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Karla - posted on 12/05/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




In the beginning of October, I attempted suicide as a way of getting out of a physically mentally and emotionally abusive marriage that lasted 8 years. I was told by my husband that I was a s@&$tty mom, I never did anything, the kids didn't need me, he could raise them on his own, the kids would be better off without me, and he could raise them on his own. He told me many times if I left him he would take the kids from me and I'd never see them again. He filed for divorce and emergency motion for custody after I got out of the hospital. I was able to get a restraining order against him. He's told me many times he'll kill me and he could kill someone and not lose sleep. He had control of all our accounts. My check was direct deposited in our joint account. My only account. So with all this abuse and control, we went to court and the judge granted him custody. My ex claimed me to be unfit due to the suicide attempt to get away from him and that I've been mentally ill for years. (Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety which all have decreased since leaving him). What can I do to get my kids back. I started attending therapy as soon as I got out of the hospital. And now am seeing a domestic violence agency for counseling. I'm allowed supervised visits and am not even allowed to drive my own kids anywhere. Where do I go from here? I have court next month. No lawyer, I filed for legal aide and haven't recieved an answer. The opposing party is trying to push everything thru quickly because they know I don't have representation. I am on an anti depressant and when I had my kids by myself without him, they were happy, their grades were going up, and they were on a routine. Also I called CPS on him due to bruises on my daughter. It's under investigation.


Dove - posted on 12/08/2013




I understand how much pain you were/are in, but trying to kill yourself was pretty much one of the stupidest ways to go about getting out of the marriage since there are kids involved. Do you have any evidence of him abusing the kids? If not... you've got a REALLY long road ahead of you proving mental stability. Keep up the counseling and the meds and the visitations and be prepared w/ a LOT of patience.

Keep fighting for your kids by following court orders and fighting for yourself. At this point if CPS turns up anything against the ex... your kids might end up in foster care for a while until you've proven enough stability.... especially w/out a lawyer.

I'm sorry. I wish I had more of a positive message to give you here.

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