Dead bodies having sex

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I saw this link on my newfeed on Fb and thought how disgusting!

When I die I'd rather be buried then have my body on display like that.

If you do donate your body, how do you really know if your body will go to medical students or in this case, Gunther von Hagens?

What are your thoughts?


Amie - posted on 09/14/2009




How is it any different than the books I looked at in high school showing the mechanics of sex and how the body parts work?

Is it because they used to be live people that there is such outrage?

They donated their bodies! My mom has her donor card signed and ready for when she kicks it. Hers is going to the university, med students get to cut her up and look inside to see whatever it is they are learning. It's all gross to me, which is why I never strove to be a doctor.

Charlie - posted on 09/13/2009




I love his TV show it is very interesting !! i even went to see his display when it was in Sydney absolutely AMAZING !

Believe it or not he has thousands of people listed to donate their bodies to his work no matter the theme for their usage he has almost a cult following .

I dont think he needs to scrounge off medical cadavers .

Although their is controversy on where the original bodies used came from .

I have always loved learning about the biology of the human body , it just fascinates me .

I can understand how some might be offended by this but it is not intended as some freaky fetish , but for those who can get past the sexuality of it and really get into the mechanics of the human body and its function then they will defiantly find this very interesting .

I find it very admirable for those people to donate their bodies to further peoples education and understanding of the human body .

I would see the exhibition if it were to come back to Aus .


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Lisa - posted on 02/16/2010




If this is porn then there must be a bunch of creepy ppl masterbating to my grade 12 biology text book lol

Katherine - posted on 09/14/2009




Did they have that display at the DIA in MI? It was in the paper....very interesting

Johnny - posted on 09/14/2009




We went to see his exhibit when it came to town, fascinating. I found it to be such a wonderful way to get a better understanding of how the human body works and to appreciate the amazing complexity of our creation. Copulation is simply another facet of the human experience, something that involves both the mind and body. I can not see anything inappropriate in this display. As Amie said, we see picture of it in high school texts, seeing the real thing is much more informative. And I would definitely take my daughter to see it. I want her to have an appreciation for the miracle and complexity of life.

Jeannette - posted on 09/13/2009




Lmao! I just told my husband about this, and he LOVES the exhibits...and I told him I posted that it was a new porn and he said "if you think that's porn there's something wrong"...."That is just sick, two skeletons with meat in a sexual position"..."Gross, who'd go see that?" "I like it like it is, don't f^$K it up with shit like that...blech!"

[deleted account]

Well I'm getting cremated when I die, so as not to waste land in a cemetary. But I think this guy's stuff is cool. There's something fascinating about it to me. I wouldn't have a problem with the sex display but I (of course) wouldn't want to see children there......

[deleted account]

I think that the Body World Exhibit is absolutely AWESOME! My mom, who is usually not the type to see something of this sort saw it when she visited Chicago and even she thought it was amazing! I would have no problem donating my body to something of this nature, and unless my family has any dispute I would like to be donated to educational purposes. I don't see anything wrong with showing copulation in these shows either... I really doubt its purpose is to be erotic...

Jeannette - posted on 09/13/2009




my husband went to the Bodys exhibit when it came to our area...I think it is gross personally, I mean, I am not in the medical field for a reason.
This is just sick to me though...a new porn...

Sharon - posted on 09/13/2009




Well I don't want my body for his art and it doesn't really appeal to me. But cool if you like that sort of thing.

Evelyn - posted on 09/13/2009




I have to admit..I find this absolutely fascinating and revolting all at the same time lol. Is nothing sacred anymore? I mean I get it...but come on.

[deleted account]

Just thought I'd add that the bodies that are used in the displays are donated specifically for this purpose, knowing that they will be on display. And I couldn't believe how many people out there have made that choice. It is completely separate from donating your body to medical schools or doing organ donation. Personally though, I'm not sure it is something I'd want to do.

[deleted account]

Well, I'm not sure how I feel about the cadavers having sex display, but I must say I think the Body Worlds exhibit itself is fascinating. I worked at a museum that was hosting the exhibition. I had the chance to learn quite a lot about it, and gave tours of the exhibit for several months, mostly to school and scouting groups. I really must say I found the display that we hosted to be very respectful of the bodies (so I'm not sure I should judge the sex exhibit, as it likely would be, too). Most of the children (and parents) I worked with were in awe once they got to see it - I'd never seen an exhibit generate so much interest and questions. I'd definitely recommend it to others.

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