Dad lost his battle to cancer please help......

Lisa - posted on 09/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi is there ,anyone would please help me with our situation.I loss my father to liver cancer on june 11 /2012 he bought life insurance for $50 thousand. Now the insurance company is refusing to pay because on doctor's record he showed dad had hepatitis B before which was diagnosed about 15 to 20 yrs ago. The insurance company went through his health record from his former doctor but they can't find any record of his health because that doctor retired two year ago. So now the company say that my mom has to sign a consent form for them to use his OHIP to look up all of this health record they say that if he doesn't have any health problems then they will pay out the whole amount but if they find out that he had some health problems they just gonna pay out around 10 thousand or less. They say if mom don't sign the consent form they gonna pay nothing at all. This was not the deal when dad bought the life insurance they were no fine prints saying that either .They are being so stupid sorry for the language but I'm just very upset right now with the loss of my dad and now the insurance wont pay out for mom to cover all the funeral expense. So what should we do? Should mom sign the consent form should we take this to court? Mom say she doesn't want to sign the consent form because she say that when ever record of dad's health they need to find they already did n couldn't find anything so why doesn't this got to do with mom to sign the consent form for them to look further . There were not thing in printing that identicate that mom has to sign a consent form of any kind when mom and dad bought the life insurance. Why didn't the company do a health record check first before saleing the life insurance to dad when he was alive why look for it when he is gone. Could any tell us watt should we do in this situation please thank you very much.


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I would retain a family attorney, and have them represent you in all dealings with the company.

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