Daughter/son is a stripper....and im still proud :-)

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 10/17/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




Many of us want our children to be happy in whatever profession they have…

Would it be one of your worst nightmares to know your daughter/son was a stripper, in the adult movie industry, or in the escort service…what if she/he was happy and did well in her/his job, would you could you be proud…would you be able to say with pride what they did…why or why not…

in your opinon what is the stigma in the "Adult world"

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Jenn - posted on 10/20/2010




If my child ended up in those professions I'd wonder where I went wrong. I used to bartend at a bikini bar - most of the dancers had some serious issues - mostly including drug addiction - but lot's of family issues, absent parents, alcoholic parents, etc.

Desiree - posted on 10/18/2010




I always told my children that I wouldn't mind what they became in their lives but I would be very disappointed if my any of my children became a fashion model, prostitute, or a pimp . Its funny what we see as no acceptable. I would love them none the less.but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be disappointed in their choices in life.

The last thing I want any of them to do is sell their bodies for money. Its a seedy dangerous world and anything can go very wrong in far too many ways.

No thank you!!

[deleted account]

I'm with Dana on this one. I wouldn't be the over the moon, but if they were happy, healthy, staying healthy and it wasn't illegal, I'd be okay with it. Ideally, my kid won't be accepting money to be a sex object, but if he was happy and safe up there shaking his ass on a pole, I'll be fine with it. I'd rather know my kid is a porn star than out on the streets shooting up drugs.

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I would MUCH MUCH MUCH rather watch a female strip than a male. I don't find it gross at all - as long as you go to a decent reputable strip club.

Becky - posted on 10/18/2010




No! I will always love my children, and I will always be proud of them for who they are, but I would not be proud of or support this career choice. I would be ashamed of myself as well, for raising them to believe that their worth was based on their looks and sexuality. I want my children to choose a career where they are using their brains and their talents, not just their sexuality. People don't respect strippers. Men go to strip clubs to leer at and humiliate women.
I went to a female strip club with some friends once - don't ask why my female friends wanted to go see female strippers, but anyway. It was disgusting. Yes, the pole dancing did demonstrate a lot of talent. But then they started playing with themselves and putting posters in their labias and then throwing them out into the audience. It was gross. I've never been to male strippers, but my understanding is that they don't generally go quite so far. But all the same, it is not a career I want for my male or female children. I want them to be more than just sex objects.

Rosie - posted on 10/18/2010




i would not be proud. i'd want ot say i would be, but no can't bring myself to do it. i would absolutely dread the thought of my child being in porn. how dangerous is that?? just 2 days ago, i heard a porn actress has HIV, so they have to hault filming and get everybody this woman has fucked tested! freaky shit, sorry, not going to be proud of my child for doing that.
stripping is soooooo much better in my mind. i can't say i would be proud though. i can just see the conversation with my coworker. "your son is a doctor and just saved the presidents life?? well, my son just made $600 in one night shaking his ass, and taking his clothes off for a bunch of horny women!! "
yeah, doesn't appeal to me at all.

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Can't say I'd be jumping for joy or broadcasting it on the local news station but as long as she was happy and healthy, practicing safely I'd try my best to be happy for her. I would like to think I would support our daughter with whatever profession she chose.

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While nothing would ever change my love for my child... I would not be proud that they chose to 'sell themselves' for money which is what I consider those professions.

Jocelyn - posted on 10/18/2010




Why wouldn't I be proud?!
People in that industry are normally very healthy, very fit, they make great money, and they look like they enjoy themselves :P
I'm not saying that I would suggest to my kids..."well if college doesn't work out there's always stripping or porn" but I certianly wouldn't be upset or offended. But I would rather have them stripping than doing porn lol.

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My son's only 10 months old right now but if when he grows up he chose to work in such professions honestly I'd be horrified. I wouldn't go so far as to disown him but it's not something I'd be proud of either. I'd say in the UK there is much less exposure to stripping, and escorts than in the US and maybe that's the reason for my difference in opinion.

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I'm not sure how I would feel, but my accountant's daughter works in the adult photography industry. She is an image designer for erotic art (that's what it says on her business card). My accountant, her mom, is very proud. She had been my accountant for a year, but I only see her about 3 times a year so I guess her daughter just hadn't come up before, then one day, we were chatting in her office, I don't remember about what, and she brought out this big portfolio of images her daughter had created and showed them to me one by one--mostly bondage and submission scenes! I have to admit, it was odd looking at those images in the middle of my accounting meeting, and I did have to try to conceal my shock, but it was cool to see this prim little old woman show pride in her daughter's work considering what it was. She still shows me new ones occasionally when her daughter sends them.

Cat - posted on 10/17/2010




My worst nightmare would be finding out one of my kids had gotten killed somehow... So while they might be doing well in that industry, any of my worries would be specifically on them being vunerable and getting hurt, NOT by what they were doing as long as its legal... I dont want to think of my kids doing anything illegal for money, it all needs to be on the up and up, and then if they're happy, I'm happy...

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