Diet pop makes you fat

Katherine - posted on 06/29/2011 ( 39 moms have responded )




New research has found that not only did people who drank two or more diet sodas a day see their waist measurement expand five times more than people who didn't touch the stuff, but the fake sweetener aspartame caused higher blood sugar, triggered appetite, and also inhibited brain cells that help you know when you're full.

Calorie-conscious consumers who opt for diet sodas may gain more weight than if they drank sugary drinks because of artificial sweeteners contained in the diet sodas, according to a new study.

A Purdue University study released Sunday in the journal Behavioral Neuroscience reported that rats on diets containing the artificial sweetener saccharin gained more weight than rats given sugary food, casting doubt on the benefits of low-calorie sweeteners.

"There's something about diet foods that changes your metabolic limit, your brain chemistry," said ABC News' medical contributor Dr. Marie Savard.

Though Savard said more research needs to be done to uncover more information, the study does hint at the idea that the sweeteners alter a person's metabolism.

Savard said another recent study, which included more than 18,000 people, found healthy adults who consumed at least one diet drink a day could increase their chance for weight gain.

In the Purdue study, the rats whose diets contained artificial sweeteners appeared to experience a physiological connection between sweet tastes and calories, which drove them to overeat.

"The taste buds taste sweet, but there's no calorie load that comes with it. There's a mismatch here. It seems it changes your brain chemistry in some way," Savard said. "Anything you put in your mouth, your body has a strong reaction to it. It's much more than counting calories. It seems normally with sweet foods that we rev up our metabolism."

The information may come as a surprise to the 59 percent of Americans who consume diet soft drinks, making them the the second-most-popular low-calorie, sugar-free products in the nation, according to a consumer survey from the Calorie Control Council, a nonprofit association that represents the low-calorie and reduced-fat food and beverage industry.

Because so many foods today contain artificial sweeteners, the study results may go beyond diet drinks.

"The truth is, we're putting artificial sweetener in so many different things in water, in yogurt," Savard said. It's unclear if the results only adhere to diet sodas, she said.

"We have to rethink what this artificial stuff does to us. If we put this in water it might not be so good," she added.

The Calorie Control Council issued a statement that disagreed with the findings of the Purdue study and noted that past studies indicated low-calorie sweeteners benefit weight control.

But Savard said people who consume a drink or more a day should think about cutting back their consumption.

"The truth is, if you're consuming a drink or more a day, you know it. You know that you're taking it, and you really have to think about eliminating it. You're probably the very person who needs to change those health behaviors to prevent the diabetes, heart disease and stroke," Savard said.

"If you're just taking it once in a while, fine -- no big deal. If you're consuming one or more drinks a day, you should rethink what you're doing. You might be negating the whole reason in the first place."

Fantastic!!! That's all I was drinking. I JUST quit. I don't like the bloggers title at all, but damn I had no idea. And then the other article? Wow, just wow.


Amanda - posted on 06/30/2011




Interesting Ashley, I use to drink a lot of coke, I quit to gain weight. I have gained 11 lbs since I stopped drinking coke. I have been caffinee free, and coke free since Feb 14th. I feel a hell of a lot healthier, and almost instantly had much more engery!

That sweetener is in many diet foods, not just pop. It has always cracked me up watching someone eat a meal from like Mc Craps but orders a diet pop, it always gave me a little bit of a giggle the irony of it all.

JuLeah - posted on 06/29/2011




It is toxic, it is posion .... your liver has two jobs really and in this order it will perform them 1) remove toxins from your blood, 2) break down fat ... Our livers are so over worked removing toxins from our blood there is no time or energy left for breaking down fat.

It is not just artifical sweeteners, but trans fats, dyes, food like substances (cheese in a can???) pesticides, added hormones ...

So, drink water ... not out of a plastic bottle of course, but drink water

Charlie - posted on 06/29/2011




UGH I never have anything with DIET on it you know its full of brain rotting substances but then I dont really like soft drink.

Minnie - posted on 06/29/2011




I just stick to whole foods in as close to a natural state as possible and exercise. Processed food scares the pants off me.

I always suggest kombucha to people who love soda. It's tangy, fizzy and is loaded with critters good for your gut.


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Mrs. - posted on 07/01/2011




Stopped drinking any pop 15 years ago. If I was forced to drink it, I'd rather just have pop with sugar in it. The diet stuff is nothing that is real or good for your body.

I enjoy herbal tea, iced with stevia or some agave. Add some fresh mint and it is far superior. As well, if I'm really keen on fizzy stuff, I'll drink San Pellegrino with lemon in it.

I've also noticed they have these new "colas" at the health food store made with Stevia. I'm not going to have any because I'm pretty sure they contain citric acid and it makes my bladder burn a bit. Still, it might be a better option to try. Though, it may still have the fat effect of the diet sodas...who knows.

IMO, it is probably more likely, that people who sometimes grab for a diet cola are the ones looking for an easy fix and therefore on average tend to be less successful at keeping it off/losing it. If you are really serious about eating healthy and did any sort of research you'd know diet colas are shit for you. If you just want to take the weight off fast and don't care how it is done, or if it is healthy, then you might just think diet colas would do the trick.

[deleted account]

I stopped drinking diet soda for good a couple weeks ago when I read that aspartame is made from GM E-Coli! It horrified me that I'd been drinking mutant e-coli all these years. But, I only drank one or two every so often, so giving up wasn't nearly as bad as it was the first time.

In my 20s I used to depend on diet coke in the mornings. I don't drink coffee or tea, so my morning caffeine came from diet coke and I'd switched to that for the same reason most fat people do... thinking I'd be consuming fewer calories. After several years of drinking diet coke, I couldn't drink regular coke... unless I needed a laxative. It would go straight through me!

I had heard years and years ago that diet soda makes you fat, but for different reasons than they are giving here. The reasoning then was because it gave you a false sense of how many calories you were consuming, as well as artificial sweetener is far sweeter than regular sugar, so it causes overeating. I can attest to both those things.

A natural alternative is a product called Stevia. It's an "artificial sweetener" which is plant based, organic and natural. Personally, I don't use artificial sweeteners in anything, just regular old sugar, because I don't like the idea of my kids consuming artificial food products.

Everything in moderation, except when it comes to Frankenfood.

Christina - posted on 07/01/2011




I started drinking diet about 5yrs ago and I've lost 20lbs since then. I've got a smaller waist line again (was a size 6 after giving birth to 4 kids, now I'm a size 1-2.) I'm weight I was before I got pregnant with my first at 17yrs old and I'm almost 29!

[deleted account]

oh Kate...sometimes I think I LIVE for sweet tea...made the southern way with the sugar melted in the water before the tea is brewed...I make a gallon AT LEAST every second day...we've slowly cut the amount of sugar we add...but there is NOTHING like a drinking a little tea with your sugar on a sweltering summer day.

Kate CP - posted on 06/30/2011




Amber: Yes, Splenda contains carbs when it's in it's granular form (the granules have carbs in them to maintain it's consistency).

I'm not really a SODA junkie...but don't you lay a hand on my sweet tea, dammit. You try to take away a redneck's sweet tea and you'll pull away a bloody stump. The only way I can get my tea is if I use carb-free sweetener.

The rest of the day I eat mainly whole foods, organic, low carb, yadda yadda. I'm the smallest I've been in YEARS. I eat more veggies now than I have ever before in my life...and I used to be a vegetarian! I don't think people realize how bad for your body sugars are. Fruits are one thing...but stuff like bread and pasta, even the whole grain stuff, just isn't good for you. You can get MUCH more fiber in your diet from just fruits and veggies. I don't even miss pasta or bread any more.

Minnie - posted on 06/30/2011




Drinking my kombucha now. Great thing about it is the sugar is almost used up by the time it's done brewing.

Rosie - posted on 06/30/2011




cathy i worked fast food for about 3 years when i was a teen and it always made me laugh when people got their diet coke to go with their monster burger and fries. cause it's really gonna help, lol.
i've never liked diet anything, can't stand it. it tastes like shit to me. makes me feel nauseous. i do wonder if this includes the drinks made out of splenda and not aspartame. water is soooo much better than diet crap anyway. i hate it when they make those flavored waters with artificial sweetener in it too, yack.

Jenn - posted on 06/30/2011




Which is also why it is TERRIBLE for diabetics too! My mother in law is totally addicted to diet least 3 a day and she is an insulin dependent diabetic! I think more people are addicted to diet sodas than it the false sense of it's not so bad? Aspartame is evil, I am sure of it! ;)

[deleted account]

@Amanda its funny how it can affect people differently.I know myself if i were to drink it everyday i would bloat out and put weight on to.

[deleted account]

Aspartame gives me wicked headaches too.

I'm a water junkie too, Marina. My in-laws drink NOTHING but diet pop and coffee all day, and I'm not joking. They DO NOT drink water and it boggles my mind. Our bodies NEED water.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/30/2011




I definitely indulge in the occasional diet coke, but for the most part I strictly drink water.

[deleted account]

I stopped buying soda years ago! The funny thing is that I will buy 2 liter bottles of a 6 pack of cans when on sale, in case company wants some. I'll have an occassional Sprite, maybe a Coke. But that's about it.

Caitlin - posted on 06/30/2011




I never touch diet drinks. I hate the idea that the sweetner isn't natural, but chemical and they always come out many years later with doubt about how safe they are, so I just svoid them as much as possible. When I buy soda, it's regular soda (that's maybe once a month - like if I order pizza, because soda and pizza HAS to go together) and otherwise I just drink water, or sometimes juice (100% juice) I loved the fresh squeezed apple juices around here. When I buy yougurt, it's full fat (OMG!) and real sugar yogurt, because I find it more satisfying, eat less of it and yet again, it's a treat.

Doesn't surpirse me that it would create these issues honestly, but just avoiding soda all toegether is much easier, I used to drink too much, but was having issues with sugar in my early pregnancy, so I cut out most of the soda and candy and such, and I feel much better.

[deleted account]

I just quit drinking diet dr pepper after years of living on the stuff.after two weeks of nothing but water, i bought some sparkling water (to cure my crave) and it hurt my stomach!! I cannot drink anymore carbonated drinks. Good bye fizzy drinks and so thankful I quit. I drink warm green tea in the morning and water or unsweet black tea the rest of the day. I dont feel bloated or tired. I think there should be a warning label on sodas!!!lol

Tania - posted on 06/30/2011




Well I'm slowly breaking my diet pop habbit. Its harder than quitting smoking. I know that aspertain does not raise my blood sugar on its own but splenda sure does.
After Chris bought some diet drink with splenda and I drank my sugars were in the 20's. WOWSA.

[deleted account]

I don't drink soda as it bloats me out.My partner drinks coke a lot.Well did.He was as bloated as be fecked.He looked fat.He stopped drinking it and lost 3stone people.He eats very little so i believe the coke was doing the harm.That's all he had, then maybe two meals a day.Hes not one for junk food in between.Hes active but could not get his body right while still on the coke,coke cola i should say lol.

Although now,It was not diet.Apparently he can taste the difference.I tried switching it on him thinking it could help, but no luck lol.

He looks fantastic now.So fit and i swear hes so much younger looking.So handsome.Soda is wicked.I don't know why anyone would love it.

Amber - posted on 06/30/2011




Actually Kate, one of the most common sweeteners is actually made of chlorinated sugar. It still contains carbs.

I don't drink soda, but I do use sweeteners in moderation. Quite honestly, I feel like no matter what we do at this point, there will always be something that we're doing that can kill us.

If I'm eating natural, organic foods and getting the exercise that I need, then I'll try my luck with a sweetener sometimes.

Kate CP - posted on 06/29/2011




If you're drinking diet sodas and then munching on a frickin' cookie then yea, you'll gain weight. But I drink diet sodas and use artificial sweeteners all the time and I'm LOSING weight because I'm cutting out carbs. The key is not eating sugar! Sugar grows fat cells!

[deleted account]

I don't worry about what will or won't make me fat (please don't shoot me), but I only drink soda about once every 4 months or so. I USED to drink diet coke in my late teens, but now it's only regular Sprite mixed w/ fruit punch. ;)

Katherine - posted on 06/29/2011




Yeah, I probably already have cancer or something from drinking so much of it.

I had no idea aspartame could make you gain weight like that though.

Did you guys?

Vicki - posted on 06/29/2011




Ugh. I can't stand soft drinks (as pop is called here :)). I have many other weaknesses but thankfully this isn't one of them. I would rather have real sugar than aspartame, that stuff is evil.

Katherine - posted on 06/29/2011




I never liked the taste of regular pop. So I always drank diet. Never again!!!! I'm never drinking pop again. No wonder I couldn't lose that last 10lbs.

And Loureen you're right it is brain rotting.

[deleted account]

I love Dr. Pepper. I hate that i love it, because I know it's so bad. I'm down to less than once a week though. And I would take the real sugar and high calories any day over the fake sweeteners. The thought of fake sweeteners scares me.

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