

The volume and severity of crime reported to police across the country dropped again last year, continuing the downward trend seen over the past decade, reports Statistics Canada.

Nearly 2.2 million crimes were reported to police in 2009, about 43,000 fewer than in 2008, according to a report released Tuesday.

Car thefts, break-ins and mischief cases accounted for most of the decline.

Total Crime Severity Index of selected Canadian cities
City 2009 % change from 2008
Regina 143.7 -12
Saskatoon 132.1 -5
Winnipeg 127.2 +2
Edmonton 115.1 -7
Vancouver 109.6 -8
Halifax 97.2 +1
Saint John 96.4 -6
Victoria 92.2 -10
St. John's 90.6 +4
Montreal 89.6 -2
Calgary 78.4 -7
Windsor 71.1 -5
Ottawa 67.0 -2
Toronto 61.9 -4
Quebec City 61.0 -4
(Source: Statistics Canada, Police-reported crime statistics )

The crime rate, which is a measure of the volume of crime reported to police, fell three per cent last year and was 17 per cent lower than a decade ago.

The crime severity index (CSI), which measures the seriousness of incidents reported, declined four per cent last year and was down 22 per cent from 1999.

Violent crimes, from harassing phone calls to homicide, accounted for about one in five crimes in 2009. The report said violent crime is declining but to a lesser extent than overall crime.

There were about 165,000 youth age 12 to 17 accused of a criminal offence in 2009, a slight drop from 2008. Both the numbers and the seriousness of youth crimes have generally been declining since 2001.

The drop in police-reported crime severity was consistent across the country, with only Manitoba and Nunavut reporting increases.

Police-reported crime was most serious in the territories and the western provinces, which has been the case for the past decade. Crime-severity values in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories were twice as high as in the provinces.

Saskatchewan reported the highest crime severity index among the provinces, followed by Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta.

Among census metropolitan areas (CMAs), police-reported crime severity was highest in Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. Calgary was the only western CMA below the national average.

The Toronto CMA reported a four per cent decline in crime severity in 2009. Its CSI was third lowest, behind Guelph and Quebec City.

Statistics Canada started using the Crime Severity Index in this report to rank each jurisdiction not only by the number of crimes it has, but by how serious those crimes are. More weight is given to bigger offences in calculating the CSI, with the total divided by the population.

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Now to legalize drugs, especially marijuana, and take it down even further.

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I unfortunately have been around people who have chosen to join gangs and to be honest, the number of crimes that go unpunished is mind blowing. This is why i don't believe the crime rates are going down. I just think that a lot of crimes are done without many people being aware including the police force. I know the media makes everything seem blown out of proportion and put tons of emphasis on events that are, in the end, not that important. I am not that gullible to believe everything that is in the media.

From what i have seen in the past few years, I don't think crime is actually decreasing, probably just stable.

I do think that legalizing marijuana would reduce the crime rates as i don't consider someone carrying a pound of pot to be a criminal or even a threat to anyone. Bill c-15 is not something i want to see in our country. we can spend the money on help programs for kids to prevent them from getting into criminal gangs in the first place which is, IMO, far better. The US can do their thing but i am not inclined on following their lead as far as drug policies are concerned.

Isobel - posted on 07/21/2010




They don't need to spin it, look at Mylene (no offense Mylene) but I'm pretty sure the majority of the country will agree her, whether it's true or not.

Jenny - posted on 07/21/2010




Is it really worse or does it just seem worse? Media doesn't sell with stories of good news. They don't make the front page. This has caused a sitution where people are conditioned to believe society is worse of than it actually is. This is not the first year crime has decreased, it's beena downward trend for awhile.

They have to say reported as they can not use unreported in statistics of course. I'm betting the examples you used would be reported and included in these numbers. These studies are what the police have to go when setting their budgets. Does it make sense for them to try to sell the public on getting tough on crime such as Bill C-15 and huge budget increases when crime is actually decreasing?

[deleted account]

Crime going down? This is total crap.

"The crime rate, which is a measure of the volume of crime reported to police, fell three per cent last year and was 17 per cent lower than a decade ago."

Reported crimes... doesn't mean anything to me. There are LOADS and LOADS of crimes that never get reported and I just think that number is increasing with all the gangs making anyone around them too scared to talk. I mean within 3 years one guy got shot and killed in our back alley in broad freaking daylight. Another guy was blinded by a stray bullet while he was walking with his girlfriend... People get killed left and right by gang members and they say crime is going down??? Women get sexually assaulted through their bedroom windows... Houses are burned down or better yet EXPLODE killing several people and this then gets qualified as a murder.
I just think crimes are still as high but are just done under the radar.

"Calgary was the only western CMA below the national average."

Yeah right...

Johnny - posted on 07/20/2010




It will be interesting to see how the Conservatives spin this one to defend their new "tough on crime" legislation. I'm all for 'tough on violent crime' but so much of their new plan stems from failed ideas of 3 strikes and such. More anti-drug law will just raise property crime rates. The wrong direction IMO!!!

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