Dealing with husbands ex wife!


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You married your husband knowing he had an ex-wife. Don't complain if you now hate the fact that you have to deal with her.

Jodi - posted on 07/15/2011




I'm just loving, given the lack of a question, how everyone is jumping to the conclusion that the new wife has to just suck it up and is just being a bitch :P Some ex wives ARE nutters, and some new wives ARE nutters. I've seen them all...... :\

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LOL Jodi you crack me up! I'm an ex-wife myself and I dont think I'm too much of a Dragon, actually I told me ex I'd thump him if he hasnt learned his lesson, as his wife is lovely. That said though, some genuinely ARE nutters (like my hubby's ex, who has the criminal convictions to prove it) so I sympathise with the OP.

Christina - posted on 07/15/2011




Suck it up and get over it. She was there first. So put on your big girl panties and don't be a bitch!
My ex-husband's new little gf keeps trying to butt her nose into our shit, and I put her straight. He lost custody of our children through the courts, and she knows why, BTW, and still chose to get preg by him. So she can kiss my ass :)
As for being a stepmom, I make sure my little guy's mom knows that while I love him just as much as I love my own children, I am not trying to take her place and never will! I just feel blessed that I get to be apart of this amazing little boy's life!


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Zenwahs8 - posted on 11/19/2015




I need help... My husband ask me the other day if he can go with his daughter for a special game and I didn't know that her mom which is his ex wife is going to and also her son... I don't know if I let him go or not...he will spend a night over with them... Please give some advice

Kyleigh - posted on 07/16/2011




I am having simular problems with BDs GF she is literally stalking me (this site included,) I have a police report that foudn her in a nearby parking lot of a dentist office i had to take my child to in her hometown. next thing I know i tell the sercretary and she called police (again!) on bd's gf. she gave a statement to the police saying "i was told too by my BF." BD has been with her for 4 yrs and sick of the crap that is going on, the school is sick of them and the lies and everything! They call non stop on BD and GF of the abuse/neglect that is going on in their home, & frustrated that they havent done anything to them
im very scared of what BD and GF is doing to me now. i feel no one can help.

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But Jodi, that's how we 'roll' here. Haven't you seen the post on the welcome page titled NO? If you can't take a random post w/ no real information and run w/ it.... what's the point? lol

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Straight to the point i see haha. Deal with it or divorce him and move on. What else can you do?? Beat her up a couple times if you wanna get it out of your system just make sure YOU can beat her up haha altho im sure that would just cause more friction your call!

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