Different forms of children need a different reaction

Cecilia - posted on 05/23/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




I was reading a book called the baby whisper. If nothing else it is interesting. This I find to be the most useful for parents who just don't know how to deal with a toddler. Tell me what you think. Does it cover all the Types of children? Do you think it just isn't enough information to help?

Who is your child?

The fun loving type-
they are social
described as friendly, bright, light-hearted
they need to have fun, have happy parents
Seen as hyperactive, unreliable

The sensitive type-
they are emotional
described as gentle, mindful
they need feelings heard, connected family
Seen as shy, hypersensitive

The determined type-
they are physical
described as pushy, loud
they need new evperiences with parental support
seen as pushy, demanding

The Serious type-
they are intellectual
described as efficient, analytic
they need respect, given and received
Seen as critical, know-it-all

When a melt down happens ask yourself
Funloving child-
Does my child feel overly controled?
Has my child had too much alone time?
Is something in their life too serious?

Sensitive type
Does my child feel unheard or dismissed?
Have mt child's plans been ignored?
Is something in their life too intense?

Determined Type
Does my child lack physical outlets?
Has my child been told "no" too often?
Is something in my their life too stifling?

Serious Type
Does my child need to feel more respected?
Does my child need some time to reflect and focus?
Is something in their life embarrassing?

How to react?
Fun loving
Surprise your child.
Help them make friends.
Have fun with them.

Reassure your child.
Give time to relax.
Connect with them.

Encourage your child.
Let them move fast.
Allow adventure.

Respect their authority.
Support structure.
Focus when listening.


Cecilia - posted on 05/24/2013




I think my largest issue is that if someone takes it too heart and sees their child as "determined" they might not read the "funloving" This means they allow their kids to run off and have adventures but ignore the fact that all children need to have fun with parents and make friends also.


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Aleks - posted on 05/25/2013




No matter what the personality types, all toddlers need:
* to feel loved/secure
* to feel understood
* to feel that they have ability to control their environments/world
* warm
* fed and quenched thirst.
* slept/rested

Oh geez.. that sounds kind of like just about every other human regardless of their age or "personality type". If one of these things starts to be missing, then we get out of sorts, out of balance/equilibrium and we start becoming cranky or withdrawn or angry/sad, etc. Fix what is missing (replenish the cup, as if were) and things go back to being balanced.

Cecilia - posted on 05/24/2013




That's kinda where I was Jodi. For my kids it depends on the day. I would think all children fall into all the categories at some point. Sometimes they want to adventure and others they want to cuddle and relax. I guess if nothing else, as far as parenting books go (it's what it's from) its an okay start.

Jodi - posted on 05/23/2013




Nope, none of my kids fit into just one category. And neither should they.

It is kind of like the personality profiles that they use to develop teams within organisations. There is no-one who ever fits just a single descriptor. You may be more dominant in one or two areas, but never fit in a single one. If you do the personality tests out there, you would generally find elements within each one that fit you. It would be the same for this one.

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