Dad accused in raping autistic daughter


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JuLeah - posted on 06/12/2011




I think this is our 'justice' system. I think the parents' need an very good (expensive) attorney.

I would want to see additional evidence that this communication system actually works.

The one who guides her hand needs to leave the room. The girl is told of a quote from a book, a movie plot .... the guide comes back into the room and the girl types out what she was told.

Now, if that proves accurate, then the parents' are in big toruble. If the girl can't type out the message she was given, then the parents' walk.

There are so many ways to test this system and see if it works as they think it does, or doesn't work at all.

But, common sense doesn't show up that often in the court room, nore in such investagations. So, I am back to ... parents' need a good attorney

Kate CP - posted on 06/12/2011




I've never thought FC was reliable at all. I think the aid wanted to stir up trouble or something. And I think these parents had their heads in the sand thinking their child wasn't Autistic or mentally retarded. Very, very sad. :/

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