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Deadbeat dads???

Mary - posted on 04/02/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




How can deadbeat dads get there ill drivers license so they can get a good job? If they have no money.
I work in a jail and some not all deadbeat dads can't pay and have kids they love but can't drive to find a good job out of town. What else can they do in a small town?


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/03/2013




Well, if they are in jail....they really don't need a license...and what put them in jail? Not paying child support? Doubtful.

In a small town, they can ride a bike to work. If they were capable of getting a good job out of town before they lost their license, well now it is time to work your way back up. Chances are, they lost their license due to some sort of crime, so now they need to start from scratch. With a criminal record, it may be difficult to find a great paying job, so work at a gas station if you need to.

Jodi - posted on 04/03/2013




These fathers should have driven out of town to get a job when they realised they couldn't support their children. You know, BEFORE they lost their driver's licence. Clearly common sense isn't one of their strengths. If they love their children so much, why would they not make every effort to provide for them before the justice system has to impose consequences? It shouldn't take a law or a court document to force them to support their children in the first place.......

And as per my other post.......they made their choice when they chose to have children (whether intentional or not).

I have no sympathy.

Amy - posted on 04/02/2013




I'm sure they don't lose their drivers license after only a month of not paying. I'm sure it's over an extended period of time. How long do you think should they be given to find a job to start supporting their children before someone intervenes to try and get payment? And thise fathers you speak of why are they in jail? Are they there for not paying support to or for another reason?

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